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  1. Have you tried contacting Deity customer support? And if so how was it?
  2. And when she asks the crew to keep still for the room tone - they know she means business.
  3. Probably not the workflow most would want these days but presumably the tone would start and/or finish at some point on the time line, like a reference audio track (and bloop slate).
  4. Grant, you don't say if you need balanced O/Ps but if you're coming from a 302 (with balanced O/Ps) my guess is it will be important for you and some of your existing clients to retain this capability. Bang for buck a used 633 is your best bet.
  5. 'That section of the video was confusing. I didn’t understand if the stamped TC on the files actually matched the audio recorder’s tc. To me it seemed like he was comparing the displays in the different devices only. But I sort of half watched it at that point, so I could’ve easily missed something.' +1. The point about using photos to compare TC displays is kind of valid and overall it's a thorough review (i FF the walk tests:) but a more real world use would be to Jam both devices to the same reference (eg the recorder), use the displays to confirm source and stick the BP-TRX on the cameras (and if you're working with a single camera with an audio I/P use the spare box to send a scratch track). I would not be surprised if there were drift in the compared files but he didn't seem to test this. There are also few TC devices which dont have a numeric display at all unless you are using an app.
  6. "like wireless TC." TC is not wireless on these devices - as in you need a cable to jam to a reference.
  7. Maybe EK6042 can do this - nope (but why not?)! Would also be great to have 4+ RX in a box the size of their EW-D rack unit (like the lectro DSQD).
  8. micro tx never cheap on release: https://www.locationsound.com/sennheiser-sk-5212-ii-bodypack-transmitter-3590 obviously these sennys are cheaper now.
  9. I bought BP-TRX primarily for TC for which they are fine (even without an app) , but camera scratch track and IEM make them worth while having in the bag even if TC is not required. For me Tentacle went from innovative disruptor (Sync and Sync E) to borderline box hobbling in 3 iterations (at least 'playing with the handbrake' on). Lots would have gone for their Track E recorder over BP-TRX if it could have doubled as a standalone TC box? Other thoughts: ~ 2.4gHz is 2.4gHz - but TC works without wireless connection. ~ Network, Display and App > Display > App (imho - i went with Display). ~ Locking connectors > proprietary plastic clip working with just 1 type of right angle connector. ~ I like the Tentacle industrial design, website, apps and logo.
  10. https://www.bikeradar.com/news/lachlan-morton-completes-alt-tour/
  11. If only we could charge batteries with heat. https://news.stanford.edu/news/2014/may/waste-heat-battery-052114.html
  12. I wonder if this just became less likely.
  13. ahem: "Deity Microphones is excited to announce they have signed a license agreement with Zaxcom for 5 patents. This agreement will allow Deity Microphones’ new BP-TRX units to transmit and record audio at the same time when purchased or used in the United States."
  14. Just had a play around with the stereo record/TX function. Using 'soundman OKM binaurals' i didn't have any joy with stereo. IE. if the I/P is set to 'mono' 1 capsule is present in both ears (on both TX and RX O/Ps). If I/P set to 'stereo' then only 1 capsule is present in 1 ear (on both TX and RX O/Ps). The OKMs working fine on anything else with stereo minijack or XLR (via adapter) I/P so it seems the 'stereo' setting regards only the (unbalanced) O/Ps and the audio I/P is a mono source only (Andrew?)
  15. Thanks for posting Bouke. Is this the link for the recorder?: https://www.videotoolshed.com/product/recorder/
  16. No, I didn't mean the tentacle recorder – Track E. For 1, i'm not so interested in remote recorders (TC or otherwise) and as much as i like what Tentacle did with their sync boxes i was disappointed the Track E could not be used as TC box as well – seemed like no brainer to me but maybe 32bit makes up for that - maybe Tentacle rethink this a bit with a firmware or a new device.
  17. Flip-flops are great way for the feet to uncompress after wearing shoes all day and anyway sometimes you got live on the edge a little
  18. 👍 If i had Ultrasync ones already i'd probably concur. But if i was buying TC only units (right now) it would be 1 of the Ambient offerings (which I'm more used to) or the Tentacle. For me the BP-TRX are (hopefully) the right thing at the right time. Some of my clients want TC, others a scratch track, a few want both and some don't know what they want These go in the bag, cover those bases (in a 2.4GHz kind of way:) and give me an easy 'go to' with a last minute request. Of course if the client wants to pay for UHF camera hops I can supply these too - but I'd rather not carry UHF camera hops around in the bag 'just in case'.
  19. Got the time code kit, seems ok. My primary use is for TC to 2 cameras - for which these seem fine so far. The TC is not transmitted (as far as I can make out) so jam to master with cable and it will do the job whatever happens to the wireless signal. I have a feature request: Is it possible to allow the USB feature to function when unit is set to at least 1 of the receiver modes. eg "hop", "iem" or "RX". This would a nice way to get sound from a recorder/mixer into laptop or phone where cables are just a real pain. ta.
  20. Hi Andrew, Can I check with you a few small detail: Lets say I'm using the 'Time Code Kit' (2 units, cables etc) for TC and camera hop (ie 1 unit with the recorder sending audio and TC to the other 1 on the camera) – if there are problems with the signal/ RF space/ range between the 2: ~ Will the camera mounted unit carry on as before regarding TC? (I guess the units have their own TC generator but I'm wondering how the units handle the situation described). ~ Will it automatically re-jam with the recorder mounted unit when back in range? Regards, Dan.
  21. this: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/273139-REG/Neumann_Z_26_MT_Z_26_mt_Inline.html or this: https://images.app.goo.gl/GSiEhowQGKWdWSA88 + https://images.app.goo.gl/Mw7fsgYxuMLkWweU8 or this: https://images.app.goo.gl/GSiEhowQGKWdWSA88 + https://images.app.goo.gl/gWT4hTPFCq5sTF4D9 + https://images.app.goo.gl/7RoKxRkaUwNLYLiy5
  22. Daniel, my apologies. It must have been wishful thinking as I can't find the reference to octopack working with MCR54. 😔
  23. Raycom mention using an MCR54 with an Octopack - similar perhaps?
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