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  1. Almost 40 years of experience doing it, and it will still get your goat periodically. Experience is the solution, and only most of the time. Much of the time the clothing is actually active and you can hear the noise through a boom mic. Mounting tips at that point only help so much.... A great deal of what you hear through cans is minimized through a speaker somewhat. I am sometimes surprised. There is no BEST, only what works for your problem in front of you at that moment. There are so many options, you have to size up your situation, and through experience of knowing what works, pull out that solution and go to work. If you do a search, you can read a lot on this subject. Study, think and experiment...
  2. I have used them for years, seldom an issue, I have a ton of them... As for the finish, mine have been good, but I don't use the clips.. who cares, the mikes in my case are always hidden.. If you use the clips, open the clamp before forcing the mic inside the loop.. that should help the scratching issue.. Too much grabbing the mic plug at the point of cable /connector will cause failure over time.. Always grab ONLY the mic PLUG!
  3. The battery situation jumps out at me... Unless you metered the batteries, and they are in fact good, that may be your problem.. Just enough power to partially boot, but not enough for a full boot up. Meter the battery, try EXT power or Use a battery you KNOW is ready to go.. before doing anything drastic..
  4. Since Mony left as the repair tech, things have never recovered concerning Sanken repairs...
  5. Just know not to bury your lavs .. I like my 7506s...
  6. Still one of my favorite albums.... wonderful..
  7. Another take in the line with an added PU... Does the trick and nobody is confused.... all serious notes should be with the script supervisor. The mixer adding a PU on their notes will aid the process.. With TC and notes, everyone gets it.. at least they should.
  8. I had a 788 shut down a few times in downtown LA while in a process trailer... it was about 108... but really hot in the cab...Not a pleasant situation.. Man that machine was so hot you could barely touch it. I also had one shut down at Dumont dunes... it was about 115 .. I think even hotter and that was at 19:30.. I agree with Philip, my 6 series machines in the really hot weather seem to do much better, never had a problem in some of the same situations... Also agree that the 833 is a busy box, a lot going on... I guess busy has it's price..
  9. Granted, but where we work that amount of heat is No Bueno...
  10. The heat is bad news for us folks in already high heat areas, me Arizona and Southern California where the outside temp can start at well over 100 degrees on a moderate day.. I hated my 788 cooking as well as my 744 back in the day. This may be a deal breaker for me.. if it's cooking in Switzerland, we're pretty much toast in Arizona...LOL I never have heat issues at all with my 633/688 rigs.. cool man cool.. Henrimic said... "On the other hand, what worries me a little is the heat released by the device. After a while, it becomes almost impossible to hold hands on the frame as it is so hot." Really!!!?
  11. A consistent one frame offset should not be an issue... Looks like the editors were trying to make more money..
  12. I contacted Lectrosonic about mine and updating ... I have the earliest versions... literally #1 off the production line... I was told, not to update mine, it was not necessary.
  13. JB-1.... I do like my Mozegear too!!!! small simple.. and works great!!
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