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  1. Awesome! That seems to be a global rule!
  2. Dearest Sound Community, Have you ever wondered where time comes from? Where was it born? Is there a father and a mother of time? ... and if so, were they properly in sync during procreation? Was father too early and mother too late? ... The Evolution of Time
  3. Dear owners of a new ACL204, A new firmware update version 1.02.0011 is out now. We fixed all bugs you and us found while working with the new Lockit. V. 1.01.0008 04/13/2012 Added: Userbit menu: GEN>UB: JamUB: normal (userbits are taken from ext. TC when jamming) manual (userbits are not overwritten when jamming from external, so a date can be set etc.) insert (userbits can be inserted on the fly without re-jamming. TC jamming still dependent on TC jam mode) EditUB: manual setting of userbits. V. 1.02.0010 05/11/2012 fix: tuning via ACC101 now works. fix: drop frame after reboot is being put out correctly (before: drop-frame TC was put out after setting the frame rate to drop-frame coming from a non-drop rate, but upon reboot the TC was non-drop even though DF was displayed. V. 1.02.0011 05/14/2012 fix: glitch in tune control voltage when switching psu for different battery voltages fix: occasional double flash condition with no reason The ACL204 Firmware Updater can be downloaded from our ACL 204 product page Thank you for reporting irregularities and helping us to improve our product! Cheers and keep on syncing Timo
  4. @ JonO: Wow, there could be awesome sounds to record!! Maybe they 'ld pay only a week for sound design recordings... than you even would get rid of the nasty camera guy producing bubbles and telling you to go out off the sun... And if your recordings for any reasons don't work out propperly, you still could win the 1920th weight lifter lookalike contest...
  5. Is the underwater world a silent world? No, the depths of the sea are as full of exciting sounds and voices as any other habitat rich with species. However, humans can't perceive these sounds under normal circumstances, and so this world has been hidden from us so far. During the twelve days of filming around the Caribbean island of Bonaire for the documentary "The cannon crackers of the pistol shrimp", for the first time a microphone technology was used, that was previously only available to researchers and allows the recording of sounds of the underwater world not only true-to-life, but also in surround quality. This documentary is a teaser for a documentary series "Sound of the oceans" production is starting this year! Ambient Recording is honoured to be part of this ambitous project! Believe me when I tell you that it is an amazing job to do! Not only to hear stuff you never heard before every day but also,... well look at the pictures I hope you enjoy watching the teaser! To watch it in surround please download it here To watch it in stereo on vimeo please click here To get more informations click here
  6. Klaus and Sebastian from Ambient Recording tour through the new powerful ACL204! Special thanks to to Coffey Sound /Trew Audio for hosting our Lockit seminar. Watch it!:
  7. No, We added so much features with the ACN, more power for 3D rig use, display... that it couldn't get smaller. But since we got a lot of positive response about this unbreakable box we probably wouldn't have altered it anyway.
  8. I just made a small sneak preview about the Ambient Clockt Network as a new topic! I hope that we'll see you at the event and of course at the IBC! We are really excited about this new product because the capabilities are enormousand it's the beginning of a new Clockit generation...
  9. Ambient Clockit Network - the next step in digital content production workflow As typical set-ups in film and multimedia productions get more and more sophisticated the extensive use of metadata has become essential for an effective work flow. These data are embedded into the files of the respective machines on recording. However, since no common file and metadata structure has been settled, each manufacturer saves in their best suiting configuration. Additionally, there is no interchange between the different recorders on the set which results in the need to extract and consolidate metadata tediously in post. This is where the Ambient Clockit Network comes in. The goal was to create a system as open as possible and simultaneously merge real-time and file embedded metadata. Based on the unrivaled accuracy of the highly acclaimed Clockit system the ACN uses global time code as reference to create a comprehensive shot list containing start and stop times of each and every recording and machine. Adding to that real time metadata can be ingested giving access to previously unavailable information such as lens control data of 3D rigs. To interface with as many brands and units as possible the ACN devices sport an interface that can be configured to either RS232 or half duplex event log. The protocol in use will be fully documented for effortless 3rd party integration and even provide remote configuration of the Clockit units so manufacturers are free to participate from the unsurpassed accuracy of the Clockit system. The ACN itself uses a proprietary wireless mesh network for communication to minimize lag and interference with other radio sources. Information will be buffered until successful dump has been confirmed by the server which is a rugged portable box with integrated webserver. Tablets, smart phones, and computers can log in on a restricted rights management basis so that e.g. script would access different information than a data wrangling system.
