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  1. Although it is starting to look a bit bulky, I do like the windcover potential, and the distancing of mic head from clothing. Looks like it could be a useful tool in certain situations. Damn! I need to get myself a 3D printer!
  2. I downloaded Wave Agent onto my MacBook Air m1 running Monterey a couple of weeks ago - previously had it on a much older MacBook Pro. Followed the 'guide to downloading to Mac OS' found (I think) on the same page as WAgent download link. Tested by means of investigating some PolyWavs I recorded and all seems fine. I think there was a problem with Catalina and Wave Agent but haven't heard any other reports of it not working on most recent OS. Suggest trying again to get it on your Mac. Will
  3. Hi, Yes, you should be getting a signal on both headphones. Pilot tone can be used (for more stable reception) on BOTH transmitter and receiver if they are of the same series (G2, G3, 2000 etc). Switching it 'on' on one of them will stop reception. 'On' on both will be fine. You should be hearing the mono signal from the transmitter in both ears. I suspect the problem is either at the receiver's physical outputs or the headphones themselves as everything else you are doing seems 'sound'. Try another IEM or headphones. I cannot see how it could be anything else in your setup. Will
  4. Of course. Here's a link to the Sound Devices Wireless (ex Audio Ltd) Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/audiolimited
  5. Hi Donald, What's your power setting on the Audio ltd? I worked with a mixer that used A10s on the poles and only occasionally put them up to Medium from the Low setting that we had set 97% of the time. Sorry if this is not the problem with you but I thought I should mention it. *Different to your setup, he has separate antenna for Boom and talent radios choosing to remote the A10 RX with it's whips (antenna) but I do not believe this was due to any interference.
  6. Thanks for the heads-up Barry. The pictures on the NoyzBoyz website seem to be of the 2nd version not the X but I really do appreciate your post. I have an 888 that I'm really not happy with squeezing into the Stingray SmallX - I fear all cables on the side will need to be right angled, and quite frankly, that's not practical in my view. Will
  7. One major problem with using the X touch on location is its AC powered ONLY ... no 12volt option. Someone could make some money offering a 12v mod for this device ... but how much when the price of the original unit is so low remains a question.
  8. Hi Mark, I've found the following Facebook group a great source of info on the 8 series and recently saw a discussion about the X touch there. I hope this post is ok Jeff - with link out to Facebook. If not please remove thanks. Sound Devices 8 Series Mixer-Recorders https://www.facebook.com/groups/2147596985533031 Hope it helps, W
  9. Sounds like you are looking for a Sound Designer to recreate an unnatural sound if I understand your question correctly. There may be some members on here that know more about this role, and expected rates, but it would be part of the Sound post production team. Will
  10. Take a look at this from Hawk Woods. https://www.hawkwoods.co.uk/Sound/P/APD-PS I'm not sure of current availability at your local but these things do exist. WP
  11. The Filmtech LSP4 was my first mixer and indeed sounded great with a few advanced (for its time) options such as the linear fader module. Doesn't it have direct outs on the 4 channel inputs? maybe unbalanced? Martyn of Filmtech now runs the Soundkit.co.uk dealership here in Cardiff, Wales. I found this 302 for sale at a reasonable price on BBlist .. for what it's worth. https://www.bblist.co.uk/item.php?item=75331
  12. The 'Gain' of the LFAs is a measurement of the noise floor as compared with an omni antenna is my understanding , and not a type of gain you should be including in your calculations. *Larry explained it in a post here few months ago or possibly longer, cannot find it sorry.
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