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  1. “In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.”
  2. Love this thread! I'd like to think this one isn't playback, it's my favourite 'impromptu' backstage performance (WARNING - contains repeated f*bomb!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKprKZHYfl0
  3. Uncabled here, was taught that way (a few twists cable is secure). I'd probably buy a pole with an ergonomic recorder built-in Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Given the constraints, I've always been impressed with iOS audio compared to the competition in the same category (I suppose that could be Tom Holman's influence?) Anyway, with the Lightning connector being all digital audio, we're now seeing digital mics from the likes of Apogee, IK and Rode. IK also has a Lightning pre-amp that supplies phantom power to a XLR mic. All these products cost less than £200 each, so that probably says something about the A/D conversion. But given the law of diminishing returns and the economies of scale this is a category that I suspect will grow over tim
  5. I agree. I take little at face value. Especially when sources are unknown and popular media puts its own opinion in your mind without any critical thought whatsoever. This could just as easily be completely staged controlled VFX shot with greenscreen directed by Michael Bay to promote his mates logistics company. Or it could be real. The only thing I know is that - as it stands - I do not know the truth and I do not trust popular media to do enough digging to get to the truth. The truth is rarely popular.
  6. Just finished watching the Soundtracker doco - my ten bucks well spent. Good to know I'm not the only one obsessed with "reality" ... although both Gordon and the doco do both demonstrate faking (or, er, designing their own) reality - Gordon directing the horn blowing, and, I never heard a 722 make those clunky operating sounds before! :-) And just to add although I am very happy with my OKM II recordings, I see Luhd PM01 mics as looking like more robust in the field - definitely intend to get a pair to try. http://www.luhd-mics.com/store/p16/PM-01Binaural.html
  7. Not to derail too far from original H2n topic, but I found Nagra's technical data on two of their clip on mics in http://www.nagraaudio.com/doc_en/NagraNews_26.pdf (blue band omni / green band stereo cardioid)
  8. So my H2n arrived today. I've had a play, and been able to subjectively compare it to my Nagra Ares M red band. In short, if the H2n wasn't so plastic-y (a bit's already fallen off) and low-build quality "feel" (subjective I know) then I would like it a lot more. As it is, it sounds good although not very transparent in the conditions I've tested it in so far (all interior) - sounds a little muddy. I don't think the H2n is very rugged. But it is very inexpensive and sounds great for the price. Its mics have lower self-noise than the Ares M red band mic, but strangely I still prefer the
  9. The H2n is certainly popular on freesound.org http://www.freesound.org/search/?q=h2n What I consider a nice demo of the Nagra SD (not sure what mic, I would suspect green band) at - but you'll have to skip to around the 05:35 mark to hear it because until then it's onboard cam audio. Compare and contrast! (no contest!)
  10. I just picked up a Nagra Ares M (yes the old one with only 1GB internal flash memory, USB 1.0 transfer speeds) - but it sounds great to my ear (red and blue band mics). I have shouted and shouted and shouted at it very closely and I have neither managed to overload the mic capsules nor clip a recording (with the AGC engaged). From what I gather it has 24bit input but steps down to 16bit. It's a pity there is still so little info on the new ATS/Nagra devices - basic stuff such as mic polar patterns. Makes me mourn again, a little. I have a H2n on order, I'm quite curious about it and do
  11. I'm from a generation who grew up watching Top Gun, The Last Boy Scout, and True Romance whilst in my late teens and early twenties. Enemy Of The State remains one of my favourite films and I often revisit it. It's hard to imagine what could have made him decide to leave in such a manner. Very sad news.
  12. times like this i miss good old audio perspective in relation to mic pickup pattern and picture framing, especially if you are doing PSC. i've been looking at a lot of early Direct Cinema, seeing the recordist handholding directly the shaft of 815T (hmmm, or would that be a 805T) ... hearing about the sync issues on "Primary" because reliable tape transport did not exist outside of some huge rig that was logistically impractical on run-and-gun style. half a century later and is it any easier?!
  13. I owned a 416T a while back, and subsequently the RSM-191 which I believe shares some characteristics with the KMR 81i (not sure if it shares some of the exact same components). What struck me about the Neumann compared to the 416T was how "isolated" and warm it could make things sound, almost like you're in a soundbooth. The Neumann also handled off-mic and reflections with more grace than the 416T, ie the frequency response is more uniform when mildly off-mic. There's a reason Sennheiser bought Neumann ....
  14. yup http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Final_Cut_Pro "Randy Ubillos created the first three versions of Adobe Premiere, the first popular digital video editing application.[7] Before version 5 was released, Ubillos' group was hired byMacromedia to create KeyGrip, built from the ground up as a more professional video-editing program based on Apple QuickTime. Macromedia could not release the product without causing its partner Truevision some issues with Microsoft, as KeyGrip was, in part, based on technology from Microsoft licensed to Truevision and then in turn to Macromedia. The terms of th
  15. With Sean Hoare dead (the original whistleblower) we will always be missing his view of the truth. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14199171 The police who investigated Sean's death say they found nothing suspicious. "Dog and pony show" comes to mind.
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