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    have been waiting for the new site to register.
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  1. Ira I’m so glad she founded new life 😊👍 i never had much of a need for the mute switch in production mixing (but those faders were sooo nice). Those momentary PFL switches got alot of use as you can tell by the worn rubber tips. Both your ideas would make for great mods, but maybe not cost effective. I found my original Operators Manual, circa 1999. if you’d like for me to mail it to you, pm me your address. enjoy the Cooper!
  2. Ira, that 208 looks just like the one Trew sold for me recently. If so, you have a gem. It was treated like it was the best mixer ever made It was the 2nd or 3rd that Andy made in the 208 line, and he made it custom w the M-S stereo module in the first fader position.
  3. Great idea on your design. Best of luck and keep us posted. Here are a couple images of the Lord mounts David is referencing:
  4. He was such a artist! His work will be in a museum some day. RIP Chinhda.
  5. Denecke is the ONLY timecode boxes or slates I’ve ever needed. The best products and the best customer service. Why go anywhere else?
  6. Thanks for sharing Whit. I hadn't seen this article before. Amazing work by our New York brothers and sisters! Never Forget
  7. The Mini does accept line level input via the Lemo on the front. Levels are controlled in the menu (similar to Amira), however only a few choices as I recall, -18db, -20db etc. No headphone or line out.
  8. "If you are offended by my post because you live in one of these areas, I don't give a s***. This accident was preventable by true professionals." Mirror, I know you don't give a s*** about this area, but blaming the local crew's professionalism is a bit outta line. This was a tragic accident that should have been prevented by everyone involved in this production, and as a few have speculated, possibly even the railroad. Please keep your demeaning and offensive comments concerning the crew out of this tragedy. Instead a bit of sympathy for those involved might be a more meaningful comment at this time.
  9. If you need Audio Ltd. In the US contact Chuck or Evan @ Vark Audio (301) 229-0288 They are not in Miami, but great people and worth the shipping.
  10. That's aim A bit higher for quality equipment.
  11. Eric, sorry to butt in on this, but why only $250 for that gear package? Seems ridiculously low for 4 wires, camera hop, and a multi track recorder! I don't do this kind of gig normally, but it seems your pricing does devalue the rate for everyone's equipment packages, no matter what type of work we do. I don't feel I could rent a similar package from any rental house for anywhere close to that amount. Aim I bit higher for quality equipment.
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