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  1. I grew up playing pinball and owned one until a year ago. One from the '70's called Flash (no, not from the movie Flash Gordon). It was the first pinball machine to have electronic sounds instead of bells, or so I'm told. Bought it for $600. The first weekend we got it we must have put 200 games on it in 2 days. Sold it because I needed the room. Wish I had a basement. Oh, I was always amazed that they never hired better artist for the art work. As to Richard's remark about sex in the art work, Check out the nut covering the nip on the bumper near the flipper. Didn't take much to entice a young teenage boys mind.
  2. I believe that you are right. From my interactions of M-R perambulators, they look like chariots in the front.
  3. Mirror


    Careful, Zaxcom criticism is not tolerated here in the slightest.
  4. Not true. Look up how dew point works. Ever work into the night and moisture starts collecting on your cases and gear - that's moisture in the air coming out. It can affect mics that are prone to moisture, like Schoeps.
  5. Schoeps are great mics and it's hard to beat the sound. With that said, if you are one man banding it you should choose something along the lines of a Sennheiser mkh50. The Schoeps can have quite a bit of handling noise if not in the hands of a really skilled operator. Sure, you can lessen it with a cut 1 filter but by then you're going to have around $3000 into it. Buy a new 50 for $1300. Handling noise is less and it sounds great. A lot of pros use 50's.
  6. This is a scam. Check their other post where I explain how I know.
  7. This is a total scam. I referred a guy to this and they asked him what gear he had. My guy then asked what are your needs for the job. They said to list all of his gear and they would pick what they needed. A few more weird back and forths and this is their last text to him. Sounds like a variation of the Nigerian scam.
  8. 4) The picture on their website of the girl holding a boom pole is very funny to see. (Although she does hold her hands correctly)
  9. Is your currency in Subway sandwiches or homemade sandwiches?
  10. Way to go! Chargers are really expensive and I'm not really sure why. I guess they keep you from burning down your house but how complicated do they really have to be. The battery cup looks great!
  11. Nazi Germany was not "almost-capitalism". In fact, the Nazi Party is officially the "National Socialist German Workers Party". Socialism is in it's name. I don't want to just survive as a citizen, I want to thrive as a citizen. Only the leaders thrive in Socialism.
  12. I guess you won't be working on any Tarantino movies.
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