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  1. boomx2: " Yes, if it's going to be on top, a good cover on the slots please... " petersont: " card slots on top? " for many customers, the slot will be on the front. BTW, kids, did you ever see all the tape they used to use on film (real film) magazines ??
  2. is it too early to begin redesigning it..? silly me, here on jwsoundgroup.net it is never too early, or too late, to redesign gear.... OK, I'll start play: 32 isn't enough!! and over in another thread we can complain that there is not enough information being given out...
  3. david: " Are NiMH and NiCd batteries practical for audio bag use? " yes
  4. JonG: " a solution other than bringing it into be repaired? " use it for target practice..? door stopper ?? boat anchor..?
  5. Hi and welcome Mirko: " has anyone ever thought of making a control surface for Zaxcom Fusion. " I trust you mean anyone besides Zaxcom..? maybe, but probably not for long...
  6. those bags with all the goodie we make and acquire can be the hardest stuff to lose.
  7. constantin: " a fence (had to look that one up, dealer of stolen goods?), " sorry, yes and yes, disappearing one at a time, over a span of several days is evidence of an inside job... maybe someone like BB's PM, with a problem to feed...
  8. vin: " or maybe they are still at it - the drawing boards, which is why they have really not much to offer in terms of info." this, or any one of several other possible scenarios.
  9. CK: " Has anyone else got this 'D' version? " yes, they have been selling really well... " is the D version the only type of cos11 listed now? " if that is what you see listed. gee, that would mean that the D version is the current version... " Might be a problem they fixed later on." that would be, perhaps, the E version..
  10. CK: " I can use cheap seny " please don't call me Seny.
  11. It is always so informative to hear all the folks tell the business how to run their operations
  12. Brad quotes Peter Engh: " "To make TA5 extensions I use Canare star-quad: L4E5C. Pin 1 is ground and connect all the other pins straight through. You need every pin to go from transmitter to the mic." " DOH.. next question: how do I wire a 4 pin extension cable for a 4 pin mic/TX system..? " The guy I'm getting to make said cables tells me there are 3 types of Servo wiring and needs to know which is used in these mics. " WHY ? not to make an extension cable you are paying this guy too much!
  13. Rotten: " it hasn't hit sound... " I disagree, and point out: ZOOM
  14. Tom: " There is no legal issue being fought, as far as I am aware. Zaxcom asked, we complied. " I think the fight being referred to is mostly just here on jwsoundgroup.net although MJA has not noticed it: "if you mean Zaxcom asked you not to sell it and you complied, thats a little bit crazy"
  15. SM: " Till then do what you are best at except for your as usual mundane pointless boring uninteresting useless hate posts on topics For R88, Now I know there will be a volley from your end... play it hard old timer. " am I being attacked ?? Happy Holidays, right back at 'ya!
  16. daniel: " these days consumer confidence seems to be based on how much confidence the manufacturer shows in their product and some of that is based on how credibly said product is released and supported. " and while it may not live up to your desires, I think Sonosax is doing a very credible job here... expect more accurate information in Spring ...
  17. JA: " Actually, no. " no to what?? feel completely free to not purchase anything you suspect you are being gouged on... that will teach 'em!
  18. Vas: " Wait Mr. Senator to direct you " it has already been done... there are several posts mentioning some appropriate books...
  19. MM: " Just take satisfaction in knowing that this person most likely thrives on saying things to elicit a response from you. " actually: Just take satisfaction in believing that this person most likely thrives on saying things to elicit a response from you.
  20. barker: Q: " Where am I going wrong? " A: " I asume that... " "If I wind down the output "
  21. JA : " but have not come across the same kind of 'buy-it-now-the dollar-is-favourable' kind of offers on my other stuff. " I have, and it has been around for many many years... I remember specifically buying two Narga IV-STC recorders, one for US$ 10k, and one for US$ 14k because of the excange rates... LarryF: " that adds $600 to the dealer price for each unit, if you want to recoup your costs in a year. That $600 would be even more to the customer after dealer markup " that adds $600 to the dealer price for each EU unit, if you want to recoup your costs in a year. That $600 would be even more to the customer after dealer markup... OTOH, for a high volume company (let's say Shure) selling thousands of units, and amortizing the costs over 2-3 years, the burden may become almost trivial. JA: " although it does leave one wondering where the extra money goes. " here we go again... there are numerous extra costs potentially on imported/exported gear and it works both ways, often making gear imported from Europe to USA quite costly; I have personally brought back gear from Europe and the Orient as it was significantly cheaper. There are political and business forces at work, extra steps, and of course economies of scale (often the reverse, as in the disadvantages of small scale!). anyone in business who is actually trying to gouge will typically figure out realize that it is hurting business (limiting sales) and not actually increasing profits...
  22. well, it is generally a better idea to separate the antennae (sic) from the things that are impeding their proper operation; the amount of difference it will make is variable (as in YMMV), often unnoticeable in normal situations; my preference is to mount the antennae (sic) up higher anyway (shoulder mount), or often I use coax antennae (sic) on my straps...
  23. L7: " Any ideas why this would have happened with the recordings? " a lot of them, that all require basic troubleshooting skills...(and a good bit more specific information, too)
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