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  1. So after another day of poor performance, I went ahead and emailed Lectro the following....



    Hi there, 

    Long time Lectro user here, have had the pleasure of meeting Karl at various events too!
    I have owned an SRC and SMDWB in A1 since the beginning of November, purchased at Trew Audio in Los Angeles (wasn't able to get a second transmitter for it, since they're out of stock everywhere!). Sadly, over the several jobs I've used this combo on, I've noticed significantly worse performance than my SRB/SMQV (Block 21). 
    By comparison to the latter, both running at 100mW, I get worse range and a lot more hits/noise. I've also noticed that any loss of line of sight can result in interference. As well as being close to certain cameras, like the Sony FS7. Again, by comparison, the SRB/SMQV channels will be clear as a bell in all these scenarios (even when there appears to be LESS activity on the SRC's scanned frequency). 
    Is it possible I have a defective SRC or SMDWB? I would have thought that, with a tracking front end filter, there would be BETTER performance. 
    The other contents of my sound bag, for reference, 
    Sound Devices 788t / CL8
    AudioRoot Power Distro
    Sennheiser G3 Tx in band B (so 100mhz+ away from the SRC in A1 and these performance issues happen regardless of whether or not the G3 is on)
    Using DPA4060 and Slim lavs. 
    I'd like to go ahead and purchase another windeband transmitter soon (SMWB), but really need to have these performance issues fixed first. Let me know if I should the receiver/transmitter/both in or what the best plan of action is. 
    all the best, James


  2. 4 hours ago, Derek H said:

    Weird question but hang in there with me... Did you by chance have any G3 RECEIVERS switched off hanging off the side of your bag when you noticed these RF hits?


    I've found that having a powered-off G3 IEM receiver sitting next to hops transmitters wreaks havoc with my Lectro receivers. Will create spikes all across the block. When you remove the G3 receivers from the bag and get them a few feet away or even just turn them on all the troubles go away. Totally bizarre.



    That's weird! 


    I didn't have any in the bag. Only scripty and dir had receivers, they were on and in their pockets. 

  3. 788, 1x SRB, powered by audioroot.


    G3 transmitter as hop/IFB in band B so 100mhz away and on the other side of the bag. Still, I tried turning it off, didn’t fix the range issues though I can’t tell if it was connected to the weird sound I attached.



  4. Had some bizarre issues with my SRC A1 today. SMDWB was the transmitter. Happened at two different locations (15min drive apart). Crew had no walkies. 


    I had very poor range, even though the selected frequency had no activity at all. 15ft or more away and I'd get the standard RF hiss/hits. By comparison, I had another talent on a Block 21 SMQV with no issues (on a frequency that WASN'T 100% clear). 


    I was also getting these very strange sounding buzzing/whining noises that would get louder around dialogue, doesn't sound like regular RF issues. Example attached. 10DDT03_4.wav


    I changed frequency, to another block in fact, didn't solve either issue. I had to pull the SMDWB and switch to a Block 21 SMQV/SRB combo. 


    Not sure if the problem is the SRC or the SMDWB, will do more tests tomorrow. 

  5. 7 hours ago, afewmoreyears said:

    3:55 is all I can squeeze out of new Enloop pro, 2450... SMWB, 100mw, and a Sanken COS-11 wired universal...  multiple tests...  Can't believe the Ladda's provide that much better performance... weird..


    Something strange going on there, should have equal performance. How old are they?


    4 hours ago, codyman said:

    I think the new ikea in Burbank has literally 2000+ packs on hand if any LA folks are looking to try them out.


    That Ikea is ridiculous, I've been to smaller cities. The batteries are at the end, by the checkouts, so best to try sneak in the exit to save yourself the hike. 

  6. So today I ran a SMDWB (w/DPA Slim pluged in) with 2 x Ikea Ladda 2450's @ 100mw. 


    Red light started flashing at 6 hours. 

    Complete shutdown at around 7.5 hours.


    I did the same with an SMQV with 2 x Amazon High-Capacity's (2300) and got around 8.5 hours until shutdown. 


    I wonder if turning off the LED's and putting the BackLight on a 5sec timer would improve things (by default LEDs are on and backlight is always on)

  7. Hi there, 

    My name is James Nolan. I just moved to Los Angeles last week after spending the past 5-6 years in Orlando, FL. I'm originally from Dublin, Ireland but have been a Legal Permanent Resident since 2011.

    I run a 788t/Lectro package with Sennheiser/DPA mics and I've done work for Disney, National Geographic, Discovery ID, Vice, Fox Sports, and many others. I'm mainly an ENG Commercial/Doc/Reality Mixer but I would relish the opportunity to Boom or run Utility for someone here. 


    If any other sound mixers in the area would like to meet up, feel free to give me a shout! 


  8. 3 hours ago, new mexico said:

    + 1 to John B's ... "send max signal" -  comment:


    Back in the 'SD 302' days - there was "Full Scale Tone."

    Without (hopefully) putting too fine a point on things, Jamyz  -

    (And, while attempting to tread lightly here, with - Providing this only as 'food for thought' -

    No criticism, of any kind is intended, inferred, or implied.)

    (And, not that any of it really matters, as  I understand it -

    Your only real concern? ... Was just with the display of the camera meters, themselves? - But,)


    You didn't mention what device, you were feeding the camera, with?


    What I'm 'taking the long way' to say, is ... If you are using just a 'mixer' to feed the camera? -

    And, if you have access to a 'Sound Devices 302' mixer? -

    Why not give the "Full Scale Tone" option a try?

    (Obviously, all of the above is a moot point ... If you don't access to a SD 302?)

    This is only my '2 cents.'

    Good advice =) 

    Knowing that dot is -12, I'll just send a -12 reference out of my 788 next time. Though what I did, going around half way then speaking loudly right into my boom while making sure it wasn't hitting the final red mark, worked. 

  9. 47 minutes ago, Philip Perkins said:

    My Primary Rule For Sound On Dinky-Cams: feed it tone, make sure it's not distorting (like the input is a match for what you are sending, mic or line etc) and "split" the scale.  Park the tone right in the middle of whatever meter it is.  Works for me.

    That's what I ended up doing. 

    Good info everyone, annoying that they don't have a -20 mark. 

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