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  1. Any big difference in audio gain between the DCHR/DCHT channel and the other 3 channels?
  2. Donald, glad to hear you have it sorted!
  3. karlw


    MGRK, yes - as RunAndGun explains, you can independently set the input and output type in each unit. The transmission itself is digital, but you can decide what source or load types you want the system to do. In terms of firmware, it is always advisable to update to the latest version, so that documentation matches, features match, etc. between units. You can always check your firmware versions here: https://lectrosonics.com/firmware/category/157-digital-camera-hop-series-firmware.html
  4. There currently is not a version of WD for iOS. But any Windows tablet will work fine, and USB is fine for the Venue 2 (although it has an Ethernet connection, too).
  5. Audiofp, Thanks - glad to hear the DSQD is working well for you. Yes, we plan to have the DCR822 connect with WD and offer full functionality, including scans. Stay tuned!
  6. Great video - how did this stay under the radar since December? Also, I didn't realize until now that Ben worked on one of my favorite cult classics: Strictly Ballroom.
  7. Congratulations to Phillip Bladh (production sound mixer), Nicolas Becker, Jaime Baksht, Michellee Couttolenc and Carlos Cortés for their Oscar win for Sound of Metal! And, let's not forget boom op Jeremy Eisener! Fantastic job, guys. And, congrats as well to all the nominees for their fine work on: GREYHOUND Warren Shaw, Michael Minkler, Beau Borders and David Wyman MANK Ren Klyce, Jeremy Molod, David Parker, Nathan Nance and Drew Kunin NEWS OF THE WORLD Oliver Tarney, Mike Pr
  8. For those interested, the live stream link is here:
  9. Yes - 6:35 is the correct run time for that setting.
  10. With those compat modes in the list, that is an EU receiver - should be marked SRb/E01 on the case. So the issue wasn't happening before but at some point started up - it would seem that the receiver and the transmitters should be examined by our HQ - it is certainly not behaving correctly. When you have time, please give our shop a call at 001-505-892-4501 or send an email with serial numbers and detailed problem description (and recordings, if you have them) to service.repair@lectrosonics.com
  11. Hi Peter, digital receivers can (and are in our case) backward compatible with FM/Hybrid transmitters. The new Transmitters, however, are digital only, i.e. not backward compatible. It would be impractical to design transmitters that fit all the needs (small size, efficient battery life, etc.) and have two types of output stages. So, these units work with the DSQD, DCR822, and DCHR receivers (and future digital units) only.
  12. Donald, thanks for covering all those questions with the details - looks like you've tried all the right things, but that you also have your setup well dialed-in. What compat mode are you using? If you are in Europe and your transmitters are the E01 type, then they conform to the ETSI mask and have +-50 kHz max deviation. If your receiver is set to "400 mode" or "NA Hyb" then this could be the problem. The receiver should also be set to "EU Hyb". Powering may be the issue - if you have a way to test each receiver separately with battery power (I once rigged up a ratty
  13. Hi Donald, Often, audio issues can be traced back to a number of different factors. None of these are "we think you're doing something wrong" but nevertheless we have to ask these troubleshooting questions: First, sometimes interference that is low-ish in level and allows for relatively normal performance can cause a certain amount of noise in the audio. How are you choosing your frequencies? Are these frequencies coordinated with other RF sources via an app like Freq Finder? Are there any wideband digital RF sources in the vicinity, like wireless cameras or oth
  14. Yes - at 50 mW. Longer times at lower powers, with 8:55 at the 2mW HDM mode setting. No Yes, it is on our list. No timeline yet, though. Stay tuned! Stay tuned...
  15. Nevo it is a little "dongle" unit - not sure the brand, possibly Belkin - I bought it so long ago I can't remember. It is not marked with a brand, unfortunately.
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