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  1. As far as I can see having promoted 'LINEAR' with a banner, Wisycom sloppily neglect to tell you what it is, which leads one to the conclusion that it might be just a promotion name. Even if you downoad the manual and search for 'linear' there's no results found. If that's how they do business, I'm put off right from the start!
  2. pindrop


    Yes as Martin clearly points out maybe some training / learning of brain synapses involved, to use such a capable machine in such a compact package.....:) Plus no more Nomad like 'Mode' conundrums is a big bonus......:) Actually which button is the trim button? Would it be one of the user assigned function buttons?
  3. Yep here we are over 6 months after the official release of Mojave and Avid still haven't made Pro Tools compatible. Should be a user revolt over subscription based software, everyone just keeps paying regardless, where's the incentive for Avid to make the effort? If Avid's revenue stream dried up because there was no upgrade to purchase on the old system, they'd have pulled their finger out months ago......but as it is the subscriptions just keep rolling in.....
  4. pindrop


    'Auto trim on steroids', I'm ready to believe.....:) Flexibility is one characteristic, the need to think, and particularly speed, are others. Autotrim is mechanically logical. Could you perhaps clarify some of the following please - Say you want to trim, rather than fade, your fifth and your sixth input, and all five pots are currently set to fade, what button presses would you need to achieve that? Are the encoders themselves 'pressable' as user assigned switches? If not how do you switch from fade to trim, and presumably to the second bank for the sixth input, and determine that the second bank would come up as trim etc. etc? Thanks.... P.S. Any time scale on the Nova manual being published?
  5. pindrop


    Thanks for that info...
  6. Mini-Scorpio incorporating some some stripped down A10's, it's all the rage....:)
  7. pindrop


    Oh yeh, have you still got to take the whole !@*!&? thing apart to replace the clock backup battery? How many tiny screws do you have to unscrew on the Nomad, is it 96?....:)
  8. pindrop


    Don't forget the built in Micplexer as well, which apparently will have external output for additional external receivers, however not fully confirmed, and doesn't seem to be apparent on the available photos so far, so that's a bit of a mystery? Are the 6 push buttons user assignable, anyone know? Is it goodbye Nomad like 'mode' choices, so the Nova 12 record tracks can be assigned to any 12 inputs, say 4 analog and 8 AES (4 internal plus 4 external) without sacrificing Zaxnet or Neverclip or returns?
  9. pindrop


    Good and interesting point, think a few might be heading for thinking along those lines, though of course Zaxcom also makes their own controllers.
  10. Mojave was officially released on September 24th 2018 Avid Knowledge Base Last Updated : March 15, 2019 Pro Tools - macOS Mojave (10.14) is not supported with Pro Tools at this time.
  11. Yes quite, with subscription where everyone just pays regardless, it simply removes the old incentive to release updates to bring in more revenue. If you're getting the money anyway from subscription why make that extra effort....... I saw this coming a long time ago, and hoped there might be some kind of user revolt as you can see why software companies love people paying them regardless of what effort is made. So exactly as you point out, here we are, Mojave has been out for six months, and there's been no PT update to work with it, disgraceful......
  12. I've got some pliars, a hammer, and some glue what's the workflow for repairing your teeth?
  13. They sound very similar but don't have that ridiculous spade connector that starts going intermittent after a while that the HD25's have, for that alone HD26's are worth it for me. I've found HD26's to be much harder wearing than I thought they would be, nothing is showing any signs of weaing out in over 18 months of heavy use, which is also excellent. HD26's are a liitle heavier and bulkier than 25's so putting them on with one hand is slightly less easy, but more confortable once they're on. I like HD26's and I've finally escaped that fiddling with spade connectors that used to drive me nuts on the HD25's (five pairs, I tried hard with HD25's!)
  14. Hmm nice, quite a lot of flex, more than I thought looking at a still photo....:)
  15. How much does it flex please? Video?
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