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  1. Hi all This is an official announcement to let you all know that CineEquipment Pte Ltd (Singapore, KL, Bangkok, Taipei & Manila) are now the official agents for all Zaxcom products! We will also be representing other prestigious brands in further announcements soon to come... Our website (www.cine-equipment.com) is yet to be updated, but it will be soon. We're also building a FaceBook & YouTube presence as well - these will also be announced in due course. We will be carrying a small supply of stock and if theres anything that we don't have in stock its only a matter of days away. So, if your interested in anything Zaxcom, please do drop us a line or give us a call! Rgd's Andrew Andrew Timlin - Business Development Manager - CineEquipment Pte Ltd E: andrew.timlin@cine-equipment.com P: +65-6252 5089
  2. Thanks all! Great help and advice from all! Even the Senator contributed wise words... at last!! Take care... AT
  3. Hi all I have a job coming up soon whereby the UPM has asked me to supply a reliable in-ear monitoring system that will allow the lead character to speak/cue to a "plant" character in a public place without the system being seen - either on-camera or even slightly visible to people around him/her. One trusted supplier suggests the "Phonak" system, and they sure do appear that they'll work as I need them to, but, evidently there's none available for hire in Sydney/Melbourne, or so I'm told... And at close to AU$6k for 1 x TX & 1 x RX, its not viable to buy for a 10 day job. I'd be keen to learn if there are any other systems that I've not heard of etc, maybe theres other slightly cheaper options...? Your thoughts...? Rgd's AT
  4. Hi, I'm using the AudioRoot BG-DU system with generically branded V-Lock batteries. Sure, the AudioRoot system has an unfortunate name, but this particular product is for me anyway, one of the best, most sophisticated power distribution systems I've ever used or seen. It has some very well thought out functions and, so far, it works very well indeed! I'd highly recommend this product. Rgds AT
  5. Glen Better off ignoring him. He's just looking for attention again, he has a very bad case of relevancy deficiency syndrome. He's beyond all expectations for help. He's a bit like the lonely, tired old circus clown who only knows one trick... It was a mildly amusing trick early last century, and he never bothered to learn any new tricks as that one trick worked before, it really did! It actually got him some attention for a short while - but a very short while it was indeed. Now we can only pity him and his pathetic, desperate clutches to be heard just once more... A sad, bitter and mostly irrelevant, tired old clown.
  6. Hi all I recently bought a power distribution from these guys: http://www.audioroot.fr/product-category/power-distributors/ Very, very cool product. Very well made and the ability to "learn" each of your individual batteries characteristics is fantastic. I personally like the Hirose 4-pin plugs for use in powering applications, they rarely break, they lock-in to the source and they're reasonably easy to get. It's the best power distribution option that I've seen/used, thus far... Rgd's AT
  7. Thanks guys! Issue resolved, TOD TC as audio on ch 2 and mixed guide audio on ch 1. Which is what I asked for from day 1, but theres evidently some "whiz kid" in the post department who knows everything - about everything too! I'm still using V7:20 on the IFB and V1:22 on the ERX's. I'm kinda cautious about firmware updates if the kit is still working as it says on the box, but, this time its seemingly not doing that anymore, so I guess updates across the board are in order! AT
  8. But am I wrong in expecting the IFB100/ERXTC to sync the very moment the IFB100 senses an incoming, rolling TC signal? Isn't that the whole idea? Or am I missing something...? AT
  9. Nate I guess thats probably the safest way, but the post house wants sound files on REC/RUN... Sadly the camera is a DSLR, which as you'd well know just adds to the problem! So I guess we're gonna rethink that one! AT
  10. Hi all I'm having trouble in establishing 100% confidence in how my Zax IFB100 receives TC from my 788 along with a L/R audio mix and then sends the signals to various ERXTC units. When setting this system up I've been using REC/RUN TC from my 788 so I can see if/when the IFB100 senses the TC signal, jams it and starts transmitting. As soon as I hit REC I assumed that the IFB100 would jam/sync instantly and then the REC/RUN TC would be seen on both the IFB100 and therefore the ERXTC. And then when I hit STOP the TC on the 788 stops as it should, but the TC on the IFB100 and the ERXTC continues on rolling...?? They don't cut rolling TC at all, ever it seems! Until powered off anyway! The assumption that the IFB100 senses the incoming TC instantly is wrong. It sometimes takes up to 2-5 minutes before it'll jam/sync with the 788 - however, in that lapsed time, its been sending a false TC as the IFB100/ERXTC never stopped rolling on the last cut - they both continued rolling from when my 788 stopped.... Now this is a major problem. As the IFB/ERXTC units have now been sending the WRONG TC at the start of the next roll! The units DO NOT jam/sync instantly at all - it can take MINUTES! WTF is that about?? So now if the job cuts & rolls often - as is often the case these days - all the transmitted TC will be out of sync with my 788 - that is until it catches up and jam/syncs in the middle of a take! Won't we be popular in the post-prod departments! What am I doing wrong here? Surely its some setting somewhere that I've missed...? Please advise ASAP! Rgd's Andrew
