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  1. Totally agree. A wise (not so old) sound mixer mentor once told me: "Always take the first job that's confirmed" .. a piece of advice that hasn't let me down yet. By the sounds of it you are well within your rights to politely let the original client know you are now unavailable to work on those dates. W
  2. I believe one of the signs (or has been in the past) of a fake is a 'flat' front end grill. An original should have an end grill that has a finger shaped recess or 'U' shape as part of its design. The one in the picture looks to have a flat surface but I could be wrong with that observation. The Original should have this indent. A fake might have a flat front end grill. Hope this helps. If in doubt I would return it.
  3. Hi Jeff, 19ms is approx half of one frame which is quite small in the whole scheme of things. Assuming the delay is as quoted - 19ms - then you should either delay the video by this amount or move audio forward my this amount. Delaying the audio in FCP will double the delay. I'm really not sure you'll be able to spot a 19ms delay with lip sync but do the above and you should be fine. W
  4. Hi Patrick, Yes, you are correct. Turning the CCM8 by 180 degrees will indeed reestablish the correct Left/Right orientation. If you had a mixer in line the 'phase invert' switch (on the CCM8 channel) would do the same. WP
  5. Thanks Jeff. Site working well now on my Mac. Long overdue donation on its way. Cheers.
  6. I only knew Malcolm from his helpful posts here. Rest in peace sir. WP
  7. Hi, Please check out the below link to Ambients ACN Timecode products. These products are the direct replacement for the original Ambient products you have used I believe. http://ambient.de/en/product_custom_cat/Timecode-en/ Zaxcom ERX and Zaxnet does TC and Scratch audio - https://zaxcom.com/product_categories/zaxnet-ifb/ You may also want to look at TimeCode Systems - http://www.timecodesystems.com/shop/ Can't think of any other TC systems that have a radio link feature but could be wrong. Deneke, Betso and Tentacle Sync are other manufacturers of TC systems. There are many videos online showing these different systems. You Tube. There are many, many discussions here on JW about the different systems.
  8. It is a well known fact (or I was under the impression it was anyway) that the foam on the mic inside a cage (Rycote) reduces the effectiveness of the cage to reduce wind noise. My local kit supplier has told me that Rycote themselves have stated this.
  9. Yep, agreed. Sorry about the confusion in the first place. My bad.
  10. No cons apart from length (physical size). It's always been at bag/cart end so RFI has never been an issue.
  11. Yes, I am talking about the xlr version. Sorry i miss read original post. Yes, LC 60 U! Sorry of no help to you.
  12. Hi Masaki, Yes I have one and use it every time I use my ms stereo schoeps ccm rig on the ccm8 channel as this mic is more sensitive to 'handling' noise. It does a great job of cutting out (attenuating) the lower frequencies. As the filter is a steeper than that of my mixer (633) it does a better job of tempering lower frequency handling noise. It has been available for quite a few years. I love it, it's expensive.
  13. Looking forward to seeing them Simon, always a good watch.
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