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  1. I also use my 688 for portable battery powered music recording. So having the 6 extra mic pres gives me a total of 12 mic inputs and is very useful. Anything more than the 12 inputs will move me into using Reaper and my Digital board. I am going to take a chance and buy the Kortwich MicPres even though I have yet to find anyone who has actually used them.
  2. Phillip, Did you ever get the Kortwich Preamp? I am considering the Kortwich Preamp6 to use with my 688. Do you like how it sounds? Andy
  3. I would guess that there is not much difference between 50mW and 100mW in terms of battery consumption. Another thing to note is if you don't like the wire clip on the LT you can replace it with a UM style clip that is a bit shorter to fit the LT. Andy
  4. I have 2 used Denecke SB-T boxes for sale if you decide to go that route. Check out equipment for sale section on this forum. Andy
  5. That's the one!! Thanks for posting the pic Jim. Andy
  6. I've used approved Delkin and SanDisk cards since the 664 and 633 came out and have not experienced any card related problems. Andy
  7. The CF card is a pain to pull out but using a plastic fuse puller like you can find in an auto store is perfect for this. It gently snaps onto the edge of the CF card and is then very easy to pull out. Andy
  8. Rasmus as I mentioned. Just assign the return to a preset and it will boot up in that preset. No need for a firmware update. Andy
  9. You are only one very quick toggle away to the return headphone mode so personality don't see the big deal of not being able to boot up in the return mode. Andy
  10. Set one of your headphone presets as the return. Andy
  11. I wonder if the fact that Alison Williams father is Brian Williams had more to do with her casting than her talent? Andy
  12. I think I'll wait until I see a few pics with the Stingray loaded up with at least 4 receivers, Hop TXs, NP1, BDS and accessories. And of course my 633. Andy
  13. I know the work around of using inputs 5&6 but it's disappointing the mini return can't follow the headphone select encoder and can only be stereo. Otherwise I'm very happy with the 633 and the latest firmware update. Andy
  14. Freqfinder import is now working on my Android Galaxy S4. The latest Freqfinder update as of 9pm (EST) last night did the trick. Thanks James for your hard work. Andy
  15. Same with me. It opens the app but no data is listed. Andy
  16. Hi James, It is working great on my Galaxy S4. I did notice one thing. If I email my Freq. Coordination List to myself the list shows up in the body of the email properly but there is also a file attached to the email with a ffx extension that I am not able to open up. Probably not something as user I am concerned about but just thought I'd mention it. Andy
  17. My experience is that the court officers will dictate where and who you can mic. Some I've worked with are friendly and helpful and some are pain in the butt. Try to make friends with them if possible.
  18. No lockups for me either. A few weeks ago for about a half hour I got caught in a very light snow without a cover. Flakes were melting on the face of my 633 and it continued to operate normally.
  19. Very funny but true Brent. (just now saw your post) Andy
  20. Will they be sawing something in half? Andy
  21. Those pics are from 2 months ago. I would like to see current pictures with the final design with at least 4 wireless, BDS, NP1, and in my case the 633. Thanks, Andy
  22. My 664 would freeze during boot up while using The Rii but only when channel one was panned to the center otherwise it worked fine. Really not a problem since I rarely pan anything to the center Andy
  23. Forgot to say that I've not had a lock up. Got mine the day after it was released. Andy
  24. I was referring to the wifi dongle that comes with a wifi key board. Andy
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