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  1. Doing a shoot with 2 7D's tomorrow. Using dumb slate, no TC by request of post, straight to 744T, 3 ISO's. Should be straight forward and simple. Sounds like plural eyes in post to me.
  2. I don't believe so, I'm assuming this is something I should apply? Can I get it at a local hardware store?
  3. So I called and spoke with Rene at Lectrosoncis about my battery life issue looking for an RA on my smqv and he asked me to inspect the battery compartment door to see if it was flush, clean and the thumbscrew was turned tight. He said they occassionally get transmitters sent to them with this same issue at times only to have them test fine, finding one of these too be the issue. On visual inspection the door was flush and all was clean so I decided to do a second battery test with a quarter more turn tightness then what I usually do. Naturally my instinct is not to over tighten so a quarter more turn made it about as tight as you could by hand and did another battery test and clocked it right under 13 hours which was an improvement of 2 hours since my test a couple days ago ! Did some of you say you we're getting the full 14.5? My test was 100mw, using right out of the box Enegizer Ultimate Lithium.
  4. Thanks Larry ! Will drop you a line when I send off which will most likely be Friday. I appreciate you guys. M
  5. Total run time on suspect SMQV before power loss with AA energizer lithium ultimates clocked at 10hrs, 40 mins. The other SMQV is still strong with green led at 12hrs. I'm thinking at this point that the suspect SMQV will definitely be taking a trip into Lectro for service, One thing I also noticed was this transmitter was running slightly warmer then the properly operating unit, which leads me to believe it is drawing more current then it's supposed too.
  6. One of my smqv's seems to be prematurely giving me the "red" warning LED. I'm doing a timer test on two SMQV's simultaneously now which has been going about 10 hrs. The battery I'm using is the Energizer Ultimate Lithum, at 9 hours 30 minutes the suspect transmitter has the "red" LED on, the other unit is still "green" ...... EDIT UPDATE.... Transmitter LED flashing " RED" at 10 hrs other transmitter Green. Both units at 100mw The reason for the test is I've had the suspect transmitter give me the "red" LED prematurely, then after a power cycle it seemed to go back to "green" I'll keep doing testing until I determine there is an issue with the smqv which may require service. Larry any thoughts?
  7. you'll love the 302, nice kit. Good luck !
  8. I would suggest getting a sound mentor. Someone who is actually doing what you want to do. If you are going to succeed as a sound professional for the long haul and do good for your industry you need to take things slow and get guidance that goes beyond forum q&a. It's been my experience that technical skills, pricing strategy and solid business relationships take years to develop.
  9. I was wondering about this when I saw the unit at NAB, I don't think this is a flaw with the 664 as much as it is a limitation with LCD screens in general, however I did notice the LEDs surrounding the fader pots we're also much dimmer then the 552
  10. Absolutely Awesome Pascal !
  11. I'm also Music Pro, no claim experience, but i like how everything is itemized, and it covers up to 25k in new gear purchase each year, since each renewal you need it itemize anything new, I don't think there are any clauses on unlocked vehicles.
  12. Pro Tools 10 was a significant advancement over PT9 in my opinion offering greater stability and work flow capabilities. Especially for LE users who gained some previously only HD features. I'd say the MVP for me in PT10 is most definitely clip gain As far as Avid I hope they survive and prosper for many years to come with their current business model mainly because they've seemed to refocus their efforts back towards the professional market. I understand the downsizing of Avid affected many jobs but eliminating prosumer brands like MAudio and closing the Digidesign division we're all necessary steps in the right direction to help them reestablish their footing and show their dedication to the pro market and PT10 was the proof which brought us brand new non hyped new feature sets and greater overall stability It is my understanding AAX is one of the technical bridges which will allow Pro Tools to work in 64 bit mode which will happen with the release of PT11 which is much needed to allow the system to use more then it's current 32 bit limit of 4GB. It will be interesting to see how the industry responds to this upcoming release. I for one don't think Avid should lower their prices, since that's not typically advantageous for a companies longevity or prosperity.
  13. Also experience the occasional interference with my mkh50, It's relatively new with the gold connectors and I keep thinking I may send it back, but I think they are more sensitive to RF interference then other short shotguns. It's still my favorite sounding mic on a boom but I don't leave home without the 416 back up for this very reason.
  14. Got the wife an iPad mini, told her it would look good in the sound bag and then got the look, merry Christmas everyone !
  15. The D88 was my first legit pro studio recorder, that I bought used for 800 in 1999. It's last use was in a post house in Atlanta for 5.1 splits for a few indie pictures back in 2008. Then I donated it to an audio school about a year ago. I do remember these machines sounded good to me. My next system in 2001 was pro tools LE 001 and I didn't understand the importance of clocking / converters at the time so being used to the d88 I was convinced the 001 was defective because it just sounded wrong to my ears and eventually started using the d88 as a master clock and a/d converter for the pt system for a few more years. I'm still a PT guy in post but the symphony I/O is my current interface of choice these days and with that I have zero complaints.
  16. I agree with everyone on going pt10. Can you put more ram in your Mac book pro? 4gb is the minimum requirement for pt10 and I'm thinking you may be a bit underpowered. Also external recording drives are a must have and Mac book pro ports are very limited. If your serious about it, maybe look into a used Mac pro. Just like location audio the gear investment seems to never end for the studio once you get started. Happy trails.
  17. ..........I meant to say ch 4-5 input...
  18. Anybody else plan on holding to your 552's, when you get the 664? I never got rid of my 302, when I got the 552 and have often found use for it, mainly the 3.5 mm ch 5-6 input for iPad playback.
  19. Excellent thanks Eric and Wyatt
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