  10. Dearest sound community, Ambient Recording is known for tools handling hard topics,... sync, time code... underwater sound, boom, .... As you might well know Ambient has dedicated itself to all kind of known and unexpected problems a recordist may face in his everyday work. Our products cover little problem solvers and whole systems ranging from from obvious tasks like microphone booming over sync & timecode to the most extraordinary underwater recordings. This is a wide field alone but with the typical set becoming more and more complex so are the related complications that arise. In our tradition to bring solutions for people working in the field and looking for practical advise we will introduce a FAQ section with our all-new homepage soon to be launched. Communication and exchange of knowledge is key and to make it as comprehensive as possible we ask you for your cooperation: So, if you have come across a tough nut to crack and found a well working solution, have some practical annotations related to working with our products you think worthful sharing with the Ambient community, please feel free to do so!! On the other side if you have questions on frequently encountered problems you find yourself faced with and would like to see those covered, just let us know! You can post it on our facebook pages http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ambient-Recording-GmbH/148730685162775?ref=ts http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sonar-Surround/136617026364789 or write an email to timo@ambient.de We hope that you share your experience to help us to improve and to help other users in this increasingly complicated video world. Thanks in advance Your Ambient Recording team
  11. P.P.S I will take care that the bug is fixed soon! Thank you for telling us! Cheers Timo
  12. Lectro is quite happy with the app and we are working together on the bigger versions. Of course we could just implement the sounds but there would be 400 of them. It's way more easy to implement the algorithm so we can fastly alter the app when new features are added. We will offer as I told before an inapp purchase option for everybody who owns our small version with a 10$ discount. So there is no need to wait for bigger versions An Android version is being discussed right now but I can't foresee the outcome. Cheers Timo P.S. Please don't forget that every App must be programmed and since this app is done for only a really small group of people compared to all the other 1$ Apps it will take time to at least pay our programmers when 30% is taken by apple... AND just think about what would happen on set if anybody could download the app for only 1$ and controll your Lectros... I definitelly know some Lighting technicians who would be very thankful for a cheap fun like this...
  13. Hey King, Did you sync Genloc, too? Perhaps just this additional cable would solve your problem because this way all sync signals use the same accurate second length as Master. If you miss that your time code will run properly but your videoclock runs out of sync. Especially the Red has a really bad clock processing which can be found all over this forum. I recently found this discussion: http://jwsound.net/SMF/index.php?topic=8781.msg76481#msg76481 Please check it out. If this doesn't work please just reply we are always thankful for new problems! Cheers
  14. The wiring diagrams are freely available on our homepage. http://download.ambient.de/Ambient%20products/clockit/iTC_WiringDiagramm.pdf If you want to buy them, you can get them from all our distributors. We decided that the display only shows a timecode when it gets one. As you said before the offset can't be foreseen so showing a wrong value was never an option. The latency you see on the brilliant picture is the display latency of your Iphone. We are working on more script options where the TC is of course always scripted correctly independent of the display offset. Cheers Timo K Ambient Recording P.S. Please keep in mind that your Iphone input is always a Mic In and not a Line In! So make sure to use a Mic Level Out or use a Pad cable...
  15. Hey guys, the new features will be available with a 10 Dollar discount as an in app purchase for the people who already bought the "light" version! So you can wait but you don't have to! I'll be keeping you up to date Cheers Timo K Ambient Recording
  16. Hi King, your problem won't alter by using FM Transmitters. The ACL203 cannot be not frame accurate. The inaccuracy notfied is the processing delay of the file based cameras and is well known to us. P2 cameras have a fixed processing delay of 2 frames while for example XD Cams even have a delay from up to 3 frames. So sending your timecode in lightspeed to the camera wouldn't help because the delay is produced inside your camera. The only solution I know yet would be to use an ALL601 and set the measured offset. As for the range of our TC Transceivers: In USA 418MHz is the only legal frequency we can use. The problem is that this would be the only legal frequency for other manufacturers, too. So using the 433 MHz or different FM devices working on the same frequency as the TC is a bad idea... Thank you for using our gear by the way Cheers Timo K Ambient Recording
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