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  1. Worth a phone call tomorrow... Ask about it.. get some advice from Lectro directly.
  2. They will pay in time, money and frustration ... Miking 7 people, with one boom op will make them wait, and frustrate them, not having a second boom op will make their show suffer, and having your only guy busy while needing to prep a set or move or set up gear and it will cost them... All of it will cost them.. Without having done it, they are clueless to save themselves. The third person saves them, not the mixer, as soon as they understand that, they will begin to help themselves rather than shoot themselves in the foot.. We have been slammed with 3 people, often... 2, we would of been dead with a logjam at the sound area..
  3. Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha.... Ha Ha Ha ha ha.... LOL NO SPINES!!!! They could drop it to $15 an hour Micro budget tier -20 and some ass*&^e will take that job.
  4. Because you don't own just one mic.... Just one Lav type, just one boom pole, just one TC Slate... You have multiples for obvious reasons..
  5. Guys and Gals.... The reason WHY that 416 is, has been and will continue to be viewed as a "GOOD" mic is because... IT WORKS!! IT can be used as a hammer!! IT is punchy!! Great Exterior mic "especially on grass.." No moisture, or fragility issues I know of. Sounds good!! (Thats subjective) Actually all of this is... If all else fails, that mic will work.... That feeling is worth the price....even if I always use my CS3e...
  6. I can almost guarantee they are lining up to do it...that job was filled on the next call... It's off the hook right now... There is no shame... the wheels are off the buss..
  7. Crunch, Crunch, Crunch..... more popcorn please....
  8. No, thats how they come.... I have used this thing for years... one of the best values for the money and rock solid...it's a tank.. Just works.. It's a random photo grab... Mine is not so pretty..
  9. This works great and needs no power.. I actually have 2 velcroed together for 2 in 6 out... (Left and Right) has worked great for YEARS...
  10. So you want to eliminate the need to use US, actual Sound professionals, but want our advice on HOW to eliminate our job positions... ? Find it yourself...
  11. When they break on set, or are lost, bill for them at a PR-75 cost and replace it with one of those... Newer style, and you can choose any lettered frequency..you will update your package in the process .
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