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    I studied audio engineering at SAE Munich and MU London and specialize in underwater recordings. After developing the first underwater surround recording technique I received a grant from the EU to found my own company "Sonar Surround". In 2010 my company merged with Ambient Recording.
    Beside my silly ambition to listen to coughing herrings I've been a sound mixer for German cinema and TV for a couple of years but with the success of Sonar Surround and having employee, visits on location became a rare joy.
    In April 2017 I joined Rycote.and am looking forward to all that may come.
    Working with Rycote means far more than a job. To most of my new co-workers it has been their second home for ages. Therefore, I feel very privileged, and honoured that they entrusted me with such an important role within their family.
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  1. Hi RsmithSound, I'm sorry to hear that you are affected by this issue. We're just beginning the production of the upgrade kits, and are working through the list. You would do me a huge favour, if you could send me your shipping details including kit size, contact number for UPS to timo@rycote.com, so I can forward it to the team Sorry again for the inconvenience! Cheers, Timo
  2. Hi All, Finally we are about to ramp up production for the fix kits the upcoming weeks. The kits will include a set of new 3D-Tex socks (we've achieved great improvements with different cuts the last weeks as well), and a new Hytrel swivel arm which decouples the basket from the boom pole even more.. Any of you who are affected by the issue, please send me a mail, so I can add you to the priority list to make sure you get these ASAP. Cheers, Timo
  3. Hi All, being so focused on fixing the issue with the new 3D-Tex socks, I forgot to mention that there is a quick and dirty solution to get rid of the handling noise until we can supply the new socks. Please just take off the cotton / Merino wool socks from the basket and use the skeleton just with the windjammer instead. I will keep you posted on the fix Cheers, Timo
  4. Hi all, First of all thank you for getting a Nano Shield. After receiving the first reports we've been able to replicate this on some Nano Shield in our lab. We started immediately to work on different solutions with good results. The 3D-Tex sock was on the roadmap for later this year. So while testing early prototypes we found that it eliminated the issue completely. Instead of trying to isolate the structure borne noise, which always is a trade off between efficiency and stability, we absorb the energy with the spacer fabric on the basket skeleton. This way we effectively prevent that the basket structure can convert it to air borne sound. Long story short, or sincerest apologies that you received a faulty product. Please share your shipping address with me @ Timo@rycote.com . We'll send you a pre-production version to solve your issue immediately. Once released, you'll be able to pick up a production version with our compliments at your next dealership. Again my sincerest apologies. Timo
  5. Hi Daniel, Thanks for reaching out. Matt is right, the active filter PCBA doesn't allow for digital microphones. The plain cable is available as standard spare part, same as the Lemo, MZL cables. So you should be able to get it at your next trusted audio dealer. Please feel free to give me a shout, if they don't know about it so I can give them the right order code etc. Cheers, Timo
  6. Hi There, I believe that we took this conversation offline already? If so, we have been able to recreate the issue in the AA size basket and are on a solution already. We made up some samples of several solutions which we'll send you to test them Hope that solves the issue. I'll post the winner here as well. If you are someone else please send me a pm and we'll get it sorted. Thanks so much for flagging this up Cheers, Timo
  7. Hi Daniel, There'll be sets of 2 tips available with launch for a UK MSRP of £ 34.96 ex VAT. Cheers, Timo
  8. Hi Pan, 1) the PCS-Boom comes with one generic 3/8" tip and you can use it with whatever you like. The Classic, and Cyclone Adaptor were made based on feedback we got from the sports broadcasting industry. They still didn't use any quick connection system even though their workflow would strongly benefit from it. One of their main reason was that they were scared of the amount of replacement spigots they would have to buy after every season, as the windshields are thrown around by non-sound people during setup and teardown. Therefore, they were asking for a more integrated solution. While designing it, we also took the chance to reduce lengths, and weight, and to design a new / better XLR holder. However, our boom pole beta testers really embraced the idea but for a very different reason. According to them, no matter how strongly you tighten any 3/8" thread, it still happens that you accidentally loosen the connection with fast mic rotations, and heavy or long mics. 2) Yes, the Modular adaptor is retrofittable on all Modular generations, Pre-Modular, Supershields, Super-Blimp kit, Perfect For basket windshields, Classic-Softie Kits That's a really good idea about the chart. Let me check whether we have a document like this already. Cheers, Timo
  9. Hi All, We really thoroughly tested it in Germany... I'm still based in Hamburg, and we used the facilities here and a big workshop in Berlin to test everything way beyond its capabilities and continuously improved it until we were happy with the results. One example is that we increased the connection strengths to ten times what was specified when I took over the project. Basically the only thing we left untouched is the mechanism itself. The rest was flipped upside down and modified to a degree that it looks like a completely new product. However, it's still based around the clever mechanism Rycote developed about 3 years ago. I don't want to hijack this thread to advertise our product, however some jigs and machines we used are shown in the IPS video below. If you have any questions, please pm me. Cheers, Timo
  10. Thanks All, very good input, indeed. I will definitely have a play to see if we can make something happen. I might come back to you and ask some more question when I'm dicing into it. Cheers, Timo
  11. Very interesting idea Eric, will give it a thought. Thank you However, as we would need some new tools to make this happen it won't be an easy decision to take, and I'm afraid it wouldn't be available soon. Anyway, it's definitely worth considering. Cheers Timo
  12. Thanks Vas, it's a new challenge and was a chance to work with some of the nicest people in our industry... Love it!! Hope you're doing great, too, sir.
  13. Thank you for your honest feedback Eric, and glad to hear that you are happy with the BBG. I will look into this but as mentioned earlier, I have some doubts that the very short body would allow to hold two Lyres, and a BBG. Please bare with me to give it some thoughts. Cheers Timo
  14. We swapped out the internal XLR with our short right-angled XLR some time ago. So, now the WS-10 works with mics up to 13cm lengths.
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