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    UCR411a/UM400, what am I hearing?

    The problem only in right channel as others have said. To me, it sounds like the RF is 'not strong enough' then, temporarily, it is 'strong enough'. It sounds a lot like the transmitter is being turned on and off, actually.
  2. karlw

    RF on a Skydiver

    Should work well and I've seen this, and similar things done. I was looking for a video I saw a few years ago with a newscaster that jumps out of a plane live on air, and had live audio and IFB. There was a short dropout just as she jumped out of the plane but otherwise, audio seemed good. Stunt pilot Will Allen sings the National Anthem live from the cockpit: he uses a UM250 from what I remember - it's strapped to the seat behind him. I'd suggest using a pair of helical antennas pointing straight up at the skydiver, and as much TX power as you can get. Line of sight gives you real advantages.... although 10K ft. is almost 2 miles... that's a long way!
  3. karlw

    Quote of the Day

    Give a man a match and he'll be warm for a minute. Light him on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.
  4. karlw

    Save money on batteries

    No, I think they have a little hand that comes out the side and turns the crown every few hours.
  5. karlw

    Anyone else on here a shutterbug?

    Been doing photography since the '80s but only got "serious" about 10 years ago, when film was still king. Made the transition to digital about 5-6 years ago, and now waiting for the next gen Nikons before upgrading my main body. That said, I've been more active with video lately - the great thing is most cameras do video anyway now. It's a great time to be in the hobby.
  6. karlw

    What I've always known about Monster Cable

    Ironically, Blue Jeans Cable was once sued by Monster. Check out the correspondences here. It makes for some interesting reading!
  7. One approach I've been using that seems to resonate is to frame it as "content creation vs. content distribution". Content creation is what we do, and includes sports, news, touring, theater, TV, movies, theme parks, AV and the like (all of which involve heavy use of wireless microphones). Content distribution includes tradition means (broadcast, movie theaters, radio, DVD rentals) and the newer Internet and mobile wireless data devices. Perhaps if "they" understand that without content to distribute, the revenues for said distribution will be hampered. Look what is happening with Netflix now that Starz has pulled their catalog.
  8. karlw

    Donald Sutherland Voice Over

    I couldn't resist posting this here. http://www.theonion.com/articles/sound-technicians-resort-to-hanging-donald-sutherl,27634/
  9. karlw

    SMD vs SMV

    Yes, thanks for catching that. The SMQV has a variable high-pass filter. Yes, all SM Series (old and new) have the compatibility modes, including 200 mode.
  10. karlw

    SMD vs SMV

    SMDa: fixed antenna, fixed power at 100 mW, no power state return. SMQV: removable antenna, selectable power at 50, 100 and 250 mW, and power state return. Both can respond to commands from an RM or the LectroMote app.
  11. karlw

    Upcoming shoot in japan

    Thanks Matt - this is correct. Tech Trust Japan is our distributor now - it is made up primarily of former employees of General Traders.
  12. karlw

    Lectrosonics Transmitter Question

    Hi Jim, The SMD and SMQ variants and will say "Lectrosonics" along the top of the front panel, above the LCD, and have a model number also, like "SMDa", below the LCD. The newer ones only have our logo (the offset circles with Lectrosonics across the middle) on the front panel, below the LCD to the left, and no model number - the model number is only on the little blue plate at the top, to the left of the 5-pin connector.
  13. karlw

    Lectrosonics Transmitter Question

    You may have already thought of this, but are you sure it was an SMQV and not an older SMQ or SMQa? Those older models look almost the same but only offer 1 power setting, either 250 mW (SMQ) or 100 mW (SMD or SMDa). Any SMQV, regardless of firmware version, offers the power settings.
  14. karlw

    Lectro Preco-ord List & IAS

    I've used IAS quite a bit - perhaps my settings will be helpful. For one thing, I find IAS in stock form to be too conservative. Go to the "Tools" menu, then "Options". Un-check "3 TX 3rds" and "5ths" in the Test Enable area. I have never had any problem with triple beats or 5th order intermods, using high-quality gear. As John Steigerwald pointed out - ignore the pre-coordinated lists. We have stopped including them with products lately - there is just too much going on in the spectrum in most places to rely on those charts. Let us know if relaxing the testing criteria yields enough channels - it should.
  15. This is eye opening - thanks for posting. I can see that my Swiss heritage and family traditions, including sense of time, contrasts greatly with my wife's Romanian background. I get it now! Also why it was a bit of a shock to come back to New Mexico after living on the East Coast for 12 years. I had never thought about these things in the perspective of time value.
  16. karlw

    Upcoming shoot in japan

    You may want to contact our distributor over there, General Traders in Tokyo. They can advise the possibility of renting radios in legal frequency bands. There is also a 10 mW limit for transmissions. The good news is that Block 779 (the Lectrosonics band specifically for Japan) is clear of anything else. Yes - there is only about 20 MHz of legal spectrum, but we were able to get 40 channels operating simultaneously during a test in 2009. http://www.gentrade.co.jp/