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    Sales and rental of production sound, television audio and outside broadcast audio equipment. Formerly freelance Sound Recordist / Production Sound Mixer.
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  1. The male connector is a Sony SMC-9-4P. If you're after one, buy the mic, throw it away and keep the connector. Then your could probably put something REALLY beautiful on it like a Voice Technologies VT401. Then check the videos out of the 2018 Oscars and Golden Globes and you might just be able to see the 1.7mm VT401. They were used there, but definitely not into a Sony, most likely Lectro. And for that matter the smart Sound Sup DID NOT use a Sanken COS11D.
  2. From the SONOSAX NEWS August 2017: Soundequip has been appointed as the distributor of SONOSAX products in Australia. Soundequip was established in 1987. They sell and rent production audio and video equipment for television, outside broadcast, reality TV, motion picture, radio, education, government, defence and other industries. Offices and showrooms are in both Melbourne and Sydney, and Soundequip assists clients in every state and territory of Australia. website: www.soundequip.com.au facebook: www.facebook.com/Soundequip email: inf
  3. You're stll welcome to give me a call Tom. Have a chat, pluses and minuses or each, how to start to accumulate tools of trade and eat as well, sans BS from some suppliers. John 0418 100 860
  4. Hi Tom You're welcome to call me on 0418 100 860 to have a chat right now or anytime over the weekend. Email is info@soundequip.com.au We're the Sonosax distributor in Australia, but although they're amazing, just don't go there yet. I' was a freelancer for decades until I got into this. More that happy to discuss pros and cons of different equipment. Also just be careful of buying stuff second-hand even if it looks like a great deal, it might be / it might not. Start small and build out, see where the work leads you. But be sure not to go to one shop and let them tell you what they s
  5. Soundequip was recently appointed the Australian distributor for Sonosax, as mentioned under "Manufacturers & Dealers". As such, we have an learning curve in front of us. It would be really appreciated if members could suggest what Sonosax models you use for what applications, such as docos, reality TV, commercials, TV drama, theatrical release. There might be combinations of models that are suitable for a couple of different types of jobs you do. Thanks guys and girls. John Rowley Soundequip Australia
  6. Soundequip is proud to announce we have been appointed the Australian distributor for Sonosax. Sonosax of Switzerland, manufacturers of high-quality audio mixers, recorders and pre-amps for over 35 years, has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation, In 1995 Jacques Sax was awarded a Technical Achievement Award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Sonosax mixers are used on a huge number of motion pictures in the United States and Europe, including those of Spielberg, Lucas, Kubrick, Almodovar amongst others. Small over-shoulder analog / digi
  7. Soundequip Pty Ltd, in Sydney and Melbourne, is proud to announce we have been appointed by Voice Technologies of Switzerland as their exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand. VT manufacture superb lavalieres, headworns and other mics for film & television, theatre, outside broadcast, environmentally-harsh conditions, security. info@soundequip.com.au / +61 2 8556 4444 / +613 9596 7272 / 0418 100 860
  8. Hi AB Is the Tascam unit as solid as the Zoom F8? Like can you chuck out a first floor window? Well probably not bad but you know what I mean. Interesting though, because I thought the USB Pre 2 pre's were very very good.
  9. The fact that the specs read 9-16VDC scares me. If I take a 14.4V or 14.8V NP1 Li-Ion off the cooker the voltage can be 17+V (unloaded) for the first five minutes or so. Any comment Samuel (from Zoom USA)? Will it melt?
  10. I have been known to be wrong (occasionally), so if somebody said that's a load of crap John and they were right, I'd actually appreciate it. Might have just learned something! As to being incensed, definitely not, don't even know where you get that from. Apologies - not required as not offended. Cultural disconnect - see what I just wrote to Sixnon before. I did ask you three questions about the F8, got no response at all. (Have you tried one briefly, evaluated properly, written a review?). I'll assume that means no you haven't, and move on to actually reading and learning from others wh
  11. Hi Sixnon I'd actually disagree, I've got a number of genuine good friends in The States I know well, respect and like. We seem to be very much on the same wavelength. We're also both immigrant countries, Australia and the US, sharing a common history, and there's something there I can't really identify but it does seem to engender a mutual respect with one's neighbour, whether next door or across the Pacific. I should add though, I've also got a black gay friend here who got the hell out of Georgia as soon as he could. Language I have to be careful with sometimes though, as I've
  12. Sure the Zoom F8 is no 688. I did NOT lay claim, as you said, that it was. It's intriguing what it is, and in fact I have no idea yet. That's because I've not tried one, and the useful critical reviews I've heard so far are interesting but there's not enough of them from which to identify probable negatives and positives. Then, like SD, we're only reading about V1.00, whereas a lot of the SD and Zax machines are well beyond that, having fixed bugs and adding good used-derived features. You might mean no offence, but spin (bullshit?) isn't something I'm into, even if I were I wouldn't be very
  13. Hi John You said "I just don't wish to see non-analogous analogies offered as if it adds credibility to a company". Not the point at all. I've got no shares in Zoom. I referred to the F8 in the context of standards that have been set by other reputable companies like Lectro, SD, Ambient. All these companies started small (ref my comment about Lectro making portable PA's for NY buskers) and just got better and better. May I respectfully suggest you re-read what I wrote. Now I'm going looking for more critical hands-on reviews for my education. BTW, have you evaluated an F8? If
  14. Hi Sixnon Will get two units with bags (important IMHO) today but they were ordered some time back. They have to go to a university who ordered two to be delivered before 31 Dec or they lose their budget. Wrote a long winded post to you on weekend then stupidly deleted before hooting submit. Drop me an email at info@soundequip with your details or call on mobile and I'll go over it. Sorry haven't got home right now. I'm also hanging out for more critical reviews of pros who have put the machine through its paces. My opinion means zip until I've read these and played with one myself.
  15. Hi Davide Please give these guys a go. I know they make such things as H1's up to H6's and their little video cameras. Yes, from a pro POV these are toys. But I really do believe Zoom are going in an entirely different direction with the F8, taking it seriously, and especially listening to their clients. Sure it's a dinky company name / product, like one of your kids toys, but so what? If you put your mind to the history of other companies that produce some of the beautiful other equipment we use, you'd get the idea. Nagra started (AFAIK) as an idea of a Polish guy in a c
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