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  1. Love the knurl. Edit: Don't know how I missed this part of the saga, but OPS wins this diy-right-angle-xlrs thread. That's certainly the nicest RA mod I've seen! And I agree with the others about Neutrik. We don't even show up on their radar.
  2. I concur. This is only about 50% of the time too, as in the OP's case. On the narrative I just finished, I really had a chance to work with different store bought and hand made lav holders, and it's really an experience thing. I did much better than in the past. Fifty percent of the time, I know it's my placement, and the other 50% of the time, I'm just not sure. And though I'm getting better, it's a long road. I have a whole Tundra case of tape and items dedicated specifically to 'lav quieting'.
  3. Great looking photos ahicomputer. Holy cow on the James Camery rig! Edit: And welcome!
  4. This is the one we had at my film school. It was every bit as big as a Frigidaire, and was in the same little room as our Steenbeck 8 plate. I'm sad to say that at this point in film history, I feel they were falling out of popularity, as the first HHB Portadat and Fostex machines were making the rounds. I still have some of my tracks that I dumped to fullcoat for cutting on the 8 plate. I'm also lining up for my professors IV LE by trying to get in the will. But he's never going to let it go, and he'll likely be interred with it.
  5. I hope the electrons slow down a little bit for the curves, though.
  6. I'm building a right angle DC cable that goes from my Audio Root distro to my Cedar DNS-2. The wall wart that shipped with the DNS-2 was built with 22AWG. In the wall wart graveyard, I found some 24AWG and some 18AWG, but no 22AWG. In a quick search of the site here, I found advice regarding 22-24 being fine..but my question is: Could I make this DC cable build a bit sturdier? I was wondering if it was okay to do the build with the 18AWG. Any advice for my build here? Thanks for any help, Rachel
  7. So true. I've been to MOS BURGER (in the Chiba Prefecture). It's Japan's most popular burger joint. It's pronounced by the Japanese like we pronounce the word moss. Though the burgers are a bit small, they're known to be very healthy burgers and very good ground beef. Try it if you have the chance, but get two.
  8. Hey Dave, I'm using about the same rig. 633, MKH50, Dual SRb (two wireless). With the AudioRoot 98Wh batteries, this would give me about a day and a half of battery life from each 98Wh battery. Keep in mind: this was if I was conservative with the battery power, and didn't just leave it on all day, or between set ups. With the 633 QuickBoot, when the call to lock it up happened, it was only about three seconds to hit both switches on the AudioRoot BG DH MkII to power up the 633/SRb, punch record, and get rolling. With your 744T just having LED meters...as opposed to the OLED screen of the 633, I bet it would be even less power draw...but I've not tried my 744T on it yet, since I've now relegated that as my back up recorder. So I'm not sure. But the last job was all twelve hour days, and I only had to set up the charger every other day. Hope this helps. Rachel
  9. No problem. Hope it helps. Really, I'm so happy with my AudioRoot system, that I'm left wondering if this is too good to be true, hence my dredging and updating of this thread. Any problems or trends that anyone may have experienced in this last two years with the AudioRoot batteries, charger, power supply, fuel gauges, cabling, battery cup, etc? Besides the power supply (which I've learned is a known issue, and both were replaced in a hurry - no charge), I've no complaints.
  10. I agree totally on BAB414's assessment of the batteries. I get so much time out of the two 98Wh batteries on full charge, I'm going to buy the half size 49Wh batteries and lighten my bag some. I love the cup. It's snug, and stays on there in the bag, no problems, all day. There's a special way I take the cup off the Audio Root batteries. With my thumb, I 'peel' it off, starting with the side of the cup that has the pins. So the pin side snaps off first, with the pins exiting slots, and the cup rolls over the end of the battery. This seems to work with respect to protecting the pins, which really are more like blades. This works every time flawlessly and smoothly. Really, the blades are actually quite sturdy and not prone to bending. Seems you'd cut yourself on them before they'd bend. They're also well recessed into the cup.
  11. It's been a couple of years now. How is your AudioRoot Distro holding up? Comments on their durability and road ruggedness would be good. I've had to replace two power supplies for the two bay charger. They were replaced no charge, and I've been very happy with my BG-DH MKII, so far. It has changed the way I work with my gear. I still love all the information I get all day. I got it in January.
  12. Love going sailing. Love getting paid for it even more.
  13. I feel for you. I'm still hunting for something that's financially and physically suitable, after my Safari got discontinued.
  14. Yes, I've noticed the mime thing on TOTP episodes. My question: Did they actually record a version 'specifically' for that TOTP show? I figured many of the recordings they mimed to were actually perhaps..a John Peel session, their first actual studio recording, or other seminal first recordings.
  15. That's truly an honor, and well deserved.
  16. I've not, but I'm trying though. Not sure if the whole film is available there. And likely no appeal beyond synth fans (or perhaps those into electronics). I'm pretty intrigued at the gear, as well as the ripping sounds of those seminal quarter inch modulars. I was awed by the walls of pots and cables when I was a kid. Wendy Carlos, gets a reference, and I see John Foxx in there too, both key figures at different points in the art form.
  17. Often on my radio, are the sounds from these original devices. So many of my musical and electronic heroes packed into a 12 minute visual feast for the synth and electro-geeks. A major impact on 'who I am today', I had a bit of trouble deciding which thread this should be posted to.
  18. Mic(s) used, and mounted how? Close or distant (for room feel)? Love this picture.
  19. I was feeling low today, and that really cracked me up. Thanks, Steven.
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