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  1. I got a set a few years ago. They work great but I found them to big to have kicking around just in case. They are great for listening to music while mowing the lawns though. Instead I carry a set of Shure E2 earphones. I find them a lot more convenient. Really handy for helicopter work under a coms headset and for locations where you need to wear a hard hat. The Direct Sound head set gives better isolation, there just not that convenient. Adam
  2. Job for National Geographic at the Sydney Dragway. She didn't seem to say much.
  3. Almost forgot. NZ Customs can be a pain in the ass. I did a job in Sydney two weeks ago. It was late notice so didn't have a carnet. I did an export order and had it stamped by NZ customs on my way out. AU customs didn't have any problems once they realized that I was from NZ and had no intention of leaving my gear behind. But when i arrived back in NZ I got a "warning" form NZ Customs for not having a carnet. Serves me right for being honest and declaring my work equipment. Adam
  4. Hi Peter I'm a soundie in Wellington. Blocks 22 and 24 are fine. 29 should also be fine but starting to get dangerous. You may get away with Zaxcom 31 but no guaranties. You can search frequencies here http://www.rsm.govt.nz/cms If you need anything let me know. May is cold. Not freezing but rain and wind. If you need any camera bits and peaces talk to: Rocket Rentals http://www.rocketrentals.com/ or Camera Works http://www.cameraworks.co.nz/ Adam Adam Dransfield Location, OB and Studio Sound Po Box 11-465 Manners st Wellington New Zealand Ph +64 21 455997 http://www.adamdransfield.net
  5. The thing the bugs me about 552 is the fact that there is a USB port on the bottom that cant be used to access the cards. IOh, and avoid A-DATA SD cards. Adam
  6. Tip is mic. Ring is line. Adam
  7. I had similar problems the other day. I ran the mac disk utility and repaired it and managed to solve most of my issues except for one corrupted file. I think my problem was caused when i powered my mixer off before the 552 had finished writing the file. I have a master power switch in my bag that I tend to hit a little to fast some times. Im also not sure about my cards. I have a couple of A-DATA one that may be causing problems. Adam
  8. For a long time i used a Blueline CK93 for indoors. It was ok. But my MKH 8050 sounds better. Adam
  9. Most live in the cupboard but here goes. AKG 480 Shotgun Sennheiser MKH 8050 Sanken CS1 MKH 416T MKH 816T MKH 815T AKG CK1 AKG CK7 x2 AKG CK93 x 2 AKG CK98 x 8 Sanken CSS5 Rode NT4 Rode NT5 x2 Rode NT3 Rode NTG-2 AudioTechnica 895 Tram for radios x 2 Tram for XLR x 2 Sanken COS11 x 2 Countryman B6 Shure SM63 x 2 Shure SM58 There's probably a few others things I've forgotten. Adam
  10. Hi I've just received the latest price list for Rode products for distributers. It shows the Pin Mic on it. It doesn't seem to have shown up on Rode's web site yet though. Adam
  11. Hello Can any one help me out with what frequencies blocks are usable in South Africa and Germany. Thanks Adam
  12. Silly question but. How is phantom power getting through the ballen? I open up a system that had the same specs as the InstraSnake and found nothing in it. I've modeled my snake on this and its worked great. Really good if your flying with it and need to keep your weight down. Adam
  13. Adam D

    SD 552

    Im loving the ability to send AES to XD cameras. I can feed four tracks now if i like. I used it on a music job the other day and was able to send vocal, guitar and a stereo mic for natural reverb, separately to camera with out having to mic it down. Adam
  14. I have heard back from Sound Devices and they had had this problem with other cards as well. What cards are everyone using? Has anyone had problems with other manufacturers? Adam
  15. Hi Matt. Yep formatted it in the 552. Everything works fine. I just need to reseat the card when ever I turn the mixer on. The Card is a "ADATA TURBO CLASS 6 SDHC CARD 16GB" I am still waiting to hear what Sound Devices have to say. Adam
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