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  1. That's unfortunate, seems very low. An SMQV running at 100mW will get 8.5 hours on two 2200 mAH NiMH batteries as per the link in the first post.
  2. This was mentioned in the SRC thread, but I figured it merits it's own discussion. Especially if the LT is the true replacement since there's no wideband SM in the works. SMQV Pros: Slightly Smaller, 250mw option Cons: Not wideband, Battery compartment paste can (seldomly) be an issue LT Pros: Wideband, Assignable switch, IR Port, Simpler battery compartment Cons: Slightly Larger Anyone feel free to chime in with their thoughts. One thing I can't find info on is battery life between the two. When both set at 100mw, is battery life similar? It would be brilliant if Lectro could update this page with info for the LT : http://www.lectrosonics.com/Support/component/com_fsf/Itemid,714/tag,Wireless,%20batteries,%20battery,%20life,%20SM,%20SMd,%20SMQ,%20SMV,%20SMQV/view,faq/
  3. I've been living here for five years now and it's not often I see it spelt correctly! Good job!
  4. Thanks a lot, Jeff. Very strange issue indeed.
  5. I worked in the production sound department (Sound For Film) at Full Sail for 4 years. Just quit last week to focus on freelance work, but I'll be there unless a gig pops up.
  6. I find them to be a good option in many scenarios. With extra care taken, of course. The concealer / button hole mount do seem excellent. Have you been using those much, Rado?
  7. Doesn't seem to be anywhere offering a vampire clip for the Slim series yet. Anyone else find one?
  8. I'm curious if linking to field recorder files based on timecode would work then? (there's a checkbox for it in match field recorder files). Worth noting to everyone that field recorder workflow is Pro Tools HD only.
  9. Known issue. Don't let Windows 10 touch audio on CF or SD cards until they release a fix.
  10. The answers here reflect my personal experiences with all Lector transmitters. http://www.lectrosonics.com/Support/component/com_fsf/Itemid,714/tag,Wireless, batteries, battery, life, SM, SMd, SMQ, SMV, SMQV/view,faq/
  11. Home PC has been on Windows 10 for several days now, extremely happy with it. They're definitely back on track.
  12. That's the only thing that has disappointed me so far.
  13. The specs say it has about the same EIN* and better A/D dynamic range than a 744t.... 744t EIN: -130dBu A//D Dynamic Range: 114db F8 EIN: -127dBu A/D Dynamic Range: 120db * They measure this with gain fully up, so it has to be taken into account the F8 has about 7db more gain available than the 744t. Of course, these are just numbers. Jury is still out for me until I get my hands on one.
  14. Had the same issue here with a HM, had it sent back.
  15. Can't wait to try one. As mentioned already, my only concern is the limiters. But 8 X inputs of -127dbu EIN and 120db dynamic range for a grand.....that is truly game changing. Could be the machine sound effects recordists have been wanting for years.
  16. ​NSFW : https://youtu.be/Mslt6eaO6aw
  17. 10 will kind of work, but all track menus don't render properly.
  18. Source? Also, how?
  19. It has : http://www.pinknoise-systems.co.uk/tascam-dr-10cl-for-lectrosonics-mics.html
  20. How long do Zaxcom have the patent for?
  21. Jaymz

    Deva 32

    I'm sure it's packed to the brim on the inside, but was it not considered to have a bare-bones computer built within and have a HDMI/VGA port on the back?
  22. Jaymz

    Deva 32

    So you need an external computer to run the GUI? Can you still record without the need for a computer?
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