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  1. Only with the CL9 I'm afraid.
  2. For those of us with A1 SRC's, I guess it's best that we try use 470 until the update is available?
  3. So after another day of poor performance, I went ahead and emailed Lectro the following....
  4. That's weird! I didn't have any in the bag. Only scripty and dir had receivers, they were on and in their pockets.
  5. 788, 1x SRB, powered by audioroot. G3 transmitter as hop/IFB in band B so 100mhz away and on the other side of the bag. Still, I tried turning it off, didn’t fix the range issues though I can’t tell if it was connected to the weird sound I attached.
  6. Had some bizarre issues with my SRC A1 today. SMDWB was the transmitter. Happened at two different locations (15min drive apart). Crew had no walkies. I had very poor range, even though the selected frequency had no activity at all. 15ft or more away and I'd get the standard RF hiss/hits. By comparison, I had another talent on a Block 21 SMQV with no issues (on a frequency that WASN'T 100% clear). I was also getting these very strange sounding buzzing/whining noises that would get louder around dialogue, doesn't sound like regular RF issues. Example attached. 10DDT03_4.wav I changed frequency, to another block in fact, didn't solve either issue. I had to pull the SMDWB and switch to a Block 21 SMQV/SRB combo. Not sure if the problem is the SRC or the SMDWB, will do more tests tomorrow.
  7. Ah, Gotcha. Your results sound about right then?
  8. So interestingly, just finished my second test.. Same results with the backlight and LED's off. Complete shutdown at around 7.5 hours (happened somewhere between 7h20m and 7h30m). I guess the backlight and LED power draw is very minimal.
  9. Something strange going on there, should have equal performance. How old are they? That Ikea is ridiculous, I've been to smaller cities. The batteries are at the end, by the checkouts, so best to try sneak in the exit to save yourself the hike.
  10. So today I ran a SMDWB (w/DPA Slim pluged in) with 2 x Ikea Ladda 2450's @ 100mw. Red light started flashing at 6 hours. Complete shutdown at around 7.5 hours. I did the same with an SMQV with 2 x Amazon High-Capacity's (2300) and got around 8.5 hours until shutdown. I wonder if turning off the LED's and putting the BackLight on a 5sec timer would improve things (by default LEDs are on and backlight is always on)
  11. Came here to post the same thing, SMWBD flashing red after only 3 or so hours of use with 2300mh batteries here. Will do a thorough test to see how long until complete shutdown...
  12. Picked mine up today. Interesting that it's still transmitting while in record mode, just the mic signal doesn't get transmitted....
  13. A wideband SMQV is all many of us want. Can do without 250mw.
  14. I have some MKH8040/30 MS recordings on my soundcloud (they're marked as such in the names)
  15. Appreciate the kind words, Jeff! Likewise, to anyone looking for production sound in Florida, Jeff is top notch!
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