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  1. AB

    Sennheiser 8060 or ???

    Thanks Mike - I should consider some stereo ics like you mentioned. I do not a mic that can handle high humidity. It is not a single source - hence two mics. I go to places where there is a lot going on - so two have helped. And the reach of a shotgun helps. (Otherwise I have plenty of other non-shotgun mics). I have used two Senn 8070s and Rodes NG8s and have had good results. But I wanted shorter shotguns for the agility, shorter blimps, etc. And I was hoping by some miracle, the reach on the shorter shotguns was getting better. A stereo mic would be a nice addition.
  2. AB

    Sennheiser 8060 or ???

    I have used a pair of Senneheiser 8070s in the past with good success. I like the long reach. Sometimes I am recording something that is not that close in a nature reserve. But have two mics in long blimps is not very nimble. I like to have different options. I hope this was helpful to you, JonG. Anyway, the main purpose of my post was to find out if something has emerged that outpaces the 8060. It does not appear so.
  3. Recorded the Columbia River tonight with a pair of 8040s. And there was quite a bit of wind. Used the Rycote Ortff. Anyway, came out really nice with a lot of bass. BUT - that is based on headphones. When I get back to the studio I can check out the bass more. I have used 8020s in the past - and they really deliver on bass and are fabulous mics.
  4. AB

    Sennheiser 8060 or ???

    Thanks everyone. Great posts.
  5. AB

    Sennheiser 8060 or ???

    Nature recording mostly. I should have included that. So not focused on voice. Looking for short shotguns. I do not know of anything as short as the 8060 that has its audio quality, so I thought I would check in here.
  6. I am thinking of picking up a couple of 8060s. Is there anything else out there in short shotguns that competes with it? Thanks in advance.
  7. No, Best Buy. I was looking for new one. Not a demo. They are not easy to find new, unopened in a box.
  8. I would like to buy a new one. There must be a new one somewhere in the U.S. for sale? (I need by next Wed. if at all possible.) THANKS for any help. A dealer can respond as far as I am concerned if they have a new one in stock in the U.S. (I assume major customs charges if shipped from Canada). Sorry for caps in title - tried to edit it - but too late!
  9. AB


    No one has one? Must be somebody? Any report would be helpful. Thanks.
  10. AB

    Zoom F8

    And an HS-p82 is not even close to 4.5 times the price. It is about 1.7 times the price now. So how biased is this reviewer?
  11. AB

    Zoom F8

  12. AB

    Zoom F8

    I would consider this a weakness with the Tascam unit. It is rugged - but not enough for tossing out a window and not as rugged as the USB pre2. But it does sound better than the USB Pre 2. It has a warmer, yet detailed sound - more like an expensive outboard studio mic pre. Tascam originally made this unit to sell for closer to 4-5000 dollars. Now that they are selling for perhaps as low as $1200 - it is a lot of great electronics for the money. I probably should not be posting it, because maybe I should buy that second one so I can have 16 track recording of live bands.
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