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  1. It's the A-Weighted Dynamic Range of the A/D conversion that matters. Zoom don't publish that spec for the H4N, so it's probably not very good.
  2. Jaymz

    SD664 Isotrack

    Same advantage/disadvantage as doing it with any mixer/recorder. Lots of post houses prefer getting their iso's pre-fader. Post-fader has advantages though. All to be decided between the production mixer and post.
  3. This is Axle Rose in the days before "I'm a celebrity" when "welcome to the jungle" was a rock anthem rather than the announcement that you have type 4 career cancer. - Frankie Boyle (while showing the video for "Welcome To The Jungle" on NMTB)
  4. None of which come close my suggestions. Receiver, barrel, trigger assembly, intermediate cartridge, magazine system....all from an assault rifle designed for killing/wounding soldiers on the battlefield. Trivial modifications don't change any of this.
  5. Re-read what I said, anything with an AR15/AK receiver. On top of the other criteria I listed, I was quite specific. Elaborate then. If it is, then apply more rules until it isn't. This absolute bollucks is what was wrong with the last ban. Semi-automatic versions use the same receiver and cartridge. They're a neutered version of a weapon designed to kill/wound soldiers on the field of battle and are a pathetic attempt to legitimize them being in the hands of a civilian (despite them still maintaining ruthless amounts of killing efficiency). And until this is realized by the vast majority of Americans, the problem will persist. I haven't suggested banning them that way, read what I posted a few pages back.
  6. I didn't. I only stated the fact that the US has such severe gun violence issues because of the 2nd amendment, it's what allowed so many firearms to go in circulation over the years. It was a law of it's time, it doesn't fit today's society and needs to be heavily modified so that it does. It already has been for 50+ years btw, "shall not be infringed" has been null and void for a long time...and rightfully so (it it wasn't, anyone could own any type of firearm they want).
  7. It would make weapons that were designed to win wars illegal. Indeed. It was also designed to kill/wound a Soviet/NVA soldier and allow US troops to carry more ammo. No place for it in the hands of a civilian outside of a firing range. A very sensible law. Also considering the controversy over whether or not the bullet "tumbles" as is claimed (whole other discussion though). There are tons of semi-auto hunting rifles that use rotary and/or can use 10 round or less straight magazines.
  8. When I think of an "assault rifle", I think of anything with an AR15 or AK style receiver (or any equivalents, SA80, G36 etc). Any semi-automatic rifle that fires an intermediate or heavier cartridge and is magazine fed more than 10 rounds (this would include battle rifles, G3 etc). Anything reaching the above criteria (that was made for a soldier to kill/wound another soldier) has no place in the hands of a civilian outside of a firing range. It's very true that the moment the constitution was drafted and they wrote the second amendment, the damage was done....the US has the issues it has now with gun violence purely because of that. But of course, I don't blame them. It was a different time and they were oblivious as to the way things would be. The western world has since gone through a bit of enlightenment, negating one of the main reasons the 2nd amendment was written (fighting against an oppressive government*). Yet firearms themselves have become vastly more lethal. Again, the maximum firerate for a smallarm when the US constitution was drafted was 4-5rpm. In summary, I completely agree that the previous assaults weapons ban would be worthless. But I'm of the opinion that something much stricter needs to come into place, at least something close to what Australia did in the 90's. *There may be exceptions to this, the US is not one of them.
  9. As they should be. Anything with an AR15/AK receiver should fall under the classification and have the same restrictions as machineguns (as well as rifle magazines over 10 rounds). All this dancing around with "bayonet rungs" and "stock type" is ridiculous and why the assault weapons ban of 94 is far too lenient. There are no words....unless that's sarcasm
  10. It's referring to the actual places the attacks occurred being labelled "gun free zones" (schools etc). Still.....dancing around the point that assault rifles have no place in a civilian home. Fun fact of the day; When the second amendment was written, the fastest rate of fire achievable with a smallarm was 4-6 rounds per minute (for rifles, around 2-3. Bar the Ferguson).
  11. In that case, why are there any rules? Any civilian should be allowed to own anything falling under the classification "firearm" by this logic. That would make a lovely society wouldn't it? Tell me, what kind of small-arms were available when the constitution was written? Certainly not ones capable of any of the mass murders this country has endured over the last 20 years. In fact, production of semi-automatic rifles didn't even occur until roughly 100 years after the US constitution was written. Those that wrote the constitution couldn't even imagine the firepower available on the civilian market today. This blatant disregard of how things were as opposed to how things are is a huge problem.
