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  1. karlw

    Body absorption

    You can make an air gap insulator for the antenna using shrink tubing. Get a size (say, 3/8" unshrunk) that allows you to barely slip one end around the antenna down onto the connector, then shrink it at the connector so it stays in place. Then, cut the other end off just past the end of the antenna, then shrink that end and pinch it closed while hot, then trim it round.
  2. karlw


    Constantin and r.paterson: you guys nailed it! PM me your address and shirt size and we'll send you the latest Lectrosonics T-shirt.
  3. Tom, you nailed it! PM me your address and shirt size and we'll send you the latest T-shirt.
  4. Some of the intrepid members here have already guessed, quite accurately as it turns out, what we are announcing today: https://www.lectrosonics.com/US/DCHT-Digital-Camera-Hop-Transmitter/product.html -Karl
  5. karlw


  6. They've added control support (via Superslot) for the SRc-941 receiver, for their 688/SL-6 which is nice for any users with that combination of equipment, or at least considering it.
  7. The new ALP690 can be used actively or passively, and offers two filter settings, along with variable gain from -6 to +12 dB. https://www.lectrosonics.com/US/lectrosonics-releases-the-alp690-high-performance-uhf-lpda-antenna-with-built-in-rf-amplifier.html
  8. What firmware versions are in your SRc and SMWB? What happens if you select Block 21 or 22 only (i.e. not allow it to choose from the entire B1 band) with SmartTune? If you manually tune receiver to a known good (US legal) frequency, and use IR sync to set the transmitter, what happens?
  9. Hi all, For anyone interested in a 2-day, in-depth training class on wireless microphones, this class is held once a year in different locations. This time it is in Anaheim, CA, on Oct. 1 & 2. https://www.prosoundtraining.com/making-wireless-work/ -Karl
  10. karlw

    Dual Tumbleweeds

    Nothing to see here....
  11. No plans for an RPS8 at this time - it would likely take 2 rack spaces, not sure it would be a practical solution vs. two RPS4.
  12. The fans run at a low speed are very quiet - I can barely hear them when the unit is on and running for a while. There is no user control of the fans.
  13. We got a few batches of housings from a plating supplier that have exhibited these symptoms. We can replace the housing under warranty, if you can get your unit to one of our warranty stations or here to the factory.
  14. And I can assure you that we (a group of pro audio wireless manufacturers including Lectro, Shure, Sennheiser and AT) DID make an effort to bring about compensation for those displaced, in a pro-rated manner (the more recently you bought it, the more $$ back from proceeds of the spectrum sales). This is what they did in Japan, and also to some extent in the UK for the West End Theaters. I was at the meeting at the FCC in DC in 2014 with my industry colleagues when this question was brought up. The FCC representative's response was "You will run into significant legal challenges if you choose to pursue this". No matter than a mere 1% of the 19B spectrum sale would have funded the replacement of probably every professional wireless mic in the 600 MHz band.
  15. The cost to upgrade your SRa to SRb is $620 and involves replacement of the RF board.
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