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  1. Larry: " We haven't in the past but... " Glad you pointed that out.. I was primarily thinking about several past threads where manufacturers were being bashed for supposedly price gouging their EU customers.... so we'll all pay, and now I'm thinking about the threads where folks complain that professional equipment prices are too high... running a business isn't cheap!
  2. cory: " where do you think a verite style documentary should draw the line in terms of adding BGs, foleys, etc " it depends... and is completely ultimately at the discretion of the movie-maker story-teller... however there may be influences
  3. and speaking of patents (and companies that agressively defend theirs)... take a look at Apple's patent portfolio... and tactics revealed during some of the lawsuits: " The case involving the iPod has kicked around various Bay Area federal courts for a decade. It is an amalgam of multiple suits, with over 900 filings from lawyers on both sides. The jury will hear from some of Apple’s top executives, including Philip W. Schiller, the head of marketing, and Eddy Cue, who oversees iTunes and Apple’s other online services. Part of the case will involve RealNetworks, an Internet media service that had come up with a workaround to allow songs sold in its store to play on iPods and other media players. In response, Apple in 2004 issued an incensed statement, accusing RealNetworks of hacking the iPod and warning that future software updates might prevent songs sold by RealNetworks from playing on iPods. RealNetworks is not a party in this suit. "
  4. Mr. Jobs is in the news again, even after the biopic has moved to a new studio... " Executives are often told by their lawyers to be careful what they put in writing for fear it will end up as evidence in a courtroom. Perhaps Mr. Jobs did not get the memo. His emails in past lawsuits — a mix of blunt litigation threats against his opponents and cheery financial promises for potential business partners — have made him an exceptional witness against his own company, even beyond the grave. " http://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/01/technology/star-witness-in-apple-suit-is-steve-jobs.html?emc=edit_th_20141201&nl=todaysheadlines&nlid=29212968&_r=0
  5. SS: " I did search JW and all searches seem to lead me to the wonderful "Cannot find the site you're looking for" page. " that isn't trying very hard... I still strongly suggest Google with jwsoundgroup.net as the first search term. " just curious if anyone is still using the Cooper CS 306 and how they like it??? " yes and loving it.
  6. larry: " It is approximately $12k for the Duopack (Transmitter costs are much worse at $35k). We will have to see what the demand is like in the EU to see if we can spread that $12k over enough units. " and, this will no doubt affect the EU pricing...
  7. JK: " we shot the slate every so often, so that post would know what the offset was? " you may be over-thinking this... you are making some sort of movie, right?? then slate it (you don't need to clap them if you need a compromise) po$t will appreciate it and $o will the producer.
  8. use Google with the first term: jwsoundgroup.net complete kit, just add headphones and make $$: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1097628-REG/sennheiser_mkh416_p48u3_short_shotgun_mic_h6.html
  9. Make Professional Audio Recordings For Film, Video, ENG & More
  10. CK: " My doctor reckons I'm paranoid. He didn't say it but I know he's thinking it........ " just listen to what the voices inside your head are telling you...
  11. Judy: " I'm sure that the director will say that the slate will call too much attention to us. " yeah, without it you will only stand out like a sore thumb. well, if s/he doesn't want to use a TC slate, then the issue is settled, and the consequences are her/his to deal with later... someone once said something about leading a horse to the water...
  12. CK: " differences between Wisycom MTP40S and MTP41? " one is the model you have, the other isn't.
  13. GT: "Just wondering if anyone has had a chance to use the new Rycote Cyclone blimp. " I think not so much... mostly beta testing and demo's...
  14. Vas: " So, productions hires sound mixers based in equipment? " not the ones I work on... and yes, I have some old gear that still really works well, going back to the 1970's; I still routinely demonstrate Vega 66/77 systems on VHF, and have even put them to some real uses... no one questioned me about them, or reported issues with the sound I delivered. but as a business, and as a gear geek, sure I buy new stuff. I like the new toys, even if I keep and use the old ones, too. Some of the gear I still own is relatively less functional now, and may get used less often due to its obsolescence due in part to the advantages of newer technologies ... In buying professional tools I typically deal in the relatively short term of <5 years, after that, most stuff has well earned its place in my enterprise, and there are newer, better toys to acquire, and add to the arsenal, often even when I don't desperately need them.