  12. That article above sums up my feelings. I honestly thought the country would be more galvanized than it currently is to come into the 21st century in regards to gun control. That offensive statement by the NRA on Friday and various comments by my American friends on facebook have me doubting things....
  13. Indeed. This is why I ask what the limit is on what "the people" can have. Who decided that semi-auto assault rifles are ok? They clearly shouldn't be. The argument about keeping the government in check doesn't make sense in this day and age. It if did, then I guess every other western democracy is a complete slave to it's government and only the US is doing it right.... The assault weapons ban they want to reinstate is useless, far too lenient. Here is how I wish it were' Pistols, hunting rifles, shotguns (pump-action only) = legal to own and keep at home (concealed carry still available for pistols) Semi-auto shotguns, semi-auto assault rifles, anything fully auto = illegal to keep at home except for certified gunsmiths. Must be stored at qualified ranges for use there (all current owners must abide by this law). That is the law I wish were passed. But unfortunately, the US just isn't ready for this change. Too many people cling onto the idea that the 2nd amendment applies to weapons that weren't even invented during the time it was written.
  14. So civilians with assault rifles are well armed vs multi-role fighter/bombers, guided munitions, tanks with thermal imaging and fire control systems, drones, nuclear submarines, satellite surveillance systems and a bag full of DARPA goodies currently in development? If the U.S went all Big Brother, I think we'd have a little more to worry about than making sure assault rifles are available to the people. No, I'm only referring to the second amendment being archaic. I think very highly of the US constitution as a whole. I couldn't agree more. Yet assault rifles have absolutely nothing to do with that in a modern-day developed nation.
  15. That went on for a few hours. Imagine if he had an assault rifle....
  16. Openly available statistics of gun violence in the US do that for him.
  17. So is anyone stabbed in the brain, posined, run over at 150mph, decapitated by a diamond-edged buzz saw. So what's the difference? I'll tell you....it's in the effectiveness of the weapon to kill/wound multiple targets quickly and efficiently. An assault rifle is designed for combat, for soldiers to kill/wound other soldiers, to engage multiple targets in quick succession. It has no place in the hands of a civilian. I'm talking solely about semi-automatic assault rifles (as in the pic). Not handguns, hunting rifles and shotguns which cover the areas of self-defense, hunting, sport etc. Not talking about disarming people in the U.S, just about banning assault weapons. If criminals will find a way to get these weapons regardless, then force them to. Again, only talking about assault weapons. Not about disarming people entirely. You're grossly oversimplifying things. These are cases of high-profile terrorism. Look at the work that both McVeigh and Al-Qaeda had to do in preparation for their attacks. And it is this purpose of the second amendment that is completely archaic and of no use in the modern U.S. Paranoia and fear of Big Brother enslaving the populace for it's own agenda. Fear that things will be like they were, that history should be taken as formula. I'm more of a Huxley over Orwell kind of person when it comes to the possibility of these things.... If those that drafted the second amendment could see the way things are.....
  18. If we could show those that made the second amendment the way things are today.... It was something made in 1791, it doesn't apply anymore. The same steps that Australia took in the 90's should now be taken in the US. Assault weapons should be banned. I agree. But none of these cases require an assault weapon. An assault weapon is made for one thing, killing people as efficiently as possible. Sure, there's hobbyists that are big into practicing their groupings with an AK-47. They should be forced to have their rifles stored for them at gun ranges, away from the public.
  19. I'd use the G3 as the Receiver, better scan capability. Though the G3 Tx does have move precise input sensitivity.....
  20. For SFX recording, lavs are great for getting places no other mics can (like Justins example). But in terms of ambience recording lavs have limited use imo, due to their inherently higher self-noise.
  21. Exactly. Currently, games use fixed audio files with mediocre sounding pitch randomization to keep small effects (footsteps, cloth etc) fresh. This would be a very cool approach for that. But the larger sound effects, especially ones that require realism, will likely keep the current method.
  22. What is the specific application you need the piece of gear for? What exactly will you be doing? I think getting that info will allow people to suggest things better.
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