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  1. Maybe in theory... But because you're using the 442s gain, phantom, low cut, and limiter- you don't apply those low quality options on the h4n... Which is when the h4n becomes noisy with the pres cranked etc. Obviously there are better quality options if you have the money, but this works for our clients... Which is mostly web based promo videos etc. Ill post our latest video when it's finished if interested.
  2. Sly goose cables is pretty solid out of Toronto. His name is Darren if I remember!
  3. I use the H4N a lot with a 442 and send a mic level signal to the 1/8" external mic in on the back. Keep H4N levels low and use your 552 for everything else. You'll need a TA3 to 1/8" though and make sure the direct out on your 552 is set to mic level.
  4. I'm pretty sure you can do isos by adding a second, (or however many isos) audio recorder bin in plural eyes... Maybe not? My brother usually does this side of our work, but we were working on a work flow yesterday and seemed to come to this conclusion. Our issue is with FCPX- after plural eyes locks the different tracks it won't take them into FCPX without slapping EVERYTHING into the timeline, which is frustrating for the editing stage of course. Maybe it's time for premier?
  5. I was just dealing with this today- plural eyes can sync it all fine (2 stereo files), but its what to do after that's not clear... We've found it easiest to sync pre video editing by replacing the camera audio with recorder audio in PE (problem is you can only replace it with two tracks (LR)).
  6. Another issue I've just run into with the setup discussed is 4 channel mode with the H4N- While Plural eyes can sync it all, there is no way to replace the camera audio with all 4 channels to take to FCPX for editing. It will only take one of the stereo files... Any idea on a work around?
  7. I sold a big ticket item last year on eBay (around $3k) and everything went fine, but it took about three weeks for them to release the funds. It wasn't until later that I found out you need to update eBay AND Paypal separately with the tracking info. Apparently that would have made it go faster... Anyone with long wait times forget to do that?
  8. I'm going to definitely be pushing for the boom to be number 1, but the director has a thing for lavs... Thanks again for the input guys.
  9. Yes! Good idea. I think I might have seen that in a movie somewhere...
  10. All great tips guys- these Neopax... if I could get my hands on them before this shoot, where would you recommend I have them wear them? Thigh? I like the slate idea Tom... should I bring the parents in before or after that part? Haha
  11. Hey guys Pretty new to the production sound game and just looking for some tips or any experiences that can prepare me for working with some kids this week. Only a one day shoot, but a decent amount of dialog to cover... planning on laving and booming if I can. Location is a diner, so I'm assuming dress should be fairly casual. Anything specific I should be prepared for? How do kids take to being mic'd up? Thanks!
  12. I'm pretty sure the handles are indefinite- meaning you get the whole file trimmed back. The non LE version allows you to create handles that are shorter allowing you to save disk space (speeds up transfer times)... hasn't been as issue for me since I'm mainly working on shorts... I find there is tons of sorting to do once you import the tracks... It definitely has room for improvement, but it allows my video editor to continue using FCX for now...
  13. Thanks for the feedback- laptop speakers seem quiet for everyone, the episode at the laundry mat is somewhat "mastered" while the first one wasn't at all. And the pace is very slow... Purposely awkward! Does anyone know how to embed videos? I feel like no one wants to venture over to Vimeo... Thanks again
  14. Hey guys, Just a brief background- I've been reading here a lot, purchased a few things, and hopefully been learning a lot too. I started off working on the Music side of things- playing, then recording and mixing. Just recently sold off some mixing gear for a decent location setup and this is where I'm at so far. Mostly been doing stuff for my brother's company, but hopefully it'll start to span out. This is our little side project: Couldn't embed the video, so hopefully you guys don't mind! http://www.vimeo.com/channels/amanworthknowing Basically this is for us to hash out workflows and get creative. I'm happier with the second one (episode one), and hopefully each one will get better. The first one was volume automated within FCPX (no other processing and all in mono), while the second one I imported into Pro Tools for the mixdown and was able to do a lot more (for better or worse?). I'd say so far the sounds are 98% production... The close ups allow for decent hard FX recordings etc.Thanks for any feedback and if anyone has questions let me know!
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