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  1. Tuhiva

    Body absorption

    Hello, I am mainly doing documentaries / TV shows and I am satisfied with the range I get with my lectrosonics (SMQV and UM400a) as I place them most of the time in the talent's pocket or I clip them on their belt or trousers. Now I am starting to do some short indie film so all my transmitters and my transmitter are put in URSA waist straps. And now it seems that i lost at least half of the range I would get by just placing them in pocket for exemple. I've read and heard about the fact that body does absorb RF but I did not expect it would be to that extent. And what is more funny is that sometimes logic does not seem to apply, yesterday a skinny man would suck up the RF like crazy while a lady that suffers from obesity did not give as much trouble. Also old UM400a seems to be less affected by that issue. How to fight against that without going the "Shark fin/ Distro" way? (I am only working with a bag) Also I am wondering when people are using those new extra small transmitters that output 50mv instead of a 100mv, do they necessarily have to use amplified shark fin?
  2. Probably all those dynamic range lost in the loudness war...millions of dB stolen in music since the nineties 😂
  3. I was listening through my monitors (old mackie HR624) and could barely hear any differences in noise between the samples.....Then today I listenened to those samples on my headphones and ok now I can clearly hear the difference. Samples 03 and 04 are noticeably "noisier" with sample 03 being the worst. Geez I thought I was going death with everyone on this discussion hearing things that I could not 😅
  4. Thank you for putting together a listening test comparison while controlling as much variables as you could given the fact that it is hard to have access to a facility and equipment that meet the requirement of EBU or ITU requirements. I've listened to the samples through protools playing back on old Mackie HR 624...I could not hear any difference in noise. At least nothing that is not going to be burried under ambient noise on normal shooting environment. You "can see" (not hear) nothing above 16KHZ on Sample 03 so for sure it is zaxcom and Sample 02 goes above 20khz so it might be cable. I noticed the difference in tone between the samples: the second one being the most "balanced" and sample 01 being my least favorite. But again nothing that you cant tweak by using some EQ. And again some systems might respond in a different way depending on the language being recorded and the characteristics of each personn own voice. For me at this point and price tags all of the system tested are equivalent sound wise. Special features, customer service or durability are probably what is going to differentiate those high end systems.
  5. Why Skeptical? That is about the price ratio of Zoom's product... Zoom F8 $900 x 5 = the price of a nomad Zomm H3-Vr $349 x 5 = $1745 about the price of a Sennheiser Ambeo VR 3D
  6. Am the only one to think that the teaser is completely out of place regarding the actual purpose of the software: Removing what makes a "space suit" communication sounds real (aka all the buzzing sound)....Did not prevent me from buying the update though 😂 They should really fire their marketing team and made "real world" video that would what this software is capable of doing.
  7. Thank you Jonathan for that post. I have exactly the same problems as described, it starts with some sort of tiny little white spot then it grows and spreads. It happens only on my newer SMQV the one with darker finish.
  8. Hello, I've had this unit for more than a year and a half and some corrosion have appeared after less than six months. It is getting worse as months goes by. I have an older unit with the former finish (less dark grey) and the corrosion is not as bad though I had it for 8 years. Of course this is just an aesthetic matter but I would like to know if some of you might have a solution to treat or prevent that? By the way my transmitters work in a very salty, hot, sweaty and humid environment.
  9. Thank you, your review was actually one of the reason i narrowed my searches to these two mics.
  10. I am looking for a cardioid lavalier for some forthcoming works. They are not going to be hidden underclothes, just need to be "visibly discreet". I narrow down my searches to theses models. But I cant have access to them before buying (no audio shop within 8 hours of flight), so i am looking for any opinion about which one will sound the best. I also need the lav to be functionnal with a little furry wwindscreen as some interviews can happen in ventilated terrace or patio. Thanks in advance for any advice
  11. I've seen recently that wisycom sells their transmitter with a microdot input option. I've never really used the microdot connector but I am wondering if they are more robust (maybe shorter in lenght?) than their lemo counterpart. DPA microphones cost almost a $100 less in their microdot version so do you guys think that transmitter with microdot connector is just a trend or something to consider seriously?
  12. Hello, Did anybody on this forum try the URSA soft circles and had good results with them? I usually use the rycote overcover with people wearing t-shirt because il helps with the wind for outside shoots and for inside shoots it dampen noise created by hairy chest. One day I had a bit more time to wire talents so i decided to try the URSA soft circles but they turned out to be very noisy (when rubing against skin or hair), way more than Rycote undercover....very unpleasant to go back to talents (four of them) to remove everything and rewire everybody with the good old overcover. I thought URSA soft circles would be a good alternative for situations where talents sweat a lot and the overcover is completely soaked, because the URSA material seems to be more water repelent. I noticed the two side of the circles are a little bit different in texture maybe this is where i am doing it wrong?
  13. When looking up on the lectrosonics website, I notice that SMV and SMQV have a new colored panel (compared to old one I own). Except for the color, are there any improvement on those "new" unit? Also does anyone know if some kind of large band SMQV will be announced at NAB 2017?
  14. Hello Ducky does it have something to do with the carabiner ou you need the waist to close more firmly on your waist?
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