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  1. Mark O'Russa

    NEW: iPower AA batteries. Li-poly rechargeable.

    With no load four batteries measure 6.11 VDC. I can't measure them in the flash units because the battery doors complete the connection. Perhaps these flash units need a quick surge of power to turn in that these batteries can't supply? Having a regulated voltage means that the current is likely limited too. Mark
  2. Mark O'Russa

    NEW: iPower AA batteries. Li-poly rechargeable.

    I'm more adventuresome than some. I just tried them in a bunch of products with varying results. My Zaxcom TRX900LA, ERX2TCD, and ERX2 power up just fine. My TRX 742 does not power up unless I have one other type of battery mixed in. That's disappointing. The Yongnuo YN600EX-RT, Canon 430EX II, and an old Sunpak speedlite will not power on without mixing another battery in. The Yongnuo YN-E3-RT does power up without issue. I'm not sure what's different about these batteries and it's disappointing that they don't seem to work in some products. For my purposes of using them in my Zaxcom tx they seem to work. A day on the job will be a better test. Mark
  3. Mark O'Russa

    NEW: iPower AA batteries. Li-poly rechargeable.

    4 original Eneloop HR-3UTGA NiMH = 104 grams 4 Powerex NiMH = 120 grams 4 Imedion NiMH = 114 grams 4 Eneloop HR-3UWXA NiMH = 120 grams 4 Eneloop Pro BK-3HCCA NiMH = 120 grams 4 iPowerUS IPAA-2600 Li-Polymer = 70 grams They feel noticeably lighter, like lithium metal batteries do. I don't own Lectrosonics anymore. I bought these specifically for my Zaxcom TRX900LA. I'm working full time as a web developer so I don't know how much testing I'll be able to do with these. I'm also hoping to use them with Canon and Yongnuo speedlites. The Yongnuo specifically say not to use Li-ion batteries, but I wonder if they are referring to the higher voltage versions. The charger manual seems to interchange the terms Li-ion and Li-Polymer.
  4. Mark O'Russa

    NEW: iPower AA batteries. Li-poly rechargeable.

    I just received 20 of these plus a charger. Gonna play with them and see how they do. Mark
  5. Mark O'Russa

    COS11 how to tell if a D

    I posted some serial number information in a post some years ago: http://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/9552-which-sanken-cos-11-for-which-serial-numbers/
  6. Mark O'Russa

    NEW: iPower AA batteries. Li-poly rechargeable.

    I saw that Location Sound Corp had these listed on their website. I called and they ended up telling me that they have to make a large order and haven't commited to it yet. Does anyone know of another source for these yet? Maybe if we all call Location Sound Corp we can convince their sales manager to make the jump into this product. Mark O.
  7. Mark O'Russa

    Zaxcom AES outputs?!?!?!

    Thanks for the compliment. I'd like to help, but I'm not in the business of making cables for others. There's just too much involved with it from consulting with clients to purchasing and maintaining supplies. Plus, I'm actively moving into a different field of work and don't want to invest my time in this area any more. I know there are a bunch of other professionals on this forum who do make cables. Maybe one of them will chime in or contact you. Mark O.
  8. Mark O'Russa

    Zaxcom AES outputs?!?!?!

    Sorry for the late response. I've been away from JW for a while. Here's an album of photos of some Nomad cables I've built: https://www.flickr.com/photos/123908048@N03/albums/72157660769219655 I've since added a single cable to the AES cable to allow for AES 1-2 output from Nomad. I use that to send AES to camera. Mark O.
  9. I just got an email from Zaxcom about the new ERX firmware v2.0 - http://zaxcom.com/software_update/erx-v2-0/ This is yet another awesome free update from Zaxcom. Thanks for listening so carefully to your users! Mark O.
  10. Mark O'Russa

    Zax Wireless Lessons In The Field

    Having an email system would in no way interrupt Howy or Glenn's work on products. The don't manage the website or server, the web admin does. Instead of just Facebook or just the Zaxcom forum or just an email system, why not take advantage of every available communication method to notify users? An email, Facebook post, and forum post would all be welcome and effective, IMO. Mark O.
  11. Mark O'Russa

    Zaxcom TRXLA too hot

    My TRX 900LA transmitters do not get hot, just warm. My Lectro SM transmitters would get much hotter. I've had talent complain about the SM, but not the LA. Mark O.
  12. Unless you're inputting the signal to your mixer through a line level input, like Nomad's inputs 7-10 for example, you are using the mic pre any way. Every XLR input I've used on a location sound mixer just introduces a pad for line level signals. That essentially makes your incoming line level signal mic level. The point Larry makes is keep everything line level until it reaches the mixer, for many worthwhile technical reasons. Mark O.
  13. Mark O'Russa

    RX 4

    Audio Deluxe is probably the best cheapest place to buy new or upgrades: http://audiodeluxe.com/izotope-upgrade Final Day! Mark O.
  14. Mark O'Russa

    OMF / Importing Location Audio

    This thread explains the workflow required for syncing original field recorder files with a FCP edit: http://duc.avid.com/showthread.php?t=261045 I've always manually synced the original polyphonic files in PT. It takes some time, but trying to get pictures editors to understand the necessary workflow is next to impossible. Mark O.
  15. Mark O'Russa

    Belt Clips for Zaxcom Transmitter and Receivers

    I can open the battery door on my TRX900LA with the clip on. Looking forward to improvements. Mark O.