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  1. only if it sound devices mixer :-) if it 900 f the output limiter on line output is factory setting is on , kicks at -10 dbfs to shut it down you need to open the camera boards , if you like to doi t , just switch to ramps and do google, you will find where it is :-) for 900 r you can make it inside the audio page menu. MR uretzky Dont worry - be happy . MS
  2. HAppy f. .new year. Best wishes to all. Ms
  3. its their money - what dont you get about .
  4. so , could you explain abIt more ? MS
  5. Everything is possible in zax land , its like 1001 nights , it is never ended story , you buy now you get ......in progress , with SD you get more then you supposed to get with new soft or at least as it was advertised . MS
  6. the output from denecke will be mic level . if you ask me it is waste of good battery , just make the TA5 inter connector male/female on cable before the phantom to bias adaptor , in your case exactly as old wiring for cos 11 MS
  7. you are , regular work flow for you , just find the 5 pin xlr to go in MS
  8. Small suggestion to Lectrosonics , update the front umcwb and umc 195 panel so it would receive the sr as well . MS
  9. Probably :-) , but since it doesn't make any harm to any other mics sound , i will skip to send these for repair :-) these 2 are 2008,2009 on block 25 , if you check when they where made , ( i guess they are from 2004 as these where the first 400 i bought) MS
  10. by the way , the 3.2 k work better with old um , less gain needed , with 4k i need to push the level up to 4 o clock . MS
  11. um 400 , from early 2005 , 2.7 on open cirquet , i have about half dozen of these and all the rest except these 2 are normal . the sankens , b6 , mke 2 and all the rest work properly ( older wiring) , the dpas (( um/uma wiring ) are not MS
  12. Check if the adapters wiring is correct check if your lm and um output at least 4 v ( i discovered that 2 of my ums are 2.7v what is good for any other but not for dpa ) MS
  13. Not working at all with adapters or work very low level ? it maybe you have the sm adapter instead um/sm . About matching levels and tone it may be the power supplies as well , did you swap the capsules on same power supply ?
  14. got a hand on that one to play with , very nice build piece of equipment , excellent preamps , very rubbust chassis , ability to mix up to 10 diffident sources . in 2 months from now will be able been controlled with external panel control thru its usb up to 36 db gain on its digital inputs to work with your digital mics 6 hours of autonomy with dv cam battery ( npf-970) , ability to suply up to 1 amp current for external customers ( equal for 6 sr-5 receivers current draw ) very friendly display . almost zero rf spray . let say that its quit an ultimate eng /efp recorder for these days i can send my sqn 5 for retirement now . only 5.5K US$ for 8 tracks with TC / PS 5.1 AND 7.1 SOUNDFIELD supported for music and soround biz MS
  15. And TT, When I had my first Feature with God in 1996 , he was very sharp about he doesn't make second take for sound since he don't really care about , so for my help came the God's DP which was very kind to say to GOD , " I f''d the take " every time GOD OR HISS ANGELS where mumbling or sound was distracted by other Gods processes in the same time the camera and sound where rolling , so we will able to re shoot it. The God was alwais generus to any other department and made another one for the picture- not for sound .. So my conclusion is that the god doesn't count us , but he likes we trick him - as he knows all :-) By the way ,this is the only movie he was not ADRed and it is only thanks Camera people - not my department MS
  16. Not really , it still sell billions of tickets without " real sound man " work :-) MS
  17. TT, the god just spoke to me again , in German , still with Steve J voice but this time dubbed by German actor - Micael (thats me) Lassen Sie die Chivava auch solche, die in seinem Leben ein Pitbull sein, auch wenn es nur auf Jw Ton passiert .. Schließlich, wenn er zurückkommt zu setzen, muss er noch viel, ein Chivava. One thing is certain -film productionis more then just the sound . Too many soundpeople forget that - including my self " TT MS
  18. And by the way , last time that i was speaking with god , not only he was mute but i could swear he was distorted as well , we replaced him with Steve Jobs voice :-) In the beginning, God SAID( ADRed by Steve Jobs ) 'Let there be MAC MS
  19. I never said that yore work or my work is useless ( and to original poster , i am older then you with probably more mixing hours and probably more years in the biz , i started in 85 :-)) , but as one department in the whale structure of movie making , we are the only department which could be eliminated completely on fiction . , Docu is something differnt , there we still have some points, even were have been kicked out from the news( biz as where budget problem , and the news did survived without us, so not sure if "real docu will show us the door as well as it been happen sometimes :-) So my point, is better shut up and less make waves about our importance as movies could be done without us , they couldnt done without camera ( light grip inside ) , art , actors and script write. Director , who knows if he will survive either in the future :-) You can see your self as the last of the Mohicans , in 20 years from now , our profession is not exist MS
