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  1. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/crewmember-dies-after-fall-on-set-of-upcoming-mister-rogers-movie_us_5bbf6a5de4b01a01d6884fae Really sorry to read this... My condolences to his fellow crewmembers and of course his family.
  2. afewmoreyears

    What is your spare recorder

    688 to back up my 688... then 633 bag rig, Mix pre 3 bag rig...
  3. afewmoreyears

    Audio Limited A10 for talent.

    That makes perfect sense...
  4. afewmoreyears

    Audio Limited A10 for talent.

    Maybe consider a hybrid system..? If the fully digital system makes noise..
  5. afewmoreyears

    Audio Limited A10 for talent.

    Wow, either my wireless Lectro systems sound really good or... A: I am getting too old for this and don't hear the artifacts that are being described... My ears are shot.. B: I'm looking for fat audio of what I am trying to record and am simply happy with what I'm getting.. C: My sets are too noisy to hear that level of background noise D: Everyones full of crap...LOL Set up of system, Placement of mics, set noise, mic choice and other factors are far more important to me... Any noise I hear, which is so minimal I am happy to trade off for being bailed out by my wireless systems. It's simply the cost of using it.. For me that is a cheap trade off...I'll take it all day long... For the record, I have never heard back from any post regarding any noise on any of my wireless systems going back many many years... I am very happy with the audio I get out of these systems... Digital or not.. I think were splitting hairs here.. Remember, our use of wireless is to normally bail out PRODUCTION for their style of shooting... It's the tools we have to do that... If they (Units) hiss or moan .... not our fault, it's theirs for shooting with 4 cameras wide and tight... They are lucky as far as I'm concerned.
  6. afewmoreyears

    Lavs for ties

    This.... All of it...
  7. afewmoreyears

    PD6 with CF card and a partition reader program - it works now!

    Can't hurt as a project or simply for some fun tinkering, thats for sure... I owned the HHB and both the PD6 and PD606... None of my machines ever failed me.. I liked them all... But to be on a back up, with a client who's paying for quality audio with no problems or issues, and then having your backup for any reason fail to perform would be deadly... The shear age of those units does funny things.. a lot of moving parts... Why would you someone want to go there... To each their own for sure, and there is a possibility of your modern backup taking a shit.... but that chance I believe is much less. At the new price points for a used 788/633/Mix pre 3 or 6 or 10... I would definitely go that route guarding my own reputation.
  8. afewmoreyears

    PD6 with CF card and a partition reader program - it works now!

    As much as I liked the machines during their time, at this point, I would advise getting any number of newer more modern machines on the market for reasonable amounts of money to keep as a back up.. Just saying..
  9. afewmoreyears

    COS-11D or DPA 6060

    Sound aside... (not specifically for this actual 6060) how big is the actual mic.... how big is the cable... waterproof..resistant.. how strong.. will it crack over time...will it need "olive oil" to survive.. can it be repaired if a break at the mic end occurs.. price.. sensitivity.. how active is the cable near the mic.. and most likely a bunch of technical details as well.. There are actually a bunch of things to consider when adding new lavs... They all bring a little something to the table.. only the buyer can sift through the differences, and listen to the sound to really decide what fits the bill for the mic your looking for.
  10. afewmoreyears

    Malfunction of repaired COS-11

    Might want to check... the guy that used to do it there moved on... Dont know if he was replaced...
  11. afewmoreyears

    Hows this for close to trouble ?

    Call boxes hunh... interesting... Something to keep in mind.. We did have to change channels on our 216 trans for the first time in many years.. Believe me, I'm glad it worked out too... Hope your well Robert!!
  12. afewmoreyears

    Hows this for close to trouble ?

    I worked recently 1500 ft. or so from the huge Transmitter antenna array on top of Mt. Wilson overlooking the entire city of Los Angeles. We shot at the Observatory seen in the photo, inside and out. 25 TV stations and 22 FM stations broadcast from there.. Thousands of watts... I was told by many "experts" that it was doubtful that any of our RF gear would work... including an engineer from one of the stations who works up there I spoke with before we shot... I went hoping for the best and expecting the worst. I was ready for hardwire hell 10 ways...I thought my Comteks stood a chance, but my wireless might be gone... I was wrong... Everything worked perfectly... I do owe a "great job" to my Venue 2 and wireless designer system to really fight through the chaff to find some holes in the abuse and find some open channels to work on... Comteks worked fine... both lettered channels (72Mhz) and 216s... Go figure... It really goes to show that you never really know until you fire up the gear and see what works... Can't say enough about that system.. Photo is the backside of the array.... WAY more antennas when seen from the front, south side of the mountain..
  13. afewmoreyears

    New Zoom H3-VR Recorder mic combo..

    What will put us out of business is the non charging of proper rates for normal equipment packages.. not the VR mic/recorder combo...
  14. afewmoreyears

    New Zoom H3-VR Recorder mic combo..

    More often than not, you get what you pay for.. I almost for once wish it was more.. Any less and I'd buy one for my kids to play with....LOL In other words, it may be worth only $349.. If anyone grabs one, let us know how it works .I did see a video from a user, he seemed to think it was ok.. like I said, interesting..
  15. afewmoreyears

    New Zoom H3-VR Recorder mic combo..

    Looks interesting.... strange, but interesting tool.. Can't beat the price... $349 US Such a low price makes me a bit skeptical.. https://www.zoom-na.com/products/field-video-recording/field-recording/zoom-h3-vr-handy-recorder