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  1. Hi Daniel, PDR firmware v2.12 was released in October, 2019 and does not cut off the headphone output while recording. Sincerely, -Karl
  2. RIP, Mr. Bream. One of my favorite videos of him is where he talks to Stravinsky and plays the lute for him
  3. Keep in mind that along with the 20 mW limit, to stay strictly legal while using those frequencies the units must not be *able to be* tuned anywhere else in the 614-692 Mhz area.
  4. Hi Todd, Although both the DPR and the M2R use 8PSK digital modulation, the M2R is set up only to receive a stereo signal, and thus is not compatibile with the DPR (or the DBu & DHu). Currently, the only receivers compatible with these transmitters are the DSQD, DSQD/AES3 and the older DR (a modular system like the Venue 2). To add DPR compatibility to the M2R would require a separate firmware load (due to code space in the unit) which would be quite inconvenient for most users. Stay tuned for future receivers...
  5. I think you will like the DPR sound, Constantin, but of course you must hear it for yourself. Yes, it is in our plan to come out with B1C1 variants of the digital products. Difficult to outline a time for all that - we just lost two months of momentum...
  6. Introducing the DPR digital plug-on transmitter, and the DSQD/AES 4-channel digital receiver: https://www.lectrosonics.com/lectrosonics-introduces-the-dpr-digital-plug-on-transmitter-and-the-dsqd-aes-3-receiver.html
  7. Let's just say that the above document is quite old...
  8. Yes, the videos will be available after the fact. Most of the time yes, but if you've been around Roadrunners - sometimes you can't shut 'em up <g>
  9. As a sort of "Virtual Tradeshow", several manufacturers including Sound Devices, Audio Limited, Bubblebee, Viviana, Ursa, Ktek, Lectrosonics, Sonosax, DPA, Ambient, Schoeps, and dB Labs have banded together for this online event. It's free to register, and a little bird (probably a roadrunner) tells me that there will be several new product announcements included in the fun. Coming this Thursday & Friday! Hope to see you there! https://thesoundsummit.org/ -Karl
  10. Over the past couple of weeks, some of you may have seen the FB Live seminars I gave on wireless mic best practices and our WD Software. Those lives sessions had some issues, including audio dropouts, drop-down screens not showing, etc. We've edited all four videos to fix everything, and they are now available here in this playlist - I hope you find them helpful!
  11. Here's Lectrosonics' recommendations for cleaning/disinfecting equipment: https://www.lectrosonics.com/wire-lists-20-equipment-disinfection.html
  12. Since the press pictures don't really show scale, here's a comparison between the IFBR1B and the original R1a.
  13. I've heard mention that people can't tell the size of the new IFBR1B receiver without something in the picture to show scale. Here's a comparison with the older R1a.
  14. Yes - absolutely true and important for people to know. I guess I was responding to your statement about our *willingness* to re-block our previously sold units. We are absolutely willing to do so, and typically support gear, even with re-blocks, well past the date of obsolescence. And, the time inevitably comes when we can't do that any more because of parts availability. Sometimes the FCC changes the rules, and that has an effect, too. But there is never a point where we stop supporting old gear because we want people to be forced to buy new gear. That's just not how we do business.
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