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  1. Jim Feeley

    Deity Connect.

    Perhaps Rode was thinking with a 10mW tx, just one version could be sold worldwide (Japan, for example, sets a 10mW limit, right?). And perhaps they worry that the low-end of their market would think, "I want one with more em double yous" rather than "this works for me." And this page makes it look like the RODElink beltpack puts out 11mW https://fccid.io/2AEAN391001 But weird that Rode is so secretive... Anyway, if there is a tx power difference, that could account for all/most/some of the range difference between Rode and Deity, no? I'll keep a casual eye on Deity's stuff, but it's going to take a lot of to convince me that they're for me. I mean, I need four new channels, and I'd be happy to save $8,000+, but I'm not going to be first in town to buy these. Not a slag; we'll probably see these all over the place.
  2. Jim Feeley

    2018 Emmy Award skit

    That is fantastic!
  3. Jim Feeley

    Deity Connect.

    Doesn't Deity's TX put out up to 100mW? How much power does the Rodelink belt-pack tx put out? Isn't it something like 10mW (I really don't recall)? Not slagging Deity much, but you know tradeshow talk... And perhaps Rode will release something new in the coming months, around the same time Deity ships. 2.4GHz holds promise of course, and competition is good. And I'd be more than happy to spend $800 for two channels w/lavs rather than $6000 or so. But I really want to know what I'm giving up.
  4. Jim Feeley

    Working on "Harold & Maude"

    TAKE: ONE! Ha! The mansion in the film was a mile or so from my now-wife's childhood home (she did not grow up in such opulence, btw). When we were dating, we worked as wait staff for a fundraiser held there. We were both cracking up: "This is the seppuku room! And the harps are still there!" And then "the pool!" I must say, it brought us a step closer to saying, "yep, this is the person for me." So thanks Jeff, in your small way, for helping to bring Madeline and me together. 😉 Also, I'm looking forward to seeing the Hal doc.
  5. Jim Feeley

    Deity Connect.

    "We started development in June and now have prototypes here at IBC." And I think they plan to release these things in six or so months. So perhaps there's time for some design changes. Like, keep the rechargable battery but put it behind a door so we can replace it if needed. Would the extra cost result in enough extra sales? No idea.
  6. Jim Feeley

    What to do with 600-698 MHz wireless systems?

    But I think in this case, the "they" is T-Mobile et al, not the FCC. And since the 600MHz band is being used for LTE/5G cell/mobile stuff, there are lots of sites and devices. And I think T will be sensitive to interference and will be able to fairly easily prepare a note to send to FCC Enforcement Bureau offices. T-Mobile 600 MHz Extended Range LTE Now Live in 900+ Cities & Towns, Coming to Puerto Rico June 06, 2018 https://www.t-mobile.com/news/extended-range-lte-puerto-rico It's just not feeling, to me, like the 700MHz rollout/ban. It's feeling faster, to me at least...
  7. Jim Feeley

    Deity Connect.

    Reportedly, RX+2TX+2lavs = US$800. Plan to ship in six months or so.
  8. Jim Feeley

    New Zoom H3-VR Recorder mic combo..

    It's the Zoom of ambisonics devices. It'll probably be good enough for lots of VR producers. 😕
  9. Jim Feeley

    iZotope RX 7 tease

    Lots more information, downloads, etc on the iZotope website: https://www.izotope.com/en/products/repair-and-edit/rx.html And here's a chart that makes it easy to see what's included in each version, what's new and improved, and what you have to spend: https://www.izotope.com/en/products/repair-and-edit/rx/features-and-comparison.html And here's a three-minute video that prettily discusses some of the new features: Ya, I'll upgrade...
  10. Jim Feeley

    iZotope RX 7 tease

    This is just a tease and I think the only people who are going to critique it (people like you and me), already know something about what RX does. I presume we'll get more information and videos about what RX 7 does when it's announced. And I'd guess converting the core processing engine to Wankel is taking some time.
  11. Jim Feeley

    New Zoom H3-VR Recorder mic combo..

    Damn, that's pretty interesting. What appears to me (a guy with just a little VR experience) to be some thoughtful design features. But ya, I presume Zoom-quality mic elements.
  12. Jim Feeley

    Recording music performances on set

    Looking at the instrumentation, maybe it's a period piece. Corrado, any more details?
  13. Jim Feeley

    Dual Tumbleweeds

    New retro-styled dual-channel voice projector. Because Fender is doing so well with their classic guitar-amp reissues. And because, thanks to the FCC, spectrum just isn't fun anymore.
  14. Jim Feeley

    Dual Tumbleweeds

    Constantin, in the US at least, "Nothing to see here" is a colloquial ironic phrase implying there actually is something to see...or at least will be... Karl jokes with us. Way more than you want to know about the phrase: https://www.chronicle.com/blogs/linguafranca/2017/11/27/nothing-to-see-here-the-evolution-of-a-catchphrase/
  15. Jim Feeley

    iZotope RX 7 tease

    Just over 30-seconds long. Dialogue Contour seems to be the thing. I guess IBC/AES-ish release? And there's at least one book coming. Complete with an Encyclopedia of Noise :-) https://www.halleonard.com/product/viewproduct.action?itemid=269473&lid=3&keywords=iZotope&subsiteid=1&