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  1. I was in class once with Tomlinson Holman and his cell phone had the "deep note" as his ring tone...like you would if you had invented THX and all the roman numerals before the X. I gushed like a fan-boy, "cool, where can i buy that ?" The look he gave me was somewhere in the "imperious and incredulous" range...what a noob I always is. Oh well, was it Popeye, or Ricky Ricardo who said "Yo soy lo que soy...no nada, no chingada"?
  2. Not my intent, as Ive forgotten how to be your adversary. Ill take it down if Jeff asks, but after a 72-hour, delirious, tooning session, Ive discovered ya’ll are the only group of folks I have that I can share this with. Couldn’t you find it in your heart to let me chill a little while longer while I try to leave my daughter a shit-load of intellectual property ? Thank you, Mirror. SP4 Deichen C Trp., 3/7 Cavalry ”Sabres Ready”
  3. And RIP this Memorial day to Sgt. Ken Gentry, a cav scout of the 7th US Cavalry who died in an armor shoot-out in Iraq during 1.0. He gave me a lift last night in country...comin down hard...lol. For him, and all the rest of our sisters and brothers... 11x14inches
  4. Hey, ya'llz. A friend of a colleague had their sound peep check out for a family emergency. They're shooting in the Hollywood Hills tomorrow night and Saturday night, and Sunday daytime in the downtown LA area. 500/day, cant tell you anything more about the gig. contact Louise directly as I will NOT be monitoring this post: Louisemirren@mac.com good luck, Steve
  5. Touché, Rachel; trite and pedestrian is no way to be psychotic...I'll up my dose. best
  6. Seems like True Detective had a load of camera noise...or was I halunicating again ? best
  7. Like you, I use mine with a moleskin mummy bag. And they stay on there on while; skipping across gigs on occasion.
  8. If the guy was wearing both a shirt and a pullover, how were you hearing chest hair noise unless you were mounted under his shirt ? While I use my own mounts, an RM stuck to the inside of a pullover with a shirt underneath is usually a trouble-free mount unless both garments are Under Armour (love to buy it, HATE to work with it). -An RM with stick-it, stuck to the inside of the pullover. A Rycote Overcover stuck to the opposite side of the RM, so it is between the pullover and the shirt. The overcover does well at defeating both rubbing against a garment AND a hairy chest. The real issue may be that you cannot yet differentiate between acoustic and contact noise, so you don't know how to solve the issue on the day. Keep plowing forward and you'll find that your lav technique will start growing rapidly. Keep failing with faith...it gets significantly easier (until it don't...lol) best, steven
  9. Friday night I was rolling on an interview in a restaurant under a bar in Jackson, Wyoming (staggeringly gorgeous country). Full house, camera and lights are up, wearing my gear, and interview in process when I feel something poking me in my behind. I figure I leaned into something so I shifted my weight...the poke followed me. I sort of swat my hand behind me and turn around to find a red faced man. "Whats up?" I say. "You had something on your shorts" the guy who looks drunk says. "Yeah, it felt like a finger in my butt." I say while feeling a little annoyed. "You had something on your shorts." he repeats. The hostess is right there, and she has a really weird look on her face. My cans are on, Im representing both a production company and a well-known channel, and my gut says let it slide. I turn back around and finish the interview. When we cut, the hostess says, "I am so sorry, I didn't understand what he was doing, that was really creepy, I didnt know what to do." A couple of minutes later, the drunk walks nearby and gives a huge and athletic smack on (what looks to be) his female partner's butt (they looked to be in their forties, and kinda had that married look). As the night goes on, my feelings start to crystallize: -I feel angry. -I didnt use my voice in the moment to say how I really felt. -I feel a bit, well, violated. I decided to look for the drunk just to say that I didnt like what he did, and dont ever do it again. No luck. The night ended uneventfully and we wrapped. When the AC and I were pulling away in the van, he said, "There goes your boyfriend !" (as you might imagine, crew teased quite a bit after making sure I was alright). Sure enough, the drunk, his partner, and another couple were crossing