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  1. Italy is Wisycom's country. You won't have any trouble with Wisycom !... And you'll see that they are very, very usefull in Italy....In Milano I found only two free DAB channels !
  2. VM

    MixPre-6 or a second hand 552?

    The best thing should be to measure the signal/noise just before the ADC.
  3. VM

    MixPre-6 or a second hand 552?

    Oups that is not clear on the specs sheet for mixpré3 to 10 I can read that mic gain is 76 dB AND fader +20 dB .Does it mean that the 20 dB of the faders is digital gain ?
  4. VM

    MixPre-6 or a second hand 552?

    552 has more gain than the Mixpre.
  5. VM

    Neumann RSM 191 Matrix box needed?

    The box si very useful when recording in stéréo : it permits a very accurate control of the recording stereo angle. You really should keep it.
  6. VM

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    The 600 series does not have 4,5 or 6 faders link...
  7. VM

    Wisicom as hop. .

    If your are a pro...I think you had better not to use ENR1.2 ou ENC1.2. I tested those commander, and I did not like what I hear.
  8. VM

    Wisicom as hop. .

    I use ENR or ENC Compander. Mostly ENR for hop.
  9. VM

    Wisicom as hop. .

    I think the the TX gain is not set properly. In the Wisy transmiter there is a presset called "Line" it works very good. As NCG says you can also output a tone at 0 dBfs ( or 20dBu) and set the TX level in order to be just at the clipping limit. The MPR output max level is at 18 dBu and the MCR42 at 12 dBu.
  10. VM

    Wisicom as hop. .

    I use MPR30ENG as hop. Max output level is 18 dBu. It is a very good receiver. You can adjust the output level to mic level.
  11. VM

    Buy a new wireless

    The 13h of October I sent a mail at support AT wisycom DOT com about wdf files at 11:43. I got a usable answer the same day at 12:03. Not so bad !
  12. VM

    Smallest 48v power supply

    I use this excellent phantom power with my wirelesses : Lebel audio PWL III http://www.lebel-audio.com/index.php/fr/produits Very good sound, very low consomption (only one LR6 for one day).
  13. VM

    Buy a new wireless

    I sent two emails to Wisycom. One a few months ago, the other one a few years ago. I received a very prompt answer for each emails, and a precise answer to my question.
  14. VM

    SD 633 expander

    No, it has no limiters. This why I prefer too a SD302.
  15. VM

    96kHz -- Pros and Cons?

    Which research ? I would like to read this research. Is there a name, or a link ?