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  1. I can almost guarantee they are lining up to do it...that job was filled on the next call... It's off the hook right now... There is no shame... the wheels are off the buss..
  2. Crunch, Crunch, Crunch..... more popcorn please....
  3. No, thats how they come.... I have used this thing for years... one of the best values for the money and rock solid...it's a tank.. Just works.. It's a random photo grab... Mine is not so pretty..
  4. This works great and needs no power.. I actually have 2 velcroed together for 2 in 6 out... (Left and Right) has worked great for YEARS...
  5. So you want to eliminate the need to use US, actual Sound professionals, but want our advice on HOW to eliminate our job positions... ? Find it yourself...
  6. When they break on set, or are lost, bill for them at a PR-75 cost and replace it with one of those... Newer style, and you can choose any lettered frequency..you will update your package in the process .
  7. 2. How many Crystals are there to the 72 PR-b receivers and where can I buy them after the current ones die out? 1- xtal per unit.. There are a bunch...A,B,C,D E, F, G, H, I etc...and 5-6, and other numbered frequencies.. you must match the transmitter to the Xtal style..meaning 5-6 won't work on the Letter channels..A,B ,c etc.. They do not make them anymore... You will need to beg borrow or steal them... keep an eye out on ebay, this site etc. Question: and yes, they sound about the same... But why would you need other crystals unless you need to change frequencies? I've never heard of a crystal wearing out although I suppose it could happen. I have some that must be substantially more than twenty years old and still functional. Because if you do need to change frequency, you can swap out 12- A's with 12 -I's... It rarely happens, but it does.. They don't wear out, but they do break...I have replaced many over the years...they are literally crystals..
  8. I think you go to the file list and simply tap it... if I remember..
  9. Call them before you do anything... Here's how I understood it.. and it may or may not apply to the SSM units.. I did want to update on my SMWB units and was in need of info about that..Mine was the first one made for sale... I wanted to update it to newer firmware..they told me not to..my unit is best to operate on the firmware it came with. Units made much after mine in fact needed updates..it's a bit confusing..and it's not like say SD recorders that want you to update each time a new one comes out.. Again, call first with your serial number and ask..
  10. Your 216 has frequency choices.... if you shut off the trans. and a plugged in receiver unit blasts with noise....change to another channel... you have them there for a reason, use when you need to... I will admit, it almost never happens to me... but, if it did, that's what I would do. If the problem still exists, leave the unit powered all the time... If necessary announce a batt change so people know...when you get home, try again in a different area and see if there is still the issue... You can always call them, they are really nice and will possibly have other ideas... or send in if need be... crap happens... Normally my units are and have been rock solid for many years...
  11. I love the "worlds smallest beltpack for a RODE lavalier" a bit misleading... It may be the smallest for their product line, but not others.. The gigs I normally do need all that the better transmitters can put out... I'll let other folks show up to jobs with these... They may have their place... but not on my gigs...
  12. MAYBE..The more the battery depletes, the worse the data travels over a connection that is dirty I would imagine.. That being said, the trans. is supposed to deliver the proper voltage till shut off... so... I really don't know..
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