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  1. RVD: " Doesn't answer your question specifically, but it's a start...  I only offered my opinion. "

    actually, that was a guess...

    but my point is reenforced as you are speculating by (only) what it looks like, and not even guessing based on the sound...

    no one saying anything resembling: 'it has the bite of a 416', or 'it sounds like it is rejecting as well as a CS-3e' or it has the warm sound of a Neumann, or it sounds as clear as a Schoeps or even there was virtually no handling noise, I'll bet they used the Cinela...


    As for "newbies", well sorry folks but they really need to be guided to do their own troubleshooting, their own looking up, their own searching, IOW do their own homework.

  2. jt : " Turning on both Bolts shows an additive increase in signal which is now problematic. "


    " In the mean time, has anybody run across this before ...? "

    yes, it is RF interference, and we talk about it here quite a lot.

    " And should a product that works in the 5ghz range be spewing out noise in the 500mhz range. "

    maybe, maybe not, but they frequently do... the FCC (USA) does have some regulations regarding such "spurious emissions", but even with good RF design (quite a complicated topic itself) there are frequently RF emissions present at harmonic, sub-harmonic, and intermediate frequencies.

    there are numerous other factors, including...

    TV: " Also make sure they are using good shielded SDI cables, have had RF issues before from shitty cables. "

    there are typically significant differences amongst cables, connectors, and adapters; and price can be a clue...

    AVU: " Quality cable is a must. "


    RPS: " I wonder what would happen if Zaxcom and Lectro and others built radio mics that affected the remote focus and HD monitoring? " these devices are not only sources, but also must contend with all the other stuff out there, including our's.

  3. Angelo quoted CL : " The sketch will be featured on the front page of Funny or Die." 

    how do they know this?  I think they may be dreaming...

    "  we promise you will have fun working with us." 

    unreasonable expectations, or ..?

    " This will be a very fun shoot "

    not if I'm working

    " and a great credit. "

    also in your dreams...

  4. If the rules of a contest requires that you belong to Facebook and you aren't - then I would guess you wouldn't qualify.

    to enter one does not need to "join Facebook",  but only to find out if you have won... or maybe someone on FB will pass on the word to any non-FB winners..? please..?

  5. brad: " ? If this were/is true, then wouldn't knowing the pin out of the OmniGoose be beneficial? "

    true or not, NO

    " If the OmniGoose only uses 3 of them, wouldn't knowing which be important? "

    if, or if not, NO


    not really,  an extension cable for any microphone plug/jack just needs to go pin for pin, though observing the shield/ground/earth is helpful  (and the same for all Lectro mic wiring!)

  6. CS: " I wonder what would happen if you paid the seller a "visit" with some "friends" to pick up your mics (given it is not a fake address). Would they call the police? "

    I think former USA football player O>J>Simpson has had some experience with this...

    he can be reached in his Cell, in Nevada Prison.

  7. I guess the easy way for the JRL to decide is to go by which shows and movies sound better to her/his ears: those mic'd with 416's, or those mic'd with MKH-60's...

    (of course you can tell which mic was used by listening to the shows, right ?)

  8. 78: " I'm planning on sending it into Zaxcom at the beginning of next week. "

    what is so difficult about contacting Zaxcom..? they have 24/7 tech support, and you would have found out: " There is a chance that a small piece of insulating tape on the board under the headphone jack can fix this "

  9. marc: "The three biggest problems with the show I saw were: casting (not enough energy from the two leads), pacing (the whole show dragged in spots), and sound (lots of noise, and too much of an "artificial" lav-only approach). Strictly my opinion. "

    you get pretty much universal agreement from the critics only on the pacing ... it dragged a lot, particularly in the middle.

    The reviews also frequently mentioned all the commercials, and the cheesiness of them as well as the frequency. 
    I saw no mentions at all about the sound, including none about possible lip-syncing or not, and not even much about canned vs. live music...


    The reviews were pretty much all gushing about Alison Williams, who has been on a series, and yes that is her father who was not on the Evening News that evening... There were mixed reviews of Walken's Capt. Hook, though most at least agreed it was an interesting casting choice...

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