the street behind us. "PULL OVER", I said. I jumped out of the van and ran across the street hailing the drunk. I approached him with outstretched hand and he took it. I pulled him in close, and with a big smile I said loudly, "Sir, since you are the only guy in Wyoming to have stuck his finger up my ass, I thought we should at least shake hands before I leave." The second couple are giggling madly, the drunk's partner looks genuinely horrified, but the drunk (and I say this with much professional experience) is 100% affect-free...flat as a spatula...zombie on Xanax. My confrontation evaporated my fear, my anger, and my feeling of violation. I smiled broadly, wished everybody a pleasant evening, and ran back to the van. As I was running away, I hear the drunk shout out, "FINALLY...someone who APPRECIATES me !". We laughed quite a bit as a crew, but also discussed that what happened was legally defined as sexual assault. Though I never felt fearful for my safety, I didnt like him touching me. The female PA said that guys touching her at parties and such had happened to her MANY times, and she was the one who used the phrase, "Why didnt I use my voice?" I'm curious to read how the wide variety of sound peeps here would have handled the situation. best, steven
  10. One likes to be of service. best
  11. I've been told that, with bad judgment, all things are possible.
  12. I got into production sound in 2010 at age 45, had my first (and only) child at 47, and owe more in school loans than most MDs. Short answer: never. P.S. Pass the ibuprofin please.
  13. I was reading this article regarding a Skynet show about "female genital mutilation". (http://www.newsweek.com/poverty-porn-why-female-genital-mutilation-should-not-be-shown-tv-sky-467997 When the essayist holds the video crew partially responsible for not intervening while filming a young girl undergoing FMG (she uses the term, "poverty porn"), I wondered if would have had the ethical courage to set the kit down and say, "I can't do this"...or maybe even to intervene. Flush at least one, very big, network client down the drain, and perhaps even a large chunk of my reputation and resultant wages ? As a father of a young daughter, my gut tells me I would have great difficulty accepting a gig as described above. But imagine not receiving a head's up (while shooting on a continent far from home) and some Producer herding you into a third world space and saying on the day, "Here's what we're shooting". I've not been tested yet to this degree (in this field). What have you walked out on, on the actual day? best, Steven
  14. If you decide on the 442, drop me a message. Im about to put mine up for an undeniably sweet price...750US best, steven
  15. Maybe something like this ? https://www.getaround.com
  16. The embarrassing truth...my iPhone 6 plus. And I have the tendonitis to prove it. best
  17. Dont even waste your time trying to figure out how to make this "work". Like many above, I work regularly on high-end fashion shoots. Just do NOT spend any of your valuable bandwidth with anything other than your polite, professional "disclosure" about copyright and SNR. Then if anyone is sounding like theyve forgotten, ("thats gonna be great" while Techno is making your ears bleed), gently remind them of your disclosure. They will be true believers once they get out of post, or they never will. Disclose, remind, move on... It's all the same to the Many-Faced God of Sound. best
  18. Good luck, Dan. If "Natural Flavors" can be patented (and is anything but natural), and if Subway can put plastic and cardboard in their food as fillers, we cotton fetishists are SOL...and a doo-dah day. I am on your side, however. best Steve and sorry...lol...Im not done with it yet.
  19. Im so curmudgeonly...I read the OP and thought, "Heres a new one, will you do my dissertation for me ?" my bad, please forgive me. As already stated, who wants to spend that much time, money, effort, stress, hot pockets, etc., on anything OTHER than what you yourself are passionate about. An advanced degree thesis or dissertation is a monumental undertaking, what will yours be about ? work hard, boss best On second thought, do mine for me: an investigation into the efficacy of subsonic sound in Gaspar Noe's "Irreversible".
  20. +1 for Jim's reminder that its not just sound's responsibility to make it sound great, wardrobe, production, and the director need to be sound's collaborators. best
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