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  1. I have used the senn 8070s for nature recording - and they are great. But they are a pain as they need a long blimp, etc. I am finding that the mid-size DPAs are really good. Ha - I have responded twice! Anyway, my last post did not speak of the 8070s.
  2. I have been impressed with the DPA shotguns. Omnis can also be great for nature recording - like Sennheiser 8020s. Lots of bass on those omnis though, so keep that in mind.
  3. Soundcraft has great mic pres if that matters to you. They also have a rack mount remote mixer that is cool. I have an Allen and Heath - but I like the pres on this one better. But here is a great analog mixer with 16 direct outs: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/GB2R16--soundcraft-gb2r-16-channel-mixer
  4. AB

    Sonosax M2D2

    To be clear, this is not a recorder, correct?
  5. Is there any official response from Sound Devices about the lack of compatibility with the 833 and if they have any alternate plans?
  6. Sounds like a request to Sound Devices.
  7. AB

    SD 888

    Great people - sorry for a newbie-ish type question - and since this is an 888 thread - I notice the 888 has 32 bit AD processing. Does this provide the "headroom" one would want from 32 bit internal processing? Do I even know what I am talking about? I think they may be two different things. Feel free to clarify.
  8. Those NTG8 mics sold finally. I was surprised how long I tried to sell them!
  9. Can 32 bit float be added later without a hardware mod? If so, that would be great. If it means sending the unit in for a mod, that is ok too - though obviously not as convenient.
  10. AB

    New SD 833

    Thanks for keeping in touch with us, Paul. Congrats to Sound Devices. I suspect a couple more products may be in the works - perhaps with two of the "scorpio" preamps.
  11. AB

    New SD 833

    I wish I knew more about these mic pres versus the Kashmir pres. I could find out on a trial basis. There seems to be little information on the difference. And I suppose there may be other elements that could affect the overall sound quality. Also, apparently not internal 32bit processing on this or the scorpio. Please correct me if I am wrong. Congrats Sound Devices!
  12. AB

    Sennheiser 8060 or ???

    Thanks Mike - I should consider some stereo ics like you mentioned. I do not a mic that can handle high humidity. It is not a single source - hence two mics. I go to places where there is a lot going on - so two have helped. And the reach of a shotgun helps. (Otherwise I have plenty of other non-shotgun mics). I have used two Senn 8070s and Rodes NG8s and have had good results. But I wanted shorter shotguns for the agility, shorter blimps, etc. And I was hoping by some miracle, the reach on the shorter shotguns was getting better. A stereo mic would be a nice addition.
  13. AB

    Sennheiser 8060 or ???

    I have used a pair of Senneheiser 8070s in the past with good success. I like the long reach. Sometimes I am recording something that is not that close in a nature reserve. But have two mics in long blimps is not very nimble. I like to have different options. I hope this was helpful to you, JonG. Anyway, the main purpose of my post was to find out if something has emerged that outpaces the 8060. It does not appear so.
  14. Recorded the Columbia River tonight with a pair of 8040s. And there was quite a bit of wind. Used the Rycote Ortff. Anyway, came out really nice with a lot of bass. BUT - that is based on headphones. When I get back to the studio I can check out the bass more. I have used 8020s in the past - and they really deliver on bass and are fabulous mics.
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