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  1. All good with this part since you explained about using multiple customs exclusion lists. The other part I think I need to spend more time with the app and watch the videos again. Thank you for the reply.
  2. Thanks Roubi, obvious now you say it. 4 custom exclusions: everything up to 582; everything up to 606; everything from 614; everything from 638. Depending which 2 I deploy i can scan ch38 and/or 2 overlapping 32mhz (wisy friendly) bands with ch38 at 1 end or the other. There's probably something smarter but this will do. Is there a way to program or import a given brands receiver Groups into TXAdvance? Perhaps on the 'Edit TX' screen. When I'm trying to determine best freqs. it would be kinder to have both systems offer the same freqs. or am I missing some trick here too? I get the feeling either set of compatible freqs (offered by the RX or TXA) will work but have not determined if if 1 is better than the other. I tried locking the 1st TX to a frequency from 1 of the RX brand's groups but the AUTO button didn't modify the others to correspond to the rest of the freqs in the same (RX brand) group.
  3. https://newatlas.com/drones/ntt-docomo-balloon-drone-ultrasound-propulsion/
  4. I think an 'INCLUSION' list would do it for me ('CUSTOM INCLUSION' even)? Shure RX have this option. The easy way I found to limit the scan to legal bands, wisy limits etc was in location edit. But I have to remember it's there (which I don't always and it means I'm editing location details instead of RF details. If 'CUSTOM EXCLUSION' let me enter more than 1 exclusion band i could create a 'sandwich' for the band I want to include.
  5. How are people getting on with this? 1st day testing at home. Navigating between TX lists was a bit unintuitive (created an analogue 1 and digital 1). Main worry right now though is the spread of frequencies offered is either too wide to work with the 35 mhz limit of wisycom or if I apply a custom exclusion list (leaving 550 to 638) the app says no frequencies available. Maybe I just can't handle the RF truth but the wisy scanner will offer me freqs and in a smaller BW. Am I doing something wrong? I've tried reducing the gain as well, different antenna.
  6. https://www.parkers.co.uk/vans-pickups/levc/vn5/2020-review/
  7. remote the antennae - even a little bit should help.
  8. I got my F6 in Feb 2020(!) as a BU to my 633. Got me 'out of jail' when needed. Pity about the chip problems as its very convenient to carry for BU. I don't suppose Zoom are telling people the serial numbers involved. Happy to share S/N if it helps us find out the numbers.
  9. F6 is a useful recorder to have around. It would be nice to have a streamlined workflow for the 32 bit files that gave the client/situation the benefit without a laborious workflow.
  10. Guessing the model will be called MCR52 (if MPR52 or MCR42 are anything to go by).
  11. The ISDT chargers also let you dial the current used as well as handling multiple chemistries (not at the same time).
  12. SO how do the files sound compared to a normal Lav and UHF set-up? And whats the monitoring like?
  13. Thanks for sharing this. My friend has just bought into the Shure system and I'm quite tempted to follow. I'm currently running senn-wisy combos so I'd like to read a comparison between the Shure system and Senny's Ek6042 with Sk5215 and Sk6212 Tx (12 hour battery life on the digital 6212 really appeals).
  14. daniel

    Deity Connect.

    Sad to say Deity customer service is (in effect) non existent.
  15. Curious to see what the acquisition will do for product development. The rest of the Audiotonix group has high end, installation big stuff, SD has high end, location 'small' stuff - how will all these IPs coexist, develop and merge? SD's own acquisition of Audio Ltd put new products into the market quite quickly.
  16. tried that. it's better but not great. the attenuation is in the digital domain.
  17. Anyone considering this system needs to factor in replacing the supplied cables with more reliable equivalents. 1 of the splitter cables with my TC Kit was DoA and getting any meaningful response from customer support has not happened. FYI the TC (kit) splitter cable (minijack to XLR/BNC) costs c.£50 each to have made professionally in UK. If Deity are listening it would also be able nice to pad the audio I/P down. X3/4 from a 633 is too hot and distorts.
  18. Have you tried contacting Deity customer support? And if so how was it?
  19. And when she asks the crew to keep still for the room tone - they know she means business.
  20. Probably not the workflow most would want these days but presumably the tone would start and/or finish at some point on the time line, like a reference audio track (and bloop slate).
  21. Grant, you don't say if you need balanced O/Ps but if you're coming from a 302 (with balanced O/Ps) my guess is it will be important for you and some of your existing clients to retain this capability. Bang for buck a used 633 is your best bet.
  22. 'That section of the video was confusing. I didn’t understand if the stamped TC on the files actually matched the audio recorder’s tc. To me it seemed like he was comparing the displays in the different devices only. But I sort of half watched it at that point, so I could’ve easily missed something.' +1. The point about using photos to compare TC displays is kind of valid and overall it's a thorough review (i FF the walk tests:) but a more real world use would be to Jam both devices to the same reference (eg the recorder), use the displays to confirm source and stick the BP-TRX on the cameras (and if you're working with a single camera with an audio I/P use the spare box to send a scratch track). I would not be surprised if there were drift in the compared files but he didn't seem to test this. There are also few TC devices which dont have a numeric display at all unless you are using an app.
  23. "like wireless TC." TC is not wireless on these devices - as in you need a cable to jam to a reference.
  24. Maybe EK6042 can do this - nope (but why not?)! Would also be great to have 4+ RX in a box the size of their EW-D rack unit (like the lectro DSQD).
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