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  1. You're welcome to pretend a threat was made. Or block me, little fella. I don't care either way. In any case, since Senator Douchebag has left the forum there is no issue. Thankfully, no one will receive endless unwanted PM's or have him mercilessly harass their sales threads. Still, I owe him and if I find a way to pay him back, I will. And since he's hiding (none of his contact information is valid anymore) perhaps one of his fans here can pass that on to him. Cheers!
  2. I think we're going down a road we don't want to go if we start emulating "Senator." His reputation for harassing others here is quite legendary. And, no, he doesn't have a good reputation as a mixer. He was FIRED from the teaching job he had. He serially harassed every sales post I made or a period of time, so that I had to take them all down. I'm waiting in the tall grass for that worthless POS.
  3. Arnold F.


    Thankfully, that POS Senator is no longer here.
  4. Anyone in Birmingham, AL available for a shoot Thursday?
  5. I have several IDX NP-L7S batteries that are a few years old. What is their life expectancy?
  6. Unless Mirror (whom I warned against dissent!) posted something I can't see he doesn't seem to be confusing anything. That said, I wasn't around to witness any sustained criticism of Derwood, just occasional complaints. So from what I saw it's hard to imagine that he'd feel unwanted. It strikes me he never seemed to be fully relating to anything here either intellectually or emotionally - there appeared to be little empathy and there was an OCD quality to his posting in general. His "feeling" anything at all here seems an unlikely hypothesis and I sensed even then he was held to a lower standard of behavior because folks knew he wasn't fully in control, perhaps.
  7. In part because I knew he did whatever he wanted here not only without consequence, but with active approval from membership and tacit approval from admin, I didn't come much. Therefore I was not around enough to have an opinion about why he left. Normally, it would make me very sad to hear someone felt unwanted, particularly someone who so obviously needed attention. But I'm afraid I can't be sad in this case after the very special attention he paid to me. Moreover, if someone can confirm he's unhappy please do.
  8. Jose, I take you're word that he hasn't been problem for you. That's great! I'm not crazy about his posts and I was less crazy about his bizarre PM's (which he continued even after I asked him to stop), it was his deliberate, targeted harassment that was the real problem. Actually, to be accurate, it was only a problem for me. No one else had a problem with his harassing me. I can understand that - none of us can see every other post - he did it in a way no one else could easily see unless they spent the day looking (like he did). To be honest, it's flattering in a way to be held responsible for my behavior in a way no will ever hold him responsible for his. They know better. I don't know who you are, Mirror, but I can't tell if you're brave or reckless. You don't want to be seen as being on my side here! I
  9. Thanks for your input, Constantin and soundtrane! You didn't ask why he "doesn't like" me when he went out of his way and harassed every thread I posted in for literally months. Let it go maybe? Or not, I don't care. Please go to Atlanta, "Senator!"
  10. He's going to Atlanta? He works as a sound mixer? How? He has no website, none of his phone numbers work and he doesn't answer emails. How (or, more importantly, why) would someone hire him with no way to contact him?
  11. Plenty of loss already in knowing "Senator." Waiting to find a way to return the favor. Tall grass. Steven, I'll take your word for it. Your description is entirely different from my experiences with him, which have been terrible, and I'm not talking about his normal forum BS, which one easily ignore. Unfortunately (for me), it went WAY beyond that.
  12. Unfortunately, it's unlikely I'll have the chance to try.
  13. What a pity. No doubt harassing the crap out of people at LSC.
  14. Goodness, not even close! You'd need to spend several years deliberately and mercilessly harassing others here on a daily basis to even come close.
  15. I imagine you used a Nagra the last time you got hired, Mike?
  16. Ha...Mike, when is the last time you worked with time code? 1998? I mean, no offense, but haven't worked in how long? And when you did it was definitely lower tier stuff?
  17. I can't see his posts anymore so I don't know what he's doing with my avatar nor do I care. I do know he attacks all my sales posts, so that's several childish things he's done. We all have to deal with him - that's just part of being here.
  18. I don't know who you are or why you keep harassing my sales posts and sending me creepy, violent and profane PM's, but I have blocked you. Hopefully, anyone who wants to buy something already knows what you're about.
  19. Some folks responding to "Senator." I won't post their names without their permission but it all can be found searching the site: 2-7-14: Ahh studio pro. fuck off. your a loser. Don't reply to my posts. Ya that's right, your stupid. I already asked you nicely on a private message a while back. so now really, fuck off. 2-7-14: It should not be required to block Mike's condescending posts, just so that he can insult your intelligence to everyone who doesn't. Plus, then you'd miss the "gems" and "wealth of knowledge", and all the other things the old-school jwsound-ers seem to think still exist. 2-7-14: Regardless, there's no reason to be a prick about it. I appreciate the input and hopefully you'll appreciate mine when I recommend you hold off on being a wise ass. 5-6-13: Thanks Senator, for being a jerk. 3-14-13: Please ignore studiomrpd (Senator) he's a pain in the ass. 3-11-11: No Mike. Stop being a jerk. I received so many hateful PM's from him today, it's a little nerve-wracking. However, glad to see I'm not the only one.
  20. Another 16 very nasty PM's from him.
  21. I have just counted. I have received 32 PM's from him today, many with profane and homo-phobic content. I've spent my day deleting PM's. Need to block!
  22. Right on! Glad to see you're not taking this all too seriously! Bad for the blood pressure.
  23. You're over-reacting, seriously. This is a forum, not real life. Don't take this seriously and move on with important things! Winter's almost gone!
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