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  1. Hi everybody, Today is a good day, ... After long hours, weeks, months, and years we finally launched our all new website. www.ambient.de/en Only one part of the page still needs to be fed and I would heartily invite you to help us filling it. What are the most frequently asked questions you have to face when dealing with timecode, sync, boom poles, underwater recordings, or any other Ambient product? We would like to collect them all and make our FAQ section a useful source of advice to anybody needing help in the field. We'll add videos, active PDFs and interactive tutorials in the future to make it as helpful as possible. Please just throw question in this thread or mail them to timo@ambient.de Thanks a lot for your help! Cheers TImo P.S. I hope you like the new site
  2. OK, noted. It's no big deal to add a third group to this. I already forward it to the engineering guys. Thank you very much for that input. It's highly appreciated. Cheers Timo
  3. Jim finished a Tonmeister Quick Start Guide I find very helpful: https://vimeo.com/124013539
  4. Hi John, are you using presets or are you typing them into the notes field? If so we never had the issue that they did not make it into the 788t. As said above, Tonmeister App doesn't allow you to enter more until it gets the affirmative from the recorder taht everything was written back. Presets are right now sometimes not taken over into the sended notes. As mentioned to Mark, that's a known bug and will be adressed with next update coming, soon. If you are using the notes field you would do us a great favor if you could share some more information with us via mail, so we can find out what goes wrong. Cheers Timo P.S. I try to check all the forums as often as I can but if you have urgent matters or questions please send them to timo@ambient.de directly and you'll get an answer mostly the same day. (If I'm not on vacation... )
  5. Hi Bud, I'm sorry to hear that. Some of the problem was simply a wrong translation in the app. When the first versions said, that it is reconnecting, it did not mean that it was reestablishing the bluetooth connection. Sometimes the 788t did not reply correctly to C-Link commands. To ensure that everything you worked on in the App made its way into the recorder the Beetle repeats the commands `till it gets the acknowledgement. Therefore Tonmeister wanted you to wait until all you did was safe. Translating this to "reconnecting" instead of "transferring data" was a small mistake with massive effects. By now, we worked on the C-Link communication and found some workarounds, plus corrected the App translation. Thus, the new App version speaks better C-Link and the wireless connection doesn't feel fragile anymore. Best Regards Timo
  6. Hi Marc, sorry for the belayted answer. 1.Yes all icons on bottom can be rearranged, plus more menu icons are available for other functions. (click on More, Edit and rearrange it to your personal favor) P.S. There is a bug in the app right now so it doesn't remember the new order once closed. Will be adressed with next update. 2. Good ideas! Noted on the list for future updates. 3. No, the Sound Devices C-Link protocol doesn't allow any access on folder names and roll numbers. 4. The gender thing was adopted from script and our LockitSCRIPT app. Do you need it at all or would it maybe even better to take it out of the Tonmeister app completely? 5. Thank you for the idea we will check how the report section can be optimized. 6. Same here. 7. Great!! , About the Preset Take comments: That's a bug only happening with some 788ts we're already working on fixing that soon. Cheers Timo
  7. For those of you who will attend the NAB show, I want to share some news we'll show: Ambient on NAB We look forward to seeing you there
  8. Don't get me wrong, ... Obviously it is not obvious enough! So we should make it more obvious... What I wanted to say is that we had this in mind while constructing it but... Aaah you know what I mean...
