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  1. Hi again soundfolk, I just received my 744T (my 442 is on the way too)! It's the first TC recorder I've had and and I'm psyched! Production on a little indy film helped me afford it (plus a bunch of other goodies), and principal photography is four days away. I'm sure the 744T user group has generally settled on common settings and methods for many of the things we do with them. I'd like to ask how you may set certain user functions and other settings on it..perhaps which ones maybe most important...what strange behavior I should beware of, perhaps some of the unorthodox settings that have worked out problems? My first question is: 744T File: Folder Options ~ How do you like to organize the folder/files? IE: For this film should I make the Top Level file "The Name Of The Film", and then the Mid Level folder automatically becomes my daily folder? Does it work that way? I'm not sure about that part. A second nebulous issue... Compact Flash Cards: At the advice of the group, I could hand them off for upload to the production Mac as we move through the shooting day, keeping every file backed up on the HDD (and maybe an external FW drive), if I understood correctly. Is this a good work flow? If so, how many cards and what size would I need to avoid log jamming the system at the upload end? What size cards do you like/purchase? I went to Office Despot and picked a few compact flash cards ~ a 4gb Lexar and an 8gb Sandisk. I'll be living here for the next few days... Many humble thanks, Rachel
  2. Hi Christian, It just sounded too "tinny" when I used it..which was one or two interviews in an outside run and gun set up. Not even as full sounding as my 195's. For b-roll it was fine, but I during the one or two interviews, it was doing this sort of 'pumping' thing they often describe, and I didn't know how to get around it. I paid enough for the set to expect better..but, frankly I've just put them away, got sort of bummed and admonished myself for not just getting some 4 series gear instead. I told myself that you get what you pay for. Rachel
  3. Hey folks, Some time back, I made the mistake of purchasing a pair of Lectrosonic LMa/UCR 100's. I wasn't happy with the sound, and rarely took them out. Now, as I'm gearing up for this film, I'm wondering if I can make some kind of Comtek system out of them for my clients. Could that work? Rachel
  4. Thanks! That's very helpful information. I got the MM 1 (thanks Trew!), and a PSC duplex cable (I thought I'd take the chance). I now have options for wireless boom, but I can go duplex if I need to.
  5. Thanks so much. So to understand the patch, I send the boom Into the input and out of the MM-1, then just use a standard XLR to port the signal to the 744T? Wouldn't that preclude talkback, though? But later I could replace the XLR with a 411 and go wireless to the recorder?
  6. Hey guys, I've landed my first movie and I'm pretty excited. I'm now in need of a duplex cable and wanted to know what suggestions/experiences you all may have with the different available models. The PSC? The Remote Audio? Problems? Ease of use for the boom operator? Durablity? Noise? I read up a little here and there, looking for a previous thread..but didn't see much. And I'd never try to manufacture one like Jeff did, so don't suggest that. Rachel
  7. I'm about to purchase my first 744T. I'm worried about the fading use of the firewire input on Macs lately. I was sorta hoping that SD would replace it with a port that's somewhat current with the later MacBook Air (Micro Mini Port? Thunderbolt?). Is that going to be a problem if I do this? I still have my MacBook Pro (V.1) and it works fine, but... I was also interested to learn about the heat factor on the 744T, since I'll have mine in a bag with a mixer, receivers and other heat generating gear, that's right, in Florida heat 75% of the time. I guess I should bring some eggs. And I'm very interested in any SD mixer with 4 discreet outputs or the equivalent (perhaps another thread?) to go with the 744t. Does SD make anything like this already..(or anyone)?
