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  1. I've never seen this malady on an XLR before. How did this XLR (from a rack de-install) get that hot? Or is this even from extreme heat? Anyone ever see this before? How strange.
  2. So sorry. I wrote too quickly. I soldered them in. Was a bit tricky with no solder cups. I used the needle tip that came with my Weller solder station.
  3. Wonderful article David! Very illuminating.
  4. I use what ever three conductor I can find, but was used for audio in the past. Multipair, from a Whirlwind snake. Sometimes from a rack install if there's a need for more sturdy cable stock. Redco TGS-1 has been suggested here on other threads (by Mr. Toline).
  5. Very true, Vin. But since it didn't matter...inside a busy bag, it'll just last longer. I've had wall warts with 24ga. coming out of them. I always think it's scary thin, and then they eventually break under heavy use, or fray. But this one's tough as nails. I love my sturdy cable. And I got permission from the wiring lords here, anyway.
  6. Closure. Looks a bit rough, but I took the liberty of clipping the 1 and 4 solder cups flush and stuck soldered the ends down inside. I pulled 2 and 3 completely, since they were only vestiges from a previous life. I trimmed the little nylon wall between them. Hot melt glue and a razor. The cable is mighty burly for bag work now. 22-24 ga. was wimpy. I can sleep now.
  7. True..leave the parachute pants (or the taffeta skirt) at home. I boom with one eye on the meters, one eye on mic proximity and one eye on my feet. Seriously though..I've kicked stuff, stepped on leaves, even shuffled my feet noisily. So yeah..it's kind of a creeping ninja thing. Sometimes I'll rock into a shot, rather than take a step, because I know in a few seconds, the talent will move back. It's a dance for sure. Footwork is highly important here. Soft squishy shoes. Plan your dance. Sometimes I'll ask to have a few cables skinnied up for my safe passage through the shot. I rehearse with the talent (or my boomie does). Get room tone for these moments. Hope it doesn't happen on a line.
  8. What's ninja power? Is that like walking on the rice paper without leaving any trace?
  9. When I started, it was boom and a lav. One sit down interview after another, followed by run-n-gun broll. For years. Audio importance rather nominal on the b-roll. Ambi/atmos. I never tried for a mix as it was not necessary. Then my jobs started changing.. Good points David. +1
  10. Nice job, VAS. I'm sure my mix track is never used. I still try for it anyway.
  11. Good answer. So...was he asking for thirty wires? Or was that just the number of actors on stage at one time?
  12. Wow..it acts as a balun. I have critical mods to make. Yes, so true stacysound! Much thanks Larry. As always, we really value your input here.
  13. Sounds like it's worth a pic, next time you have it set up, Philip. Sounds easier to deal with. Yes, the connector should stay there. I didn't like the adhesive cable stays/zip ties method. So when I was ordering my cables, I found these SMA female jack right angle panel mount PCB solder square RF connector adapters, and decided to solder the disconnect there. The Kent LPDA only comes with putter holes at the small end of the LPDA. Regarding the RG316: truly tough stuff. It has the feel of a something like a bike brake cable (not the housing, the cable). So strain relief doesn't seem to be a need. They coil very nicely, were custom made, and very inexpensively, too. I like the informal way the RG316 falls when it's all built. I just need to find a suitable storage system for it all. Working on that now.
  14. One thing I feel is critical: the responsibility to let someone know ASAP if you are not getting the sound they need. Usually, I'll know as soon as I arrive on location...or I'll get a mic up asap, then confirm. This is a real delicate issue. No one wants to hear this, so I handle it as carefully as I possibly can. I'll be approaching with two solutions, to have a very private conversation with the AD (or the director on smaller, more informal jobs, which are most of what I get). And if there's nothing that can be done, I've at least dispelled my responsibility to let them know.
  15. Thanks Mark, for the suggestion. Currently, I'm working on a storage/quick deploy system for them. I've yet to figure out a way to hang the two splitters in a permanent, but out-of-the-way spot on the cart, too.
  16. My DIY sharkfins. Super easy to make (thanks Ken Wilkenson for the encouragement). I took some aesthetic license and went with PC board green, wood and brass. I used commercial conduit for the crossbar, but I didn't figure the paint would adhere to the galvanized surface too keenly. And it didn't. I'll switch it out for aluminum eventually. I also got SMA disconnects for the cabling. Been using them for a while now, and they work great.
  17. Same here in the states. I've never left it anywhere long enough in audio, but I've seen it stain wall paper, and gypsum board to a pretty shade of powder blue, after a prolonged period of contact. And putting it between XLR solder cups is a good idea. I bet it's much easier to pick out of there than the hot melt glue I use (but I feel the hot melt glue holds a little more firmly).
  18. I think it's all the same product. So maybe it was licensed to 3M/Scotch and Loctite here in the States? I dunno, but I had it in my lav quieting kit as this Scotch brand removable mounting putty. It never leaves any oily traces, either... Good stuff.
  19. Tom, is this (pictured below) the same stuff as Blu-tack, and maybe the same stuff the Mr. Salles is describing?
  20. I also agree with Mungo. Misleading unfortunate name. To me, Dan Dugan's Automix is just another tool I've added to layers and layers of tools. Some of these tools have pots and faders and switches, others don't. Those other, more complicated tools took years to get. Those are the tools I get called back for. Sansattitude® was the most difficult to get, and I'm constantly updating the firmware.
  21. I went to NAB last year, to personally nag Nelson about this. My nagging helped (I'd like to think). Thank you SD. We love you.
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