  9. How will you look like when you discover a new world? Our 3rd test was performed by the team of Nautilus film GmbH who shot a documentary in Norway in February. Focus of the test was, of course, the real life performance of the ASF-1. But take a look for yourself: https://vimeo.com/123313112
  10. Our 2nd test was in Hals, Baltic Sea, Denmark where we tested the performance in salt water. By sheer luck we captured the only incoming boat that day also on video. The hydrophone position was not ideal, as it was under the peer and melting snow was dripping all the time. Additionally the ASF-1 was placed in 8 m and only 50cm above ground. Therefore we lost some of the low frequencies of the boat. Anyway, it was great fun testing and the result was more than just convincing. What do you think? https://vimeo.com/123313110
  11. Hi everybody and thank you Todd for sharing this on the forum, I'm very sorry that this obviously remaineed a secret for so long. It sometimes is difficult to see the need of such explanations if you constructed it, as everything seems so obvious to you. Again our apologies. We will add this to the manual from the next badge on! Cheers Timo
  12. Since 1st of March our ASF-1 hydrophone is finally shipping! Right now we do our best to cope with all the backorders as soon as possible. As underwater is the most demanding environment for gear, we thoroughly tested the ASF-1 all over Europe. Please enjoy our short videos, documenting some tests of the last months. The videos show how we continuously increased the demands on the ASF-1. So let's begin with the first test in the German Alps, more videos will follow: https://vimeo.com/123313111
  13. New Tonmeister App version is online! http://youtu.be/IfgNgfMv000
  14. "Hi Diego, thanks for your issue report. There was indeed a problem with sharing the reports with dropbox & co. on iPads with iOS 8. We fixed that bug yesterday and already pushed the update to the iTunes store review. So it will take another few days until it’s available, but with the upcoming update 1.1.2 you will be able to open the reports in other apps again. Please feel free to report more of your feedback on the TonMeister app. That is always helpful to improve the software. Thanks and Best Regards Yannic"
  15. Hi Diego, glad you like it! I just tried it with several IPads on my desk and never faced an issue. Is your Adobe reader updated to the latest version? Are you using iOS8? To create a work around, you can use the dropbox, if you have one, to store it locally. I'm sorry I can't help you with this. If you find the reason, please share it with us. Cheers Timo
  16. Thanks for joining the community, When activating the pencil you have no file / take naming limitations at all any more, be it letters or numbers. Cheers Timo
  17. Before Klaus takes over again a short comment from my side: Well, thank you all! This is exactly the input we need. Believe it or not, this app went through sound mixers hands all arround the world for beta testing. For some reason everybody was blind on that particular eye. The good part of the Tonmeister app is: It's software, and there'll be a lot of updates down the road and we do listen very carefully. As we all know, there is nothing like one particular workflow for all sound mixers and nobody will ever create one. Therefore, you all are part of this project as we deeply rely on your feedback to get closer to the best possible common solution step by step. We are very thankful for everybody willing to accompany us on this road. Timo
  18. Thanks, If you find something missing please just share your ideas (except for meters , we know some would like to see that) I will try to do a short video manual in the near future.
  19. The Tonmeister App is finally online and we added some more neat and free of charge features. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tonmeister/id931110535?l=de&ls=1&mt=8 (In response to the big amount of interest, feedback and questions I opened this new thread so nobody has to jump to the last page of our NAB thread all the time.) We are all sincerely sorry for the delay! To give you a more detailed explanation please read the6 new products thread. We think that the additional development time resulted in a more reliable app and we hope that you will like the tool. Please share your thoughts. We hope that we can grow this software together with you Kind regards Timo
  20. Hi Fauzan, no we kept the old capsule we designed with MBHO. Most probably too late but you can find cable adaptors supplying 3V at Amazon ,etc. Sorry for the huge delay on the answer Cheers Timo
  21. The Tonmeister App is finally online and we added some more neat and free of charge features. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tonmeister/id931110535?l=de&ls=1&mt=8 We are all sincerely sorry for the delay! To give you a more detailed explanation I would like to share the statement of Klaus Grosser, the product manager of the LockitSCRIPT system: "Above and most of all we want to express our sincere apologies for the terrible delay we have been challenging your patience with in this matter. We would have loved to push it out much earlier but there were a couple of good reasons for us not to do it. There were too manifold cliffs to ship around with the unpredictable release of iOS8 just being the last in a row and so I won't bore you with all the details and not even try to sneak around that we maasively dropped te ball. Possibly several floors down. 