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    302 Issue

    Cable possibly?
  2. Ahhh, polywavs, gotcha now. I usually split those with a 3rd party program beforehand. I've definitely heard of others with the same problem regarding track names when importing them into pro tools.
  3. It only does the default "Audio 1" etc if you create a new track from scratch. I assume he is importing the regions and selecting the import option "create new track(s)". In which case, it always names the track according to the the file name.Even if it's imported into the regions list, dragging it down will make a new track that is named according to the file name.
  4. Pro Tools automatically uses whatever the file name is. Not too sure how to get Pro Tools to use the metadata instead for track naming.
  5. Think he'll have to handover his next mixing job....
  6. I tried all these options but unfortunately there's no way to have it use "Linear - Oldest first" which is actually what I prefer and what most forums use.
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