  20. By the way , i know the god in person , he is mute , so he never said it - he was ADRed :-) MS
  21. Wow! Spoken like a true stuck-up camera guy... OK, (just for fun)... seriously, just for fun -- please don't take offense... or, do... I really don't care. NO , But as i can assume i know much more about cameras . "The only thing that you can completely change after the movie been shot is your work..." Not true... in this digital age, there are many aspects of a production than can be changed after the fact -- Sound has always just been at the forefront of this process -- thus, making it easier on the other departments. That's how accommodating we are -- always thinking of the big picture and how our contribution helps... yes it could be change in parts or fragments after shoot , your work could;d be completely delited , replaced or not done at all and it will not influence on the product - you are the last in chain :-) "..., it could be thrown away, ..." Sure, worst-case scenario... but at least not until it's imported and used in the post-production process for looping (which most people on either side of the equation hate, BTW... that's common knowledge.) Ever try ADR without a guide track? Ever try ADR, period? It sucks! Also, how much of what the Camera records is 'thrown away'? If we're talking percentages here, I'd venture to guess that a higher percentage of what we record as Sound Mixers makes it to the final product than what the camera records -- this is part of why Cameras (finally) went digital -- to save $ on all that film that was being wasted, going straight to the cutting room floor. : ) Camera shots are always have been throw away for the best of the story , do you work on this 2 months or are you under 18 ?:-) the sound could be throw away completely ,not even one line of yore affort will stay inside , how about it ?:-) ADR - who need you , why waist 600 on your head while Pa can do the same for 50 :-) "...replaced and remixed ..." kind of like digital images are manipulated, replaced, CG'd... shit, Pixar proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you don't need a single stitch of live action imagery in a production -- even if they used MoCap initially -- guess what? -- it all got replaced! : ) The original production sound, on the other hand... hmmm, all used in the final product. : ) All used - hhhaha , the HOLLYWOOD SOUND? Dud , you are green , replaced and remixed - i hope that you are making hese speeches only INfront the mirror and not in front of your producer - ARE YOU TALKING TO ME ?:-) (sure, they're kid's movies, but they're still awesome... and there are plenty of movies intended for a broader audience that fit this bill as well... I just thought the Pixar movies would be a good example... since I suspect I'm replying to someone who might be a bit... childish. OH, SNAP!!! "...so let say , you are not so important , is just the money matters :-)" Spoken like someone with an extremely narrow-minded world-view... not even gonna try to explain how off you are here... casting pearls. Why does someone else have to be wrong in order for you to be right? Why does someone have to have a lower level of importance in order for someone else to have a higher level of importance? I'll be the first person to admit that my level of importance on any given job -- shit, even in life as a whole -- remains to be seen -- on a daily basis... but if you deliberately provoke me in an unwarranted attack, I'll turn into a pit-bull on crack -- I'll cloud up and storm all over you... but not in a mean way -- just a lion playing with a hyena's skull kinda way -- Pit bull on crack, these stupid dogs which been out of the low in some countries - i see you as Chuvava mostly , you are not important as you think you are , you are expandable , replaceable , not even one director will say no to production because they didn't hire you :-) so let's say you go back to your camera forum and leave this one to the Soundies ; ) you' re not a soundy ,you are what i call , self big image soundy , AND sorry for the late reply as had to finish , Carpaco, Caesar salad , 25 onz entriqueote and creme brule first, as it bad luck to answer newbuys on empty stomach . MS - ps Vin , the Bollywood is an excellent example how important the soundman , and why is it possible without :-)
  22. The only thing that you can completely change after the movie been shot is your work, it could be thrown away, replaced and remixed . so let say , you are not so important , is just the money matters :-) MS
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