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  1. Thanks for posting that Paul. I won't be purchasing the new Super Softie any time soon. I didn't realize the new design had such poor performance in comparison to the original version. Is the original design still in production?
  2. If you want a CL-12 for your 688 do yourself a favor and buy an analog flat bed mixer like a Solice Mini feed the 688 and call it a day. That way if your 688 goes down you have a mixer to feed a back up recorder.
  3. That's fabulous, without a doubt still the best sound forum
  4. Combine this with the right flat bed mixer and you got something that will out gun the 788t / cl9 by 4 iso's on a cart. Not to mention slate mic input & all the routing flexibility. Not to say a CL12 wouldn't be great.
  5. I have also heard this bleed in the cue mix but the input level had to be decently hot for it to show up, hadn't experienced an actual issue with it during a take. Here in the south everything stops working at sub 30 degree temperatures. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I do Malcom, my 1k / -20dbfs ref gen is going to the 633 inputs all of which are being recorded and calibrated pre fade ISO, so fader position on 633 is irrelevant. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. The difference between knowledge and wisdom, is one has much experience behind it.
  8. I own the solice mini and have been very happy with it thus far. I completed a feature with it in December and the mic pres and line level trims were plenty. If you send a line level -20dbfs tone from a Lectro venue two channels 3-8 you end up right about 2 o'clock
  9. Ultimately you'll want both. But for a first short shotgun mic, 416 all the way.
  10. To bring him back one must bait him with questions and topics that he cannot resist such as "what's the best mic for reality tv?" or "help my recorder won't playback the audio to the director" or "hey guys I'm new here, but am available to score the feature your currently working on"
  11. And thank you jwsound for being such an amazing resource for the sound community.
  12. +1, also if you flip the scenario I think you'd find that the typical dialogue production type preamps used on location may not work so well in a studio environment. Every piece of gear has it's home.
  13. Thanks for sharing Glen ! Assembling a new Euro cart sound package myself. Just curious on your thought behind working with two 633's? And how do you like the sound of the pre amps on the solice mini ? How about the about the quality of the headphone amp? M
  14. I use a 633, with a couple 411's and a SRB, and remote lite, getting about 6 hours + continuous run time out of a single np1. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Nothing attractive about that ad. I'm surprised that was actually approved through Sennheiser's marketing dept. Maybe they pissed off the designer and it was some sort of payback, lol.
  16. I think the answer is it depends on the application. For one complex live filming I use the digital input limiters on the 788t which is being fed AES out from a digital out card of a Yamaha 01v because the channel strip processing is being utilized for the live sound portion and the program audio content is being recorded separate so it's pre fade / eq out and this particular product doesn't get a proper audio post mix, so the use of these digital limiters limit the dynamic range when done tastefully and further level the program audio for final release. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Those are impressive run times. Thanks for posting Whit and Larry ! I recently picked up a pack from Gotham in Atlanta, good to know what to expect out of the gate.
  18. Call me an optimist but I like to believe most audio pro's still do, especially before spending valuable time or money doing real world testing or purchases. This is the beauty of demos from the usual suspects. For us I'd say "hearing" is believing.
  19. Hi Paco, The 702/788t series pres will outperform the 633 pres for that use. I love my 633, It truly is a powerhouse mixer / recorder in production sound for capturing dialogue but not the best choice for music recording when compared to the 7 series. My reasoning is the noise floor on the 633 will show up a lot sooner. I know this from real world testing and most importantly playing back in the studio monitors. Also the 633 may sound a bit bright, and not as warm and full as the 702/788t. But of course the sound of the pre is subjective to each person, but the signal to noise performace is not.
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