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  1. I've got some pliars, a hammer, and some glue what's the workflow for repairing your teeth?
  2. They sound very similar but don't have that ridiculous spade connector that starts going intermittent after a while that the HD25's have, for that alone HD26's are worth it for me. I've found HD26's to be much harder wearing than I thought they would be, nothing is showing any signs of weaing out in over 18 months of heavy use, which is also excellent. HD26's are a liitle heavier and bulkier than 25's so putting them on with one hand is slightly less easy, but more confortable once they're on. I like HD26's and I've finally escaped that fiddling with spade connectors that used to drive me nuts on the HD25's (five pairs, I tried hard with HD25's!)
  3. Hmm nice, quite a lot of flex, more than I thought looking at a still photo....:)
  4. How much does it flex please? Video?
  5. Thanks John for all the detail, one small step for the internet not becoming a giant seething mass of lies....:)
  6. So the idea that DAD3057's have the ground connected to the shell and the DAD6003's don't, is just hearsay?
  7. DAD3057 for Zaxcom https://www.soundnetwork.co.uk/dpa-microphones/adapters/
  8. Thanks for your report, good to know, but 'off axis rejection' on an omnidirectional mic?
  9. As I have both c and b preamps I did a quick comparison and like Constantin I get the impression that c is noisier than b. Must do a proper test at some point, any suggestions about how to conduct this without testing equipment? I'd guess that you could see how the gain compares for both pre-amps by playing a fixed tone from a speaker with the mic in the same position and see whether you need more gain with one rather than the other pre-amp to achieve the same level, and having established whether there's any difference in base gain, then cover the mic with a very thick noise baffle (sound blankets etc.) and wind the gain up a comparable amount (depending on the results of the base gain setting test) record the results and compare the noise on a clear level meter perhaps in a DAW and arrive at a rough comparison of self noise? The self noise of the recorder pre-amp itself would be roughly the same? Would that work for a rough but practical test?
  10. Fixer, any good fixer can smooth your way, including through customs, no problem. Mandarin are very good. http://www.mandarinfilm.com/en/film-production-services
  11. https://www.amazon.com/MoKo-Apple-Leather-Carrying-Samsung-x/dp/B06XQXM89Z/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1542205231&sr=8-4&keywords=MoKo+Holder+Case+for+Apple+Pencil They are PU leather ie. synthetic, which is good. Firm re-inforced sides not all squishy. 3 pin Lemo adapters in place or XLR phantom adapters too...
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