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  1. MAYBE..The more the battery depletes, the worse the data travels over a connection that is dirty I would imagine.. That being said, the trans. is supposed to deliver the proper voltage till shut off... so... I really don't know..
  2. I for one have never used an ext. cabled pole, nor has my boom ops... I would much rather have the cable inside... Never had problems with noise.. The ONLY way I would use the external is if my internal broke and I had no other pole.. In the end, to each their own. 99% of the time we're wireless anyhow, so no cable is actually best. Shorty to the transmitter..
  3. A good room, and a good mic, could be any good mic.... with proper placement will sound just fine for the podcast.. If your thinking of a cheapie, why not just use another good mic you already have and be done with it... Your isolation will come from placement, your room... and the quiet of that room you are given to work from.
  4. This: I say, just run your normal system.. if it fails, swap it out. If you have a backup mix recorded, your already doing your something extra. I'm with Robert here... It's like dragging around another car in case yours fails.. If the camera fails, they don't normally use the backup one they have set up on the same shot just in case.. They swap it out. Gear fails, running extra gear for the extremely low failure rate just doesn't make too much sense. That being said, do what YOU feel is best regardless, these are simply our opinions.
  5. Any country that will see your advertisement and buy your for sale items... The legalities are up to them..
  6. "And why should the OP stay up all night trying to make this work? It's really not his job to production manage the job, is it?" He shouldn't, he should sleep well, show up .. do the job, go home, cash the check. It's not that big of a deal.
  7. "I reached out to the associate producer and explained I was a little confused as to what I will actually be doing and was told I may just be recording the performances from the house AV (or desk, I do not know!)." I would... Communicate as best you can, prod a bit more for info, introduce yourself to the FOH and monitor guys or gals and let them know what has been asked of you and for permission to simply get a feed. They should be nice enough to help you out. Show up, take a feed from the house into your recorder..L and R.. Bring other mics, a stereo mic or set up to record a house mix from the PA, a crowd mic pointed back at the crowd and do what you see fit once you get there.. Play it by ear... they said probably take a board feed, run with that, anything you can do other than that is a bonus for them.. Yes, bring your bag of connectors, cables and anything else you may THINK you will need. I am sure there is a staging area... better to have stuff on site than not. You'll be fine.. You'll probably learn something, there's value in that too...
  8. I'm just the opposite from Phillip. AC all the time unless I need to be battery only. We always have Generators and a crew of Electricians. UPS/Surge etc. No problems to date. I think I can get @45 min for moves and such without shutting down.. If I'm somewhere funky, it's the Honda 2000.... but always AC.. Bag rigs and mini cart, DC.. I will use a Pelican 12 volt and run it all if need be. Whatever works..
  9. I had that warning about power only once, plugged in a Droid phone charger into the back of my cart, into the mini USB, power up mixer without the power plug into the ac on back of my cart and it always works fine..as soon as the CL-12 fired up, I re-stab the AC for the CL-12 back into my cart .. never happened again.. nor has my unit froze up since that start up sequence.. That's my sequence.. I'm sticking to it..
  10. Yeah, sometimes they are so nervous that the feed may be on due to their directing the talent in such a way that is not what the client agency would approve of.. They may want a different direction and would rather have them see their vision first rather than argue about the direction they are heading in. Also, they (talent or director) sometimes say things that nobody should hear...LOL Like, "who wrote this S*it," or, "this is the dumbest crap I have ever been involved with..." They just want to cover their ass and have it off. Much of the time, it's the producer who actually wants it off knowing the director or talent may say something harmful.
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