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    Deity Connect.

    The receptacles for the (machine?) screws better be good if this is the plan. A lot of devices this size (and budget) use self tapping case screws into a pillar of the same plastic as the housing - I'm sure I'm not the only 1 to think this and similar would have a very limited life if this was being done repeatedly in the field. But at $800 for 2 channels maybe another $400 for 2 extra TX is not the end of the world for those working long gigs (who most likely will keep working with their expensive analogue systems long enough to maybe consider version 2 or 3 of this 2.4 system, if ever).
  2. daniel

    New Zoom H3-VR Recorder mic combo..

    I have no idea how hard it is for a human to find the sweet spot ("isolate the specific portions") in an Ambisonic sound field but I imagine at some point it is not implausible a computer will be small and fast enough to do this, if not in real time but efficiently enough after the event for a review to be available on set. Perhaps it starts out a bit like 'steady shot' for boom, micro adjustments to the mic pattern or direction to level out a derived mono (cardioid) signal (without riding gain) or smoothly cue to 'on mic' sources in a multiple speaker, Ad Lib situation. Perhaps a zoomable mic, from omni through to hyper cardioid and shotgun. Or model the mic you left at home :-). Am I right in thinking if 1 could successfully model the polar pattern of an MKH50 from an ambisonic recording (dataset?), at this point in time, the noise floor would be greater than an MKH50 because to the 4 caps and preamps used to create ambisonic?
  3. daniel

    New Zoom H3-VR Recorder mic combo..

    As alenK says, ambisonic not all about VR. "[] isolate specific portions of the sound field from the whole, with greater precision and latitude of choice, than is possible with other traditional microphone array geometries, when used with similar near-far or distant placement. " (eloquently precise). If Rode have brought a new dimension to how the recording can be manipulated (and how easy it is to do this) I wonder why people would think we wont be asked to add something like this to our 'deliverables'. Not sure if rode plugin works with ambisonic recordings from different set-ups - "Eschewing the matrices and correction filters of previous generations, it utilises state-of-the-art frequency-domain processing". Correction filter are specific to the mic array, right? Anyway, (perhaps) people are going to hate me for saying this, but this could change the use of the boom pole. Eg. Computational sound gives us a virtual fisher boom?
  4. daniel

    cycling to work

    Don't think many readers will seriously think about abandoning the van they drive down the freeway with but... this would be cute for moving the rig around the lot (better than a golf cart anyway): http://velove.se/ Ah I see mono posted it above already (with pictures!).
  5. daniel

    Deity Connect.

    These guys too: https://wavreport.com/2018/04/03/review-mipro-act-80-eng-kit/ The system uses 18500 lithium rechargeable in the TX.
  6. daniel

    New Zoom H3-VR Recorder mic combo..

    I know this thread is wrong place but I thought this plug-in interesting for working with FCPX: https://www.rode.com/soundfieldplugin
  7. daniel

    New Zoom H3-VR Recorder mic combo..

    +1. And in no way to contradict: I'd rather the gig delivering location dialogue tracks and mix with the capacity to provide an ambisonic atmos than get booked to delivering an ambisonic atmos with some dialogue tracks thrown in (does this make sense?). Are the folks marketing 7 minute VR experiences that bothered on what equipment the ambisonics are recorded or more the ability to say it's 'ambisonic'. What I gather from the VR conversation thus far is when location recordists get booked to do this stuff it's because the client wants discrete dialogue and effects tracks to work into the VR environment as well as the ambisonic. "as a film sound editor I'd be happier being handed a pile of ORTF tracks, Dan " so we should do a blind test - an ORTF originated recording on something of similar cost vs an ORTF derived from the H3-VR. https://micbooster.com/primo-microphone-capsules/135-clippy-em184-xlr-matched-pair.html (I imagine the caps in the Zoom are similar to some of the primos). https://www.amazon.co.uk/Zoom-H4n-16GB-Card-Tripod/dp/B01DPOXS8I/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1537130046&sr=8-3&keywords=zoom+h4n Obviously not expecting any of these to be comparable to a pair of 8040s and pro grade preamps etc - but very interested in something small an easy to carry. In terms of field use, it looks like it'll be fun improvising a basket for this - maybe sugru and something like a Supershield pod ;-)
  8. daniel

    New Zoom H3-VR Recorder mic combo..

    My guess is if Zoom make another 1 of these it will be more expensive and closer to the cost of the Rode offering. Quality aside, this looks like a product that will get a lot more people interested in ambisonic not least as it has they have tried to develop a more accessible approach to the workflow. Monitoring/reference feed in Binaural/Stereo, built in decoding to 2 types of B format during OR after recording and a nice concept for the accelerometers when reviewing recordings. Yep, I've sold myself 1. I have a trip to Sri Lanka at the end of the year and was going to put a compact ORTF rig together to record ambiance and events (on trip i'm unlikely to do again). Any idea when this is available?
  9. daniel

    New Zoom H3-VR Recorder mic combo..

    They have few vids:
  10. daniel

    New Zoom H3-VR Recorder mic combo..

