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  1. 480: " but he won't go away " send him , her, me a very significant bribe..?
  2. hi and welcome MB: " I ran into a strange situation today " not really. " recording 24p " 24P is not a SMPTE TC...(not any kind of TC) " shows 59.94 as the source even when shooting 24P " same for 59.94!! " Just wondering if anyone has encountered this as well?... this specific problem " encountered what (specific problem), exactly ? 24P ? 59.94..? as JB said, above...
  3. CK: " and damn these things are expensive.... " generally speaking, you get what you pay for... --and you scored the introductory deal!
  4. in the future: the sound goes over the Internet from the set to the (destination) post... (images, too!)
  5. RS: " is the drift consistent or variable? " or is it not really a drift, but a constant, an offset ??
  6. Welcome barker: " There are a few changes to the software that I might suggest, " suggesting changes is blood sport here... everyone wants something changed/.... " though it could be that I don't fully understand how to use it yet! " maybe that first, try RTFM, then some reading and searching here --for better results use Google, with jwsoundgroup.net as your first search term.
  7. osa quotes RM: " a 12-14v 2 amp AC power supply would do the job. " pretty available...
  8. PS: " I read on another thread, something to the effect of, that the zaxcom whips aren't so great, and that some third party ones were performing substantially better, " another thread ?? please reference, or quote... something to the effect of ..? facts, please. constantin: " Which wave do you choose to set your whips at when you have such a wide band of frequencies to cover? " one can use telescoping type whips, and tune them quite precisely... as if that will make much difference in practice.... and yes, I have used whips cut to different blocks, and don't believe there was any difference, at leat that I could discern...
  9. VR: " with the new available data I conclude this: " you could look up the patent...
  10. a 22 hour 33 minute 33 second movie contest..?
  11. CK: " I think... I guess... I imagine... I guess (again!)... "
  12. JN: " Plus I'm curious if your body block any RF? " you mean that individual, or are your asking generally..? generally big bags of water ten to absorb RF... how much difference in actual performance is variable, of course...
  13. constantin: " The drawback of using only regulated outputs is that you have no way of knowing the condition of your battery and thus it will die without a warning. " you could use a mix of regulated and unregulated power adapters, so that a volt meter unit (many to choose from) can monitor the direct battery voltage (aka the flying lead). ljrg: " The response is very confusing as it seems to recommend the only safe way to power portably is with internal AA batteries.... really?? " not confusing... it is the official company recommendation, and to do otherwise is : " at your undertaking " davidP: " As the 552 has a battery level check option, will this properly read the battery level with the Hawk-Woods "regulated voltage" cup? " it will read the voltage being delivered to the 552 properly The 552 manual says it will operate between 10 - 18VDC. Will performance suffer it the Hawk-Woods cup limits voltage to 12VDC? let's see, 12 VDC is between 10 and 18 VDC... NO Sorry for the neophyte questions, but I don't want to damage my gear." not many of us do
  14. MM: " so any tools I can implement to make my life easier would be great." and Vale, too... reminder of the joys of being an early adopter: do you want to be a pioneer on a major gig..? JF: " I'm only assuming, " aka guessing, aka you don't know.
  15. JW: " on a film of this magnitude and budget, the production would only spring for one day of effects recording! " tripping over dollars to pick up a dime
  16. CK: " Just wondering if anyone has had this before? " YES, and it has been discussed here, though not recently... " Could this be the problem? " perhaps " It this totally necessary? " some folks believe so, others think completely opposite! " I mean shouldn't pin 1 be earthed by the mixer anyway? " well, there may be both an audio common, and a different power earth... " I think the D was D for digital. " (and JG: " I could be wrong, but I don't think the D variant was... " easy enough to find out instead of assuming... " this 'D' model supposedly to stop phone noise," specifically " so it must be a known problem by them. " which this model should not suffer from " I'm thinking it's probably that some of my cables don't have the tab linked up " basic troubleshooting! " Will do some troubleshooting later. " maybe next time do the troubleshooting and some research yourself, first. " Should it be connected both ends? Or just one end? " or neither end..? much discussion, much confusion, no complete agreements! JG: " As far as Sanken are concerned, phones are phones, digital transmitters are something quite different, " maybe... portable telephones are portable digital transmitters, and for that matter, so are most modern tablets and computers... plus all the digital emissions from the CPU's and other components like drives...
  17. these are part of a conference / meeting system, and numerous manufacturers have such systems, including mic's like this; many of them are "pressure zone" type (boundary) mic's. they are quite good for the purposes... some models are specifically for matching electronic units, -- typically auto-mixers and routers-- , while many can be used as standard microphones
  18. MR: " How long is a TRX holding stable TC without significant drift when NOT receiving TC over Zaxnet? " based on the limited information you provided, I'm not sure you have even asked the correct question... you really ought to be discussing your situation with Zaxcom's 24/7 technical support. actually, I believe the question you posed has been answered here before, several times, plus in the spec's and manuals...
  19. sorry, I'm late, had a weekend gig... there are other excellent choices,and even as you have already narrowed it down to these two, I suspect you have a favorite already, and are expecting us to confirm it; well, they are both excellent mic's, with excellent sound, excellent reliability, and the subjective, personal choice is yours, not ours. The good news, there is no incorrect choice!
  20. LarryF: " They emulate the 200 compander. " I believe They emulate the 200 dual-compander. and this just in: " When Clair Broadcast, a leading global service and live show audio provider, was asked to supply the wireless audio needs for the live broadcast of the Thanksgiving Day parade held annually in New York City, it chose the MFL RF Distribution system from WISYCOM, a leading Italian manufacturer of RF solutions, for its fiber transport capabilities. The parade marks the first large-scale, live use of the MFL RF Distribution system in the United States. " http://dmnnewswire.digitalmedianet.com/articles/viewarticle.jsp?id=3645732
  21. nateC: " IF outputting at a higher MW, say 250 over 50, than multi path issues could arise in this kind of environment. " it is not the power level that creates the multi-path issues, though sometimes higher power exacerbates the issues... and yes, some places, like car lots, have more multi-path issues than others
  22. Duracell Quantum batteries now available in 9V, but pricy: http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product/293-720 also, C & D sizes are now available. http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product/293-710 http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product/293-715
  23. vin: " What we see coming up in the next few years, " even more Zooms... even more clueless producers even more unrealistic expectations. --- and even more complaining and /or redesigning here on jwsoundgroup.net
  24. JP: " Putting 5 txs within 5 feet of 5 rxs is a recipe for... " major intermod issues...
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