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  1. Check with our dealer in Italy: Nagrit SRL - they can advise on the best blocks there and whether or not Block 21 is good https://www.nagrit.com/en/lectrosonics-m-12.html
  2. If they never worked well, we would have liked the chance to provide assistance! Let's get those units in for a checkup. There are probably some hardware & certainly firmware updates we can do that will likely improve the performance. Please contact our Parts & Repair dept. at 800-821-1121 or service.repair@lectrosonics.com. In terms of finding and coordinating frequencies, an app like Freq Finder will work better in multi-channel situations than just using SmartTune, which was designed for small channel-count situations like ENG.
  3. The thoughts I have are: 1. The 788 was fairly well known for radiating RF - have you tried the setup with the recorder off? I realize this isn't a useable solution, but may point to part of the issue. 2. The Betso antennas are wideband, and may be picking up strong out-of-band RF energy, which doesn't make your receivers happy. 3. You may be in an area or on a location where there is a lot of RF energy - again, out of band, but may be affecting your system. 4. As others have asked - how are you choosing your frequencies? This can have a major effect on performance. First, any hops or IFBs should be as far away physically and frequency-wise from your talent channels as possible. 5. Consider adding passive filters. This is becoming more necessary with the very crowded UHF spectrum and high-energy sources outside the band (Walkies in 450-470, 5G in the 600 Mhz band) 6. You don't mention the age of your units or the firmware versions - there have been many revisions to the SRc over the last 5 years. Yours may be due for a checkup by our techs. 7. Are your receiver antennas remoted away from the bag? This can help a great deal. 8. Someone else asked about your distro - lower quality units can have issues with strong out-of-band RF energy.
  4. FWIW the way I've understood to best use RHCP and LHCP antennas is to use one type on your receivers, and the other on your IEM/IFB transmitters (assuming you're using helicals for that purpose) because of the resulting inherent slight attenuation of the IEM/IFB signals getting into the receive antennas (the polarizations "cross" at 90 deg. which is akin to having your transmit antenna vertical and your receive antennas horizontal).
  5. karlw


    Back in the '90s when I was much more into the "audiophile/hi-fi" thing than I am now, belt-drive 'tables were the thing. DD tables have advantages, too, of course. And Doc - you're right, DD tables come up to speed quickly, have more torque, can often be more accurate in terms of on-pitch or speed. These are huge advantages for DJ work, and of course can sound great if designed right into an audiophile 'table as well. If I remember correctly, the advantages of belt-drive is that any motor chatter would be absorbed by the belt. I still own a VPI HW-19 mark II, that I modified a bit here and there, purchased used in probably 1995. It is the simple silicone belt, heavy platter (19 lbs) unipoint bearing design. I've never once been disappointed by this 'table - it sounds truly great when set up right and with a good cartridge, which has been the case for the past 26 years... And I don't think I've ever heard a better 'table than a Linn LP-12 with all the trimmings. But I haven't listened to many newer 'tables since the '90s. So, there could well be newer ones that are equally or even more impressive.
  6. Hi, normally scan files in CSV format import easily. Can you send me one of your files in a PM? I'll take a look at it here and if need be, show it to our programmer.
  7. There are passive splitters that pass DC on one leg, i.e. there is DC coming from one receiver, say, and no DC coming from or going to the 2nd receiver. But the DC from the first receiver gets to the antenna. Audio Technica and Shure offers one that appears to be exactly the same, made by RF Venue. https://www.audio-technica.com/en-us/2x1split
  8. Any big difference in audio gain between the DCHR/DCHT channel and the other 3 channels?
  9. Donald, glad to hear you have it sorted!
  10. karlw


    MGRK, yes - as RunAndGun explains, you can independently set the input and output type in each unit. The transmission itself is digital, but you can decide what source or load types you want the system to do. In terms of firmware, it is always advisable to update to the latest version, so that documentation matches, features match, etc. between units. You can always check your firmware versions here: https://lectrosonics.com/firmware/category/157-digital-camera-hop-series-firmware.html
  11. There currently is not a version of WD for iOS. But any Windows tablet will work fine, and USB is fine for the Venue 2 (although it has an Ethernet connection, too).
  12. Audiofp, Thanks - glad to hear the DSQD is working well for you. Yes, we plan to have the DCR822 connect with WD and offer full functionality, including scans. Stay tuned!
  13. Great video - how did this stay under the radar since December? Also, I didn't realize until now that Ben worked on one of my favorite cult classics: Strictly Ballroom.
  14. Congratulations to Phillip Bladh (production sound mixer), Nicolas Becker, Jaime Baksht, Michellee Couttolenc and Carlos Cortés for their Oscar win for Sound of Metal! And, let's not forget boom op Jeremy Eisener! Fantastic job, guys. And, congrats as well to all the nominees for their fine work on: GREYHOUND Warren Shaw, Michael Minkler, Beau Borders and David Wyman MANK Ren Klyce, Jeremy Molod, David Parker, Nathan Nance and Drew Kunin NEWS OF THE WORLD Oliver Tarney, Mike Prestwood Smith, William Miller and John Pritchett SOUL Ren Klyce, Coya Elliott and David Parker
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