    OLED would have been nice and certainly my preference but perhaps using a cheap screen meant they could add more value to the audio side. Screens also have an impact on battery life/size and can also cause RFI. Zoom seem prepared to evolve product lines quite quickly if successful eg. H1/n, H2/n H4/n, F8/n and despite so-so menus and build quality they've had a knack a capturing a decent share of new (style production) markets quite well, eg. H4 and F series. If this does well, expect another 1 soon. This 1 puts an interesting proposition to a new market, less of risk for zoom, less of a risk for buyers (if delivers content 'well enough'). Maybe at this price it gets a few more tradition recordists trying the ambisonic medium (and primed for the next 1:-).
  11. daniel

    New Zoom H3-VR Recorder mic combo..

    Zoom's H2 (&H2n) had a 4 channel mode and cost very little (and sounded horrible). With more demand for VR content maybe they saw a reason to build and improve on the previous offerings (which haven't evolved much since they decided to develop multi track bag recorders). Asides from the quality of the capsules (I imagine average at best) I'm interested to see if the other design features prove to be of use in VR content. Eg. the accelerometers and the 1 box solution. For starters maybe this offers enough to start doing VR gigs where individual source elements (personal mics) are the main focus and production need an ambisonic 'bed'/'canvas' to put them on. Ie. we can use our non ambisonic recorders (like a 633) for the dialogue and let this thing do the ambisonic acquisition. With a built in recorder we might hope processing of the signals has been optimised to make the most of the (albeit modest) hardware, and if this is the case, does it do enough to compete with better systems of higher cost and quality but need more hands on processing in post. Re TC. I know its an ugly option but could a tentacle and a pocket emitter (held close to the Zoom capsules for a few seconds) put a clean enough TC signal into the Zoom acoustically to allow for an easier syncing process?
  12. daniel

    New from Lectro.

    $20.22 or what's the point?
  13. daniel

    Dual Tumbleweeds

    Dual LR.
  14. daniel

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    Rycote Supershield with 2 rear pods?
  15. daniel

    633 or 788T HDD

    How's the Automix on the zoom F8/n?
  16. daniel

    Sonosax M2D2

    Jez, no more likely to find a working XLR in the 'middle of nowhere' than a TA3. Probably find a cola can (empty), AA batteries (flat), AK47 bullet (casings), USB cable (broken) and maybe some goats: https://goo.gl/images/PyeiM4 The good thing about TA3/5 is they are almost as easy to solder as XLRs but considerably lighter and so easier to carry spares. XLRs would also have meant connectors on the 1 side of the unit (like the DNS2) which makes it harder to fit in a compact bag, imho. At least it's got T power tho... oh.
  17. daniel

    Update on the upcoming Tentacle Sync-E

    How are people putting Tentacles on DSLR hot shoe (if at all)? Any1 doing a 3D printed accessory?
  18. daniel

    Update on the upcoming Tentacle Sync-E

    New Tentacle features and the suite of apps looking good (an MP3 option in the recording app would be useful in some circumstances). Although not necessary for most productions, could Tentacles be synchronised using network time (available from the phone) to sync devices in remote places? Similarly (or perhaps differently :-), Is they any chance SD recorders could acquire or share TC through Wingman/Tentacle app? Obviously not the way many of us would want to work but it would be interesting to a make multi camera, multi recorder experiment with smart phones. If I understand this correctly, with 1 Tentacle E, multiple smart phones could use TC shared by bluetooth to reference an audio or video recording with the appropriate apps?
  19. daniel

    Zoom F8n.

    1 of the reasons I went for the 633 is the ease of renting a larger 688 if needed and the operational differences between a 633 and a 688 are so slight as to be able to jump right in if you need to. If most of your jobs are less than 6 channels, save your back (a bit) with the lighter machine and hire the bigger 1 (and a mini cart :-) if you need.
  20. How do the 2 antenna lengths compare to the lectro data?: https://www.lectrosonics.com/US/phocadownload/ammkit_td.pdf
  21. daniel

    New (grey) Rycote Cyclone

    Contact Rycote they have very good customer service.
  22. daniel

    Abisonic Microphones

    I was less concerned with how I would get a signal to my ears than how useful an uncalibrated signal would be to monitor for a beginner (in this field - like myself). I'm guessing an experienced op would be able to gauge how an uncalibrated signal would transpose in PP, a beginner less so, if at all? I image wind noise, suspension rumble, signal interference are not masked by the uncalibrated O/P but more subtle nuances of the sound and therefore where best to place the mic probably are masked to certain extent? Maybe I'm over thinking this but I'd like to develop this as a skillset. Are the current recorders with an 'Ambisonic Modes' calibrating the I/P signals before recording or just for monitoring?
  23. daniel

    Boom Pole Quick Connect

    Equally why trust anything cheaper than the Ambient QRT (which is what I'm planning to get)? Credibly, I don't think the issue with the Gravity QR will be it unlocking itself and dropping the mic on the floor (as is seems to use a similar BB type of lock that wheel chair axles use). My concern, without seeing 1 in person (or hearing another user's experience) would be wobble. As in, it holds a mic suspension but not securely enough to prevent backlash and therefore unusable boom tracks.
  24. daniel

    Boom Pole Quick Connect

    Anyone tried this 1? https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1364518-REG/gravity_stands_gmsqc1b_quick_coupler_for_mic.html https://www.gravitystands.com/en/products/accessories/2914/ms-qc-1-b?c=659#detail-accessories