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  1. only if it sound devices mixer :-) if it 900 f the output limiter on line output is factory setting is on , kicks at -10 dbfs to shut it down you need to open the camera boards , if you like to doi t , just switch to ramps and do google, you will find where it is :-) for 900 r you can make it inside the audio page menu. MR uretzky Dont worry - be happy . MS
  2. HAppy f. .new year. Best wishes to all. Ms
  3. its their money - what dont you get about .
  4. so , could you explain abIt more ? MS
  5. Everything is possible in zax land , its like 1001 nights , it is never ended story , you buy now you get ......in progress , with SD you get more then you supposed to get with new soft or at least as it was advertised . MS
  6. the output from denecke will be mic level . if you ask me it is waste of good battery , just make the TA5 inter connector male/female on cable before the phantom to bias adaptor , in your case exactly as old wiring for cos 11 MS
  7. you are , regular work flow for you , just find the 5 pin xlr to go in MS
  8. Small suggestion to Lectrosonics , update the front umcwb and umc 195 panel so it would receive the sr as well . MS
  9. Probably :-) , but since it doesn't make any harm to any other mics sound , i will skip to send these for repair :-) these 2 are 2008,2009 on block 25 , if you check when they where made , ( i guess they are from 2004 as these where the first 400 i bought) MS
  10. by the way , the 3.2 k work better with old um , less gain needed , with 4k i need to push the level up to 4 o clock . MS
  11. um 400 , from early 2005 , 2.7 on open cirquet , i have about half dozen of these and all the rest except these 2 are normal . the sankens , b6 , mke 2 and all the rest work properly ( older wiring) , the dpas (( um/uma wiring ) are not MS
  12. Check if the adapters wiring is correct check if your lm and um output at least 4 v ( i discovered that 2 of my ums are 2.7v what is good for any other but not for dpa ) MS
  13. Not working at all with adapters or work very low level ? it maybe you have the sm adapter instead um/sm . About matching levels and tone it may be the power supplies as well , did you swap the capsules on same power supply ?
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