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  1. Feedback occurs with this configuration unless you turn the speakers way down and point them away from the mic and actors. Not the best configuration since even pumping one mic will/could upset the apple cart.
  2. I agree. They are also the easiest to use and the customer service can't be beat. Long live Denecke!
  3. I agree. They are also the easiest to use and the customer service can't be beat. Long live Denecke
  4. Why is he wearing two watches?
  5. Mirror


    I'd prefer, as I imagine most production sound mixers would, that SD makes a dedicated control surface to fit the needs of production sound mixers and not let their customer base rely on equipment used by garage band flunkies. I want buttons on the board that are dedicated to the needs of production sound mixers. I really like the CL-12 other than the omission of trim knobs for each individual channel. Make that and I'll buy a Scorpio. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unfortunately, no dedicated trim knobs for each individual channel.
  6. Mirror


    You're winning the internet today! 🏁
  7. Mirror


    I guess, if you want a 3-foot fader board. The iCon is 15 and a half inches long. Put 2 of them together and you're playing a piano!
  8. Mirror


    Well, I won't be buying a Scorpio unless SD makes their own controller for it. I'd rather pay the extra money and go Cantar than cobble together a system that the manufacturer won't stand behind all the pieces.
  9. Mirror


    I wonder if SD will be making their own control surface for this in the future. If so, I'm in. Not a big fan of layering faders to get past 8 pot count.
  11. Here's an idea - try having them tuned to DIFFERENT frequencies.
  12. The producers will find a way to accidentally go home with the IFB laser at the end of the day. Mark my words.
  13. Wait.....someone hired you to do sound for production and post but you've never done either before???? Your kidding, right?
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