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  1. Via firmware, you can update your Duet system for AES 256-bit CTR mode encryption. Info here: https://www.lectrosonics.com/lectrosonics-adds-encryption-to-its-award-winning-duet-system-via-firmware-update.html -Karl
  2. Brian, thanks for the feedback on your initial runs with the DSQD! The types of dropouts aren't something we're hearing about from others at this point, so we'll be curious about your experiences as you use it more. Keep an eye out for a firmware update sometime in the next week or so here: https://www.lectrosonics.com/Support/category/115-d-digital-system-firmware.html Phil, the DSQD comes with one rack flange, D handle, and screws, where a bulkhead BNC can be mounted, and it is easy to get another one (Part # 27076) and the cap screws to go with it - two needed (part # 28885) and the "D" handle (part # 27082). Then, there is the Front Mount Antenna Kit https://www.lectrosonics.com/All-Accessories/product/fmakm2t-kit-2.html The down side is that it does add some width to the receiver (due to the flanges) and the BNCs in the kit are not right-angle, so there is some added depth in the bag.
  3. Fantastic! Congratulations. I'll look forward to seeing it someday. I'm grateful that there are still people composing important works like this - the tradition needs to continue!
  4. Hi all, if you are interested in this position (or any of those listed) or know someone who might be, please apply on our web site following the instructions there. https://lectrosonics.com/jobs/ -Karl
  5. Here's a post from Henry Cohen (one of the RF gurus we know - but more in the entertainment/live side of the business) regarding using 75 Ohm coax for wireless mic systems: http://www.alexfernie.com/Blog/files/fb2da73c042405c1cfad17e91b1e51f8-50.php -Karl
  6. Here are a couple of tests done with the Lectrosonics L Series kit in New York a few years ago. Not sure of the exact distances, but you can get the idea: Towards the end of this one done by B&H, Rob is over 100 ft. away - again, outside in NY:
  7. Depends on the transmitter. Several of our /E01 (European version) Hybrid transmitters include Mode 3: the HHa (handheld), HMa (plug-on), LT, SSM, and SMWB series.
  8. Aaron "Cujo" Cooley posted a detailed review a few weeks ago on FB: https://tinyurl.com/yxtrhmj7
  9. Each DSQD comes with one rack ear/flange that has a "D" hole for mounting a bulkhead BNC. If you want to run your antennas on the front panel of a single DSQD, you'd need the 2nd rack ear (PN# 27076) and mounting screws (2x PN# 28885) and then the FMAKM2T which basically consists of the cables you'll need to bring the antenna lines around and mount them to the flanges. https://www.lectrosonics.com/US/All-Accessories/product/fmakm2t-kit-2.html
  10. to daniel: re your question on powering. You can power down the Dante module, and you can power down individual receivers for significant power savings. There are currently no plans to add analog compatibility modes - each one takes up a lot of code space. RF remote control is not an option on this system as you see it here. Talkback output is only available on one of the 4 XLRs (or Dante) as there just wasn't any additional real estate for any more output jacks. to constantin: "Last word" on anything is "it depends", isn't it?
  11. Constantin, we'll see if we can fit that into our design schedule for future updates.
  12. Also, the 2.5 Amp current draw includes all internal channels working, the Dante card powered, and antenna bias power for both RF input ports. You have control over the powering of all those things so, if you don't need them, that figure comes down. If you powered down the Dante module, and timed out the LCD backlight, you can save over 2W.
  13. At long last, we have native versions of Wireless Designer now available for both Mac and PC. https://www.lectrosonics.com/Support/Wireless-Designer™/wireless-designer-2.html -Karl
  14. https://www.lectrosonics.com/US/lectrosonics-introduces-the-d-squared-digital-wireless-microphone-system.html
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