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  1. The current suplied by tx Send it to lrctro or by schoeps cmc 6:)
  2. Not enoght current power the mike .
  3. Place a cable between these 2 and check how much it read under load ) unscrew the xlr plug )
  4. Same Thevonly other thing may happend you have switch failiur and it stacked on 18 v Try to play with the switch and see if the mike doesnt work at all when you goes to 5v position
  5. If your dc to dc converter fucked up on your uh you dont get the 48 v . if you dont have 48 the mkh wont work normaly. The cmit can work from 12 v Thats why you need the voltmeter
  6. Did you messure it with voltmeter or you tell me where is the switch is ?:)
  7. Check if you have correct 48v output on your tx Some mikes could work normaly from 12 to 48 with internal dc to dc converor. The 50 need 45v at least
  8. Hello Steve . What about the mixing panel Tascam made for HS-P82 , have it been reduced in price as well ? And do you ship to Poland ? Tomash B
  9. Tomer

    Sony FS -100

    Thank you all who gave a real advice . We came to decision to use external tc generator ( Horrita) which will feed on one of the camera channels, while the second one will get camera mic feed . ]That way, we will have 2 options for synchronization . Using the digital slate on documentary is not really an option ,while the camera operator is shooting free style , rolls or stops the camera when he thinks he need to do it whithout wait to slate or turn to slate . I do remember that lanc comunication which FS 100 camera equipped with , carries TC , at least it is what i remember from old Sony and Canon dvs , but unfortunately we don't have Ambient lanc tc generator so we couldn't check if it still can work that way . Tomash B
  10. Tomer

    Sony FS -100

    I have a job coming with that camera and did not find any evidence for time code synchronization available . It is a documentary style shoot , so if we cant sync in advance ,i will need run the sound, directly to the camera . Any leads for what might be done or how to handle the camera sound ? The editing is on Avid, so no pluraleyes available . My setup is 442 and 744 . Thanks in advance . Tomash B
  11. Christian , there is short answer I got from Oleg for you " Petrol do not intend to develop any bag for non existing products , for item which is in development by Zaxcom , we don't see any need in new design as any existing petrol bag except the 607 would work without any problem by making small exercise by opening 2 zippers from behind or fron t, to change any cable configuration by spoiled mixers. We hope that Zaxcom will introduce short legs for it, to rise the recorder and give the cables freely go left or right under the mixer , and if not , we don't see it as a major problem . Petrol do not design unique equipment begs but unique multiply gear solutions.. The only bag which we will introduce in near future will be excellent for many different recorders , mixers and your chiropractor bill . Best wishes - Petrol Audio bags development team " Tomash B
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