  15. bacon: " I don't understand why Apple removed so many useful things. " to make room for eye-catching shiny new things..? actually, despite anything being 'removed', the OS's just keep getting more and more bloated, requiring more CPU HP, and memory and storage, just to turn on properly.
  16. JW noted: " I'm still working and I have lots of equipment that is 20 or more years old. " me too...
  17. Constantin: " patents expire. " exactly. and many things we all use everyday were once patented.
  18. TV: " The FS7 isn't really shipping in mainstream channels anyways, so however the company got a pre-production FS7 - they can probably get the extension unit too, no? " sounds like Beta-testing to me...pioneering at the least.
  19. welcome... plenty, take you pick Vintage King audio ?? studio tours, DisneyLand, Knotts, Universal, Six Flaggs, museums, Disney concert hall, TCM movie tour, ...thousands of places
  20. I'm with TV on this one, as for some folks, including me, it is not a religious holiday. working In radio, I would do multiple shifts on Christmas Eve and/or day so that folks who really wanted to could have the day off.
  21. CK: " how much extra range do you get " 1.367 m you must let go and quit shopping, now that you have made your purchase... MP: " true diversity " compared with..? false diversity..? un-true diversity..? sorry, there are lots of different diversity systems, and they are all real, and true... you know better. CK: " Do work for Wisycom? " Max is WISYCOM... (all your research and you missed that..?) " but if I went from say 400MHz to 800MHz, what would be the difference in range?" 6.845m " percentage wise? " .4638% " or is that difficult to work out? " not for a computer, but, make that a big BUT there are so many other variables, and they are probably more significant --as both Mas and Lar pointed out. so, CK, you still have a lot of learning to do, and I suggest you start with the wireless guides several of the manufacturers (including Lectrosonics) have made available; much of the information is brand and model agnostic. CK, you made your selection for a number of reasons, including a notable special pricing offer. smile, relax, and stop reliving it.
  22. Cruss: " if I buy any wireless system now, will it be a doorstop in 10 years? " maybe " How many years do I have for the investment to pay off and turn a proper profit?" several, which should be more than enough. " 10 year old wireless systems are still out working every day ." yes, but most businesses turn their inventory a bit more frequently... you should discuss this with your tax professional and besides who hires a sound mixer using 10 year old equipment ? " What's the ROI on a system purchased today? " as I said, a couple years ...you should ask your tax professional CK: " Wisycom really need to lower their prices though. " funny, that's what your clients are saying about you. " so it was a real risk for me. " how so..? " maybe I should have gone Lectro..... " time to let go of that cognitive dissonance... " could you post up a nice detailed review somewhere " you could... " just why always to me? " maybe you pissed off your deity..? (or selected the wrong one >>?)
  23. this just in (via SAG-AFTRA, but applies to all who may have been paid by Axium) Members who have filed claims in regards to the Axium Bankruptcy may have already received a notice directly from the court. The below is being sent as a courtesy to members who are claimants. The Trustee in the Axium Bankruptcy has filed his Final Report and Applications for Compensation. This Final Report lists all claimants that have been recognized by the Trustee, and the amount in which their claim will be paid if the judge approves the Final Report at a Dec. 17, 2014 hearing. If you have claims relating to the Axium bankruptcy that have not already been paid, we urge you to review the Final Report. Claims are grouped into two categories, based on legal rights to "priority" treatment under the Bankruptcy Code. Click here to view an excerpt of the report. Pages 29 through 83 list all claimants who will be paid 100% of their allowed claims. Pages 83 through 156 list all claimants who will be paid about 9.4% of their allowed claims. If you believe there is an error, objections must be filed with the Trustee and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court by Dec. 3, 2014. If you are approached by parties offering to buy your claim, we suggest you review the Final Report and determine whether any such offer makes sense as compared with the payment proposed by the Trustee on your claim.
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