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  1. Mirror

    Oxidation on SMQV housing

    I'd be more concerned as to why it looks like you drug it down a gravel road.
  2. Mirror

    Squealing Neumann KM185

    Sounds like your boom op is learning how to play the piccolo.
  3. Mirror

    Lectro SMV battery drain

    Thanks, Larry and Dean. It's almost unfathomable that the tiny dab of silver grease that I've received from Lectro (about the size of a pinhead) can be divided into 10 parts. I guess I've been over medicating my SM's. And I thought I was using a small portion.
  4. Mirror

    Lectro SMV battery drain

    I'd like to get more than a zit popping amount. Any sources?
  5. Mirror

    Lectro SMV battery drain

    I've gotten those little vials from Lectro before but there's just enough for one application. Where can I buy more and what is it called in the real world?
  6. Mirror

    Production company scam?

    I just got one of those texts yesterday as well. Wording was waaay off and the area code was Nashville. I just deleted it.
  7. Mirror

    start up gear for field recording

    Rent before you buy, then you can make an informed decision. Try different gear.
  8. Mirror

    Deva 16 / Fusion 12 TC Problems ...

    If there weren't any gremlins in a Zaxcom piece of gear, it just wouldn't be Zaxcom.
  9. Mirror

    Deva 16 / Fusion 12 TC Problems ...

    The master Deva's TC must be set to Generate and the Slave Deva's TC must be set to Continuous Jam TC. And, of course, you have to have the TC cable run the correct direction as you already pointed out.
  10. Mirror

    Mercedes Metris OR Chevrolet Express 3/4?

    The Teamsters that I talk to say they do not like the Mercedes van. They ought to know, they live in vans.
  11. He raised the tariffs to offset the trade deficit. A business move to bring people to the bargaining table to lower all tariffs. Why does the USA have to be the one that shoulders the burden? Fair is fair.
  12. Mirror

    how to solve this, lavalier noises.

    To get 20 years of experience you need to invest 20 years.