  11. Sometimes thats true, but what is true is that never get what you DON'T pay for!
  12. I can't live/work without my units for that long, is no-one at John Barry's able to do the upgrade? They are, as far as I know, the AU agents for Lectro's. Rgd's Andrew
  13. Hi all Can I update from version 2:18 or must I go through earlier versions first? I live in fear of these updates, they freak me out a bit... Rgds Andrew
  14. Hi all Thanks for your input here! Gratefully acknowledged! Rgd's Andrew
  15. Mark Sure, there is that... Shoulda check the manual! AT
  16. Hi all At the risk of infuriating the Senator (Yes, I have done a quick search..) I'm after the correct pin assignments for the Zaxcom ERXTC2 IFB receivers. I'm getting some cables made that will give me scratch track audio on one channel and timecode on the other. Can anyone advise me for this? Thanks! Rgd's Andrew
  17. I understand that theory, but I'm running two different frequencies at the same time. One for dedicated IFB for producers/directors and the other for solely return audio for me. So I need to hardwire send TC to each device as the TRX and the IFB100 are on different frequencies... As I suggested earlier, it's all working well now as the IFB100 has a TC loop through option with TC in and TC out. But the new model IFB200 only appears to have a single TC in. With the older model one could theoretically connect several IFB100's together so that they all have the same TC, but you could also then have them all of different frequencies so as to send different audio mixes to different people. The boom operator really only wants to hear only his boom mic and not the other radio mics that may be in the mix etc, but the director/producer wants to hear the whole mix, but they all want the same TC as what is being recorded. It's all good, I just won't be upgrading to the newer IFB model and I will have to try and buy some of the older IFB100's instead so I can do what I've described above. Thanks for your input! Rgds AT
  18. Jeff I think that perhaps I should invest in a few more ERXTCD's and try to fully understand all of the options with the Zaxcom network. Think old dog/new tricks etc...! I'm a slow learner! Also, please don't read into my post that I'm dissapointed in the Zaxcom products - far from it! I love what these guys are doing, so much so that when budgets allow, I'll be upgrading 8 of my Lectrosonics radio mics to the Zaxcom products. These guys just dance so close to the line of what is possible, and they certainly think outside of the box, its a fun ride to be a part of! Rgd's AT
  19. Derek Yes, I guess that could work, but its not a cheap option with regards to price or real estate in the bag! I use 2 x 2.4Ghz return audio/IFB systems as I often need different audio to the IFB100 than to the return audio option from the camera link. On the occasions where I have needy producers, I may have to use a 3rd IFB100 network to send them what they want to hear, they may only want certain channels and not others, but they invariably also usually want TC with what they're hearing too... Nothing's easy is it! Rgd's AT
  20. Senator Well, I could try to make the 3-way cable as Glenn suggests, but as I stated, my cable guy who is SD trained and quite capable, has done the maths with regards to load capacities from the 788's TC out socket and he believes that it won't work - the 788 won't like it at all and the probable result will be no TC to any of the devices... the other result will be time and money spent on making a useless cable... The TC out socket on the IFB100 really is a great option and I'm sad to see it gone on the new model... I guess they have their reasons. Rgd's AT
  21. JP Well, I send TC to my TRX900, my IFB100 and my Betso TC display - so thats three needs for TC. At the moment I send TC to the IFB100 & the TRX900 via a "Y" TC cable from the 788, and then use the TC out socket on the IFB100 to feed the Betso unit. Its all quite stable and works well, but, if I have a 2nd or even 3rd camera that wants TC directly from me as well, then I'm out of options with regards to a "hard" TC source. One of my devices will have to go without, in this case I'd probably sacrifice the Betso feed. But I guess I could supply these extra camera/s with ERXTCD units too... Maybe I'm missing something in your suggestion? Or perhaps I'm not using the full potential of the Zaxnet system, which wouldn't surprise me at all as I'm sure as hell not the sharpest knife in the drawer! Consequently I'm happy to take advice on this! Rgd's AT
  22. Glenn Thanks for your reply, but with the utmost respect, this is an obvious assumption that I also made - however, sadly like most assumptions, they are the mother of all f_ckups...! My cable guy did the maths and the current/load draw from the first two devices takes the load capacity to very close to the maximum that the 788T is prepared to give over. A third load draw on the available current from the 788's TC output will put it over the edge and result in no TC to any of the devices. Its a real bummer as it would've made life easy, but thats not gonna work! Any other ideas? I initially wanted to make a small TC distribution box not unlike the various power distribution boxes available commercially and the many personally designed versions. I wanted a 1 x TC in to 5 x TC outs using the industry standard 5-pin Lemo connectors. Using this design, one could still manually jam TC with several other devices using the usual 5-pin Lemo TC cables. I could send TC to my three existing devices and have 2 x spare outputs for manual TC jamming, when required. I'd of thought that such a TC distribution box would be quite a successful item to manufacture but it'd need some kind of signal amp to boost and hold the current levels so all 5 x outputs could be used simultaneously - hence it'd also need a 12v power supply too... maybe its too hard, I dunno, but if one were available, I'd sure buy it! Your thoughts? Rgd's Andrew
  23. Didn't The Cowboy Junkies record their first album entirely on one mic? It may have been a five capsule mic, but nevertheless, it was a great album! AT
  24. Hi all As a user of the wonderful IFB100, I feel that perhaps this newer model may have missed an important feature that I consider to be quite important. That feature is the TC out socket - the IFB100 has separate TC in and a TC out sockets, whereas this new model appears to have a single TC in/out option via a BNC plug. But, I do see that the use of the BNC socket instead of the 3.5mm F socket as a vast improvement! I currently send TC to my TRX900 camera link and the IFB100 from a "Y" TC cable from my 788, I then take the TC out from the IFB100 to send TC to my Betso TC display... am I right in thinking that with this new model I wouldn't be able to do this? Am I also right in seeing a reduction in RF output from 100mw to 75mw in the new model? Is this a big deal, or am I making a fuss over something that will mostly be un-noticed other that overall power consumption? Please advise! Rgd's AT
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