  8. Oh..true. And, just to clarify, I meant about rocking the boat on the production, not with SD. I could have phoned SD about it, and asked, but I learned what I needed to know with that mixer: Just don't get water into it or near it. It was a ten week shoot, and for the other 7 weeks..I just didn't let water get near the faceplate. It was easy, once I knew. And there was still more rain during the following seven weeks. It was a fantastic wad of money (and experience) for the job. I could have phoned the production manager in L.A. to send me another mixer, but that would make it look like I wasn't listening to this local tough guy line producer(?), and these were the most militant people I've ever worked for. This guy was mean as a snake and actually sought out the 'troublemakers', lol. The program has completed 22 seasons, by that point, so "Mr. Snake" was the only real stress on that job, (haha). When he left town in week four, I was okay. Well..we ALL were. So I just went with the "don't rock the boat" credo. It worked for me and I got through with flying colors. I'll probably get called back. But no..don't get me wrong. studiompd, . If I have a real ongoing issue, I usually call the maker or SOMEone for advice. And of course, if it continued to have the problems after being way more careful, I would have phoned SD, and tried not to let it get back to the production, unless SD said: Hey, that 302 has an issue, send it in. THEN I'd happily let the production know it had issues. And I'm not trying to down SD, I love their gear. It was just one incident, and I wondered if that was common, that's all. Thanks!! Rachel
  9. Thanks for the great replies and welcomes. This is hugely helpful~ Very interesting about the 442 being not water resistant as the 522. I guess it sorta begs the question: Is the 302 (or some early models?) not even as resistant as the 442? And to just recap the story: I was using the production's 302 (not mine ~ I never used a 302 before, either), which was a bit older looking and had been on many seasons of this program, I'm sure. A few drops of rain made it completely go dark for...ehh..well, the remainder of the evening, it was about ten jobs ago. I'm faced with another job ~ a rental 442 on the open sea. My (own) FP33 has never been that sensitive. I've had it on speeding boats and in all kinds of fog, bogs, humid marshes, storms, and swampy areas..I'll bring it as a back up. so...when I looked down at this fritzing 302 with my flashlight (it was dark and rainy out), there was only, like...about five tiny drops on the face. It wasn't soaked or doused or even splashed...I was actually shocked that such a seemingly little amount would do such a thing. I was using a (worn) Petrol Bag and sort of shielding it with my body but the flap was not really over it.... So thanks for the insights regarding the gaskets, silicone coatings, and version numbers. I can surmise it was an older 302 with no real silicone coating, humidity protection or face gasket, and it took a direct hit from a droplet. The production DID chew on me for letting that happen (I guess they were aware of this tendency), as well as the another sound person on the job who sternly warned me never to let water get on these. Live and learn. Made me a little shy to run out and upgrade to a 302, though. I DID enjoy using the mixer though. I'd love to have a well protected 442 or better. Someday. What did SD tell you when you contacted them about your issues?? I never contacted SD. I didn't want to get into more trouble. I just made sure to never let it happen again on the rest of the tour. Ugh..anyway, thanks for the great remarks, comments, suggestions and stories, too. Rachel
  10. Hi guys, I'm new and have a lot to learn. I've a job offer on the high seas for four days. I'm bit nervous: The client wants me to rent a SD 442/744T kit, slave synch four ES-1s to my time of day code master. My problem- I'm gun shy about the SD mixers and water. I've just spent 10 weeks running in all kinds of weather with [that production's] 302 and was miffed to find that ANY little water or drop of rain on the faceplate, sent the 302 into a tizzy, losing the settings (and me going to the 'penalty box' and waiting until it 'felt' better), and so forth. Is this an issue with SD mixers? I've worked around the eastern waters, from Bahamas to Maine for ten years with my FP and it's taken plenty of mistings, water splashes, and work around and in the rain. I typically do much smaller run and gun doc stuff using my FP33, which I've loved. Will I have problems with the 442 like that if I get a splash or a drop on the face of the 442? Is this an issue? Or even humidity? This job is in the often troubled (hurricaney) Florida Straights. Does anyone have the same experiences? By the way..I really look up to you all, and feel privileged to be here. This is such an awswome place to be (thanks Jeff, you're a god), and I hope one day I can be a soundgirl of the calibur that most of the guys here are, which is a monumental aspiration for me. I'm constantly stunned and amazed by the rigs and carts, and jobs I see you all using and doing. Cheers and please be easy on me... Rachel
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