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  1. afewmoreyears

    Sound Devices 633 latch up

    It happens from time to time.. I think it's my firmware loaded onto my machine.. I really need to re do it.. just haven't had the time.. But, the menu reset works fine when it occurs..
  2. afewmoreyears

    Sound Devices 633 latch up

    What Trey says... Works every time..
  3. afewmoreyears

    "SD Media slow" warning with approved Media

    16 tracks of mono files and I may fail before the card..
  4. afewmoreyears

    MIX and ISO Tracks levels

    I do almost exactly as Robert... -12 dBFS on my mix track, sometimes if I know it's tame dialog, a bit hotter... -20 or a tad hotter on my ISOs... If for whatever reason I think they may actually use the ISOs and I'm not recording a true protection track, I'll go a bit hotter.. I use a limiter on my ISOs and my mix track..
  5. afewmoreyears

    "SD Media slow" warning with approved Media

    I wish I knew what was causing the problem for you, this always seems so "mysterious"... my workflow has been: The full format on my computer twice a year, takes forever but oh well. Then the normal format on my 633/688 and I have never had issues.. I have always been on Sandisk cards.. I have never had to do it multiple times.. Yes, it has been stress tested with over ten tracks, can't comment on concert recordings or anything like that... shorter takes over and over... and over. Maybe the shorter repetitive recordings never allow the machines to get backed up..
  6. afewmoreyears

    416 end cap

    Thats a good question followed by good advice... I thought about it and had no good answer... Tape around the outside would work well and not "glue" the pieces together.. as suggested.. and being clear tape, you would most likely not notice the hack..
  7. The third track sounds like a million bucks to the viewing public... It's sounds like the greatest track ever recorded to them.. I'm not kidding...
  8. afewmoreyears

    633 "keyboard disease" again

    Did you by chance reload your firmware..? I would try a round of that ... It can't hurt.. I don't use a keyboard so I can't help u there..
  9. afewmoreyears

    633 "keyboard disease" again

    I have used the menu reset a million times, usually at times when I did not want the machine to keep the TC on during the machine being stopped..why run the internal batteries for this..? But if on a show, you'll of course need to re jam the slate and box if necessary..but...It has always come back to time of day TC.. only thing being blown is the sync to the other TC items..
  10. afewmoreyears

    4.54 firmware out for SD688

    A little of what I was afraid of when hearing about the Audio Limited merger.... focus seems to be with the pairing of the two.. Wish there was more in the way of updates for other items, like MUTED output(s) when in stop mode... Oh well... Hope this changes in the future. We'll see.
  11. afewmoreyears

    Looking for female sound mixer

    There had to be a better way to publicly ask for participants and get the person they wanted.. I was always under the impression the best person available was the best person... even if they are purple... I have no expectations, it's not my request Matias.. and I get it, it's their request.. not yours.
  12. afewmoreyears

    Looking for female sound mixer

    That sounds bad.... Imagine asking the opposite?
  13. afewmoreyears

    tc logging spreadsheet

    If your on a Sound Devices 6 series, the recorder will make them for you... You just use the menu to select "create report".. It spits out exactly what your after...
  14. afewmoreyears

    New IFB headphones from Halter Technical

    I think he is saying the opposite...He does NOT like the wire to each side and prefers the single wire option..
  15. afewmoreyears

    Recommendations for versatile PA speakers

    QSC series.