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    Varied production/directing background. Highest profile sound work has been boom/mixer for 1st week of Mary Sweeney's Baraboo. http://www.baraboofilm.com/www/
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  1. Perhaps there's a case for coalescing around a standard vs seemingly arbitrarily avoiding them. But then, the wireless mic folk started it
  2. "if you're vaccinated it reduces infection in the first place and therefore you can't transmit it. Secondly, you're likely to be ill and symptomatic for a shorter period of time when vaccinated which means a shorter time for transmission. " So..no asymptomatic transmission? "Lastly, you can't claim the whole "similar viral loads" and then make the claim PCR tests are useless. They used PCR tests in the "similar viral loads" study. So you either believe in them or you don't. " Not necessarily. The issue is in one case tracking/accounting for the actual viral loads vs the other juicing them into crossing into positive terrain. In the generally used tests, amplification is not standardized, nor disclosed. I asked my county health dept. about said disclosure and they responded "I wish!" re that JHU article, what does "rapidly diminish" mean when they don't give any data then explain "Still, the exact rates of breakthrough cases are unknown at this time because cases may be asymptomatic and, until recently, the CDC didn’t recommend that vaccinated people be tested following exposure."? A good exploration of PCR failings: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/29/health/coronavirus-testing.html
  3. "If I were you I’d at least consider reading The NY Times before attempting to spread the misinformation you read on Rumble. " Oh...my. But if NYT is the standard: "President Biden’s federal employee mandate, announced Thursday, will apply to employees of the executive branch, including the White House and all federal agencies and members of the armed services — a work force that numbers more than four million — but not to those who work for Congress or the federal court system, according to White House officials." Now watch states attempt legal pushback. -- "An infected vaccinated person is a lot less and shorter infectious. " Hmm. Similar viral load. Have not seen anything regarding shorter transmission period. PCR tests (with their typically excessive testing cycles) reportedly being phased out in US towards end of year. Replaced by...? Guy who created PCR test was dismayed it became a pseudo-standard for C19 diagnosis, before he died.
  4. Ok. VAERS is a voluntary reporting system, submissions under scrutiny of law. See incentives. Just saying initial rollout should be fully tabulated, examined before next phase commences. Also, see variant vs strain.
  5. How many here have had covid and are encountering expectations of vaccination and/or masking?
  6. After I pulled the lav out of my ass (Thanks Mirror), I found some inspiration:
  7. Or re-framing from 4k! re Patrick, That patent # must be..err..patented.
  8. In many instances, a broader than 24 bit dynamic range..accessed by lower average levels..might not be welcomed by editors less accustomed to audio massaging. Many have had feedback about needing more robust waveforms out of the gate. I wonder if a multiband limiter front end preamp and/or selectable/assignable backup track wouldn't be better advances. I know I would love the latter for a backup boom track (even if just internally mirroring to a normal track) on 633 when OMB and wireless tracks are going to be self limiting. Is that not possible? $.02
  9. http://www.shure.com/americas/products/microphones/twinplex/twinplex-tl46-subminiature-lavalier-microphone "Natural audio at high or low frequency, the innovative dual-diaphragm captures the complete weight of your voice. And the capsule design maximizes effective surface area in an easy-to-conceal package. So sound suits performer, not the other way around. No more “sweat-outs.” The superhydrophobic coating keeps perspiration from upstaging the sound. And the medical-grade cable technology flexes to fit the costume design and the demanding schedule. So your lavalier rises to the challenge, night after night. The TL46 offers unmatched signal-to-noise, superior natural sound quality, and a high sensitivity output."
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