'Nuff said – fact is, it is happening. Finally. The app has been released by Apple today. Based on recent communication there are a couple of things I feel worthwile to comment on here to prevent misconceptions: Although the TonMeister app strongly benefits from us moving from WiFi to BT LE, Sound Devices' CL-WiFi app will not be compatible with the Beetle. The connection is dependent on the interfaces within the app and the CL-WiFi app, as the name suggests, simply does not talk over Bluetooth LE. Also, our solution was never intended as a direct replacement or better variation to Sound Devices' offfering with the CL-WiFi app and hardware. Sound Devices has done a magnificent job creating a comprehensive remote control for their 788T. Instead the Tonmeister app is designed to be a sound mixer tool with link to the production company and on-set crew, emphasizing reporting functionality and interaction with our own LockitSCRIPT system. As we know that switching between different apps like pdf reader, CL-WiFi, browser, etc. is drastically disturbing the workflow, we wanted to integrate as much as possible in our app. Therefor, we also added the remote capabilities for the 788t. Well, some might say range and reliability of the CL-WiFi connection could be better. Maybe, but if so, to some extent this is owed to how metering is currently processed. We are completely aware that some of you would die to see metering in the TonMeister app but in favour of reliability it is not in there and we cannot even promise it ever going to happen. Knowing that realtime reaction of the LED meterscale is second to none we strongly believe the additional options to follow script or watch the video feed from within the app is a more perfect contribution than level geussing on cost of performance. However, as some of you might know, we're closely collaborating with Sound Devices if there is a chance to bring this to you in the future without sacrifice, we wll do so." Long story short, this first iteration of the app will bring you routing, track arming & naming, scene & take editing, renaming of an arbitrary number of takes, and, of course, remote roll. Oh, and there's the option to control your MasterLockit. Once that's out. Best of all, we decided to offer this first implementation completely for free. With the ability to "play house" with the integrated recorder option you can now easily evaluate all the options and possibilities before laying your money down for a Beetle – and share with us your comments, suggestions and glitches you hopefully do not come across. We happily await your direct feedback and hope this will compensate somewhat for us being way overdue."
  22. Hi Tom, yes, set the ACL204 to manual/ once when working with a bidirectional cable and set the Alexa to regenerate. Only in this mode the cam will continously take the external time code and not jam once and continou counting up with the internal generator. Btw. the ALEX does not own a sync input but syncs internally to the incoming tc rythm. (If set to regenerate mode) Best Timo
  23. Depending on what you want to do. If you want to read out all metadata you would need an ACN-ML on all ALEXAs. If you only need rec start/stop flags from the 2nd and 3rd camera, as it is used in some productions already, a Tiny Lockit on these cameras would do. All ACN devices are equipped with an internal memory which is big enough to store days of metadata without transmitting them. This way the data is never lost, even without any wireless connection. Anyway, the Master Lockit can be set to master or slave and either collect data from other ACN-MLs or transmit the collected data. If set to slave they won't open a WiFi but transmit the data via ACN to be as bullit proof as possible. The WiFi from the master ACN-ML will only be used for the communication between the apps and to communicate the offline script metadata to the ACN-ML. Thus, we do not use the WiFi for any information which need to be realtime. So, yes Pierre is right the one ACN-ML you choose to be master works as central hub for ACN and WiFi.,
  24. What you might not know is that in Germany June lasts 3 months... (If we win the soccer worldcup even 4-5) ... As some of you saw during the NAB. the introduction of the Tonmeister app and the ACN-BT caused some buzz. We had some cool development meetings with Sound Devices and some other brands after NAB who approached us during the show because they wanted to be part of the system. Therefor, we received some very valuable input for future requests of the beetle. Being fortunate of that support we decided to redesign some parts of the board completely to be absolutely future proof and ensure a long product life. Not having the ready ACN-BT of course also delayed the app. Anyway, we're making good progress and I hope for some more of your patience.
  25. Hi Marc, thanks for the feedback! That's something we haven't heard, yet and I'm not quite sure if I understood you right. Could you please send me some pictures to timo@ambient.de If you are referring to the readability from wide angles I would answer this : LEDs are always extremly reflective, which makes them almost unreadable when used against direct light. To compensate that, the light emmiter stands 0.5mm back within the lens body to avoid angular incident light. To further enhance the readability we added a CTO filter which absorbs a big part of the LED reflections.Furthermore we added a 1mm aluminum mask to increase the diode distance. This drastically improves the visibility of the display even in brightest daylight situations by screening the LEDs from angular light. The downside is, that it also reduces the readability angle of the display. If you need wider angles there are two immediate tricks to improve the readability from the side: 1. Attach a preferably white frost onto the display. This will work as a back projection display and provide you with a readability up to 80 degrees. 2. Unscrew the aluminum mask of the display, take out the CTO and the shim and screw it back on. The bright dailight performance will decrease but the readable angle will improve a lot. Cheers Timo
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