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  1. A consistent one frame offset should not be an issue... Looks like the editors were trying to make more money..
  2. I contacted Lectrosonic about mine and updating ... I have the earliest versions... literally #1 off the production line... I was told, not to update mine, it was not necessary.
  3. JB-1.... I do like my Mozegear too!!!! small simple.. and works great!!
  4. I believe the work flow is something like this... Switch to 32 bit, record as you normally do... Set up your gain staging as normal... if something too hot blows out the track, it can be brought back in post.. I believe that this is best used directly into an input with a mic, and not having radios with limiters.. or track limiters engaged, otherwise it will hit the limiters before the saving graces of the 32 bit can help out... Probably best used boom into over the shoulder rig, effects and wild dialog quiet to screaming... no limiters, but, your best attempt at trim and level setting. Until I know more, this is how I see the system working in the real world.. We are about to know more as this progresses I am sure..
  5. So functionally speaking, in terms of everyday use, mix as you normally do by trying to correctly have all phases of audio in your chain properly set level wise. Then, rest assured that any surprise super loud level, or, level really low by an actor or sound can be readjusted in post... back to a nice workable largely undamaged and-or perfectly usable file. Is this the SD version of a never clip style system?? I will say again, I sure hope we get a notification that this can be implemented Firmware update wise in my 6 Series recorders, and the new Scorpio... Of course, but once we already have our recorders, those after the fact additions to those recorders sure are nice... hence, Dugan Auto mix and the Auto mute, both of which I cherish.. Thanks Jon!!
  6. Jon, Is there any way an update to 633/688 recorders can contain the new 32 bit format recording?? In the future..??
  7. I would regret it... keep your recorder and save for your mics..
  8. Worth a phone call tomorrow... Ask about it.. get some advice from Lectro directly.
  9. They will pay in time, money and frustration ... Miking 7 people, with one boom op will make them wait, and frustrate them, not having a second boom op will make their show suffer, and having your only guy busy while needing to prep a set or move or set up gear and it will cost them... All of it will cost them.. Without having done it, they are clueless to save themselves. The third person saves them, not the mixer, as soon as they understand that, they will begin to help themselves rather than shoot themselves in the foot.. We have been slammed with 3 people, often... 2, we would of been dead with a logjam at the sound area..
  10. Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha.... Ha Ha Ha ha ha.... LOL NO SPINES!!!! They could drop it to $15 an hour Micro budget tier -20 and some ass*&^e will take that job.
  11. Because you don't own just one mic.... Just one Lav type, just one boom pole, just one TC Slate... You have multiples for obvious reasons..
  12. Guys and Gals.... The reason WHY that 416 is, has been and will continue to be viewed as a "GOOD" mic is because... IT WORKS!! IT can be used as a hammer!! IT is punchy!! Great Exterior mic "especially on grass.." No moisture, or fragility issues I know of. Sounds good!! (Thats subjective) Actually all of this is... If all else fails, that mic will work.... That feeling is worth the price....even if I always use my CS3e...
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