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  1. this was over nine years ago. has anything changed in your home theater sound systems? I replaced my 42 in HD with an LG 55inch OLED UHD. I purchased the multi-region version of the LG UBK-90 blu-ray.
  2. unfortunately, thats vhf, and these look huge. anyone using something smaller?
  3. Hi everyone I occasionally work shows that transmit video on UHF channels instead of cabled. are there inexpensive stand-alone tuners with SD outs to plug into my monitors? Aron
  4. Thanks guys. I guess I've led a sheltered panahead life.
  5. Is it just the O'Connor fluid heads though? And is it only the equipment that hasn't been maintained?
  6. It could just be these O'Connor fluid heads, the operators, or camera gear being older, but I've been noticing the clicking noise from the camera operators unlocking and locking the fluid heads on the show I'm on. It's the pan and tilt latches Has anyone else started to notice this annoying snapping sound?
  7. thanks for all the comments guys. I need to draft a document for production to read so they will at least know *why* we need to be treated as a rental. It seems that the newer UPMs, Production Coordinators, and accountants are endoctrinated in the box rental school of thought. I was shocked to hear a camera assistant say to my boom op at one time, "if you don't want it dented, don't rent it" I think i might include some pics of classic mishandling of our gear to truly convey the message that the sound department is not in possession of our own gear when these things happen. I know there are pics out there of slates being held by the top stick (stressing the hinge), and others.
  8. Please please please! Refuse to sign box rental agreements for your sound package. It's not a box or kit, it's a package. It's not a drill, tape measure, laptop, or cell phone. I put $1800 worth of wireless gear on talent, and they walk away from me for 6 hours or more. I hand out $300 comteks to people in video village, and do not have them in my possession for 12 hours. Read the box rental form carefully. When you sign the box rental agreement, there's a clause that states that production is not liable for damage to your gear. On a show a long time ago, I submitted an l & d form for a lost comtek, and the studio attached my signed box rental agreement in email refusing to reimburse me. Don't sign the box rental form! Your company should Invoice the production very much like the g & e rental houses do.
  9. not only can i change the scene while i'm recording, but now the slave 788t changes the scene name instantly
  10. Bill Sitler sells the mod kits, or will mod them for you with premium parts. http://www.billsrecording.com/BSRS/Mod012.html you can also find a 'collette' and a gvc for oktava mics that are fairly inexpensive. these mics are very good for situations when a mixer needs a good sounding mic, but cannot afford a schoeps or MKH-50.
  11. I haven't been able to locate them on neutrik or markertek. Maybe I'm not using the proper terminology for my searches.
  12. Hi everyone- I'm looking for a panel mount connector that is basically a feed-thru. 4 Pin XLR-M to 4Pin XLR-F And also the reverse. I pretty much don't want to solder anything. Any ideas? Thanks Aron
  13. Is there a list of these rates outside of the 695 members only area?
  14. I'm just considering getting a replacement cart of the current psc model. Not even aware of anything new Jeff
  15. It's a psc cart. I just replaced the handle with a new psc handle. (an example of how this cart is breaking at the welds) So do the new psc carts have enough width in the back for rack mounts?
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