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  1. Old thread I know, but I'm updating it: I had my new CMIT just fade away on a humid night, with only a foam cover. It was very still, so no need for a windscreen. I didn't notice a muddier signal, but just a slow fade of the signal to almost nothing. Got out the 50. Let the CMIT dry indoors for a few takes. Soon it was back. I put the CMIT in the full windscreen, and it was fine all night.
  2. Since I don't do audio post, it's always a mystery what happens to the files after I turn them in. That's right, I rarely get to know that, too. BUT! If I hear that somewhere in the post flow is RX7 (and I ask), with my knowledge of that toolbox, I can relax some about that noise they didn't hear when they scouted. But only after we chat about it some. If they've not heard of RX7, it might be the moment to tell them about it. I've done that too. The bottom line is not to anguish over a mess they created, unless you scouted it with them, and signed off on the coolers.
  3. Izotope RX7 has allowed me to relax about constant fridge noises, and the like. I'll just blithely ask if we can quiet those compressors. If they say no, and they usually do, I ask if post will be using RX7. At that point, it doesn't matter what their answer is. RX7 is out there if their audio matters at all. Sounds a bit jaded, I know...but I say it this way, because I no longer feel the need to fight for issues that will work themselves out in the end. My job is to say: Hey, those things will get us. Or hey, those things ARE getting us. As long as they know it's there. Then I'll put it in the sound report.
  4. This is a sad loss. Sorry to hear this, Nick. One of our own.
  5. Just saw this. Thanks Joe and Mark. And thanks Jeff - very much! All of this is such a wonderful compliment. I'm just humbled by the kindness and support.
  6. This works wonders. I always threaten ADR. They backpedal real fast.
  7. Today's view from the office. Siesta Key
  8. Cheers to strain relief! But depressing to read about the back of the shaved RA XLRs' lack of metal shielding. I hope it doesn't get me, because I just made one you can see into. No indexing this one either. I guess I'll stay hardwired, and like it.
  9. The view from the office tonight is sitting on the sidewalk behind a bush in South Beach hiding from VR 360 camera.
  10. My views from the office are not that exciting, but I figured what the hay?
  11. The final mod. I rotated and re-glued the mic cuffs. They just seemed safer, off to the side. Formerly on the top, they were more prone to be knocked, which is what happened to the original nylon grub screws. They were so extremely fragile, and they'd shear off at the slightest bump. So I found these online. They were too long. When I shortened them, I realized that these were formed of a much stronger compound, so I'll likely never have them shear off again. They were so difficult to shorten and dress. Thanks to vin and mark kirchner for the impetus on the nylon versions. I was just being lazy.
  12. Sucks that the rubber kept coming apart. Mine never did. I'd heard others that did too. I bet I got mine at the end, when the company must have been on the way out, but that particular adhesive issue had been solved. I've surely been hard on this mount over the years. It should have come to pieces already. I never knew why it didn't. I kept watching for it on mine, while everyone else had gone to using Rycote. Incidentally, I love the DIY route, because I can attempt to improve the flaws that might have been the fatal flaws in the original design. That's the challenge, anyway. The machine shop saved the drawing of this particular mount. These guys are happy to make just one. I'm sure you have someone out there that could work with you, but if your needs are anything like mine, making another would be really inexpensive. I also doubt you need one of these exact mounts...but if you (or anyone here does), I'd gladly help.
  13. Good call, Vin. You can't see it in the pic, but I've a little square of electrical tape on the mic. I carefully snugged the screw into the tape, but not so much as to even distort it. I worked with the anodized blue one before, and it scratches pretty easily, but it doesn't chip. Conversely, this new lime green one is difficult to scratch, but chips pretty easily, so the screw would have surely screwed up the finish. Oh. It also glows under a blacklight. That might be a first. The original grub screws were plastic, so they would break easily if you bumped them. I broke one a few years ago, and the other survives. (I've just located a bag of twenty, and they're on the way. Thanks for the impetus.)
  14. Thanks Philip, I had the pistol grip milled off a few years back, and a helicoil inserted for the boom. That made it lighter, and I never used that grip anyway. And I'm glad I made this new mount, as I know the windscreen, I can move fast with it, and it's really solid. It all came in around 80 dollars. There's almost no Lightwave stuff left anywhere. I think I got [the windscreen] just as the company was going away..1998 or 97. Jeff mentioned a little bit of history on the video chat, but what happened to Lightwave in general? One previous Lightwave user I know didn't like his, as the rubber bars broke off. But it appears that was worked out. I was able to. Was that it for Lightwave?
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