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  1. sounds like you need to send it in.
  2. Looking to update my usual R11 or vampire clips for my cos11 and I see a lot of new tools out there. I don't see any youtube reviews and would be grateful on any write ups. Thanks Shirt holder Tie Holder Hideamic Blfex silicone Lav concealer Button Down
  3. seth

    Orca OrCart

    Hi Folks just bumping this. Wondering how the cart is treating users after a few months.
  4. Hey Michael Thanks We just wrapped. Filmed a home birth. Found someone local and glad we did. Got the call at 2am baby came out at 3:40. Luckily Mark came in and did a great job.
  5. Thanks Sb but it's similar to other content I've seen. Not very deep. Going to have time for test in a few days.
  6. Unfortunately that article is over my head 😬. I'm not sure the date either as there is new software to handle a format recordings.
  7. From wikapedia "It is possible to recreate the three-dimensional soundfield, however the soundfield microphone particularly shows its versatility in a stereo or mono application. For example, a forward-facing cardioid is produced by2W+X. By combining the signals in various proportions, it is possible to derive any number of first-order microphones, pointing in any direction, before and after recording. For instance, provided the W, X, Y and Z signals are recorded separately, it is possible to pinpoint the microphone to a certain response from the audience even after recording. Examples o
  8. Still looking. I've got a few people a few hours away but would prefer someone local if anyone has a referral.
  9. So I did a project for youtube with this mic as a sub-sub-sub... contractor. I really enjoyed working with it so just bought one. I've not done much MS recording and wonder if this would replace ms recording in the future or at least be another option if post can handle. I really like listening with these type of mics as I've also used the tetra mic.
  10. Looking for an experienced boom op for most likely one day of filming in a house. Doc style filming in a living room of a birth. Must have good sense of frame line as camera will be moving. Date in between Dec 1-10 email sound with seth at gmail directly please. Working out if they can afford rate to block out dates for one person, or if we get a few names and see who is available when the labor starts.
  11. Thanks! and thanks. it's on the to do list. Did it for the first record. Thanks Crew! Mckay was always saying "yay it sounds like people in a room" when we got to that point. And we talked about the "vibe" a lot You guys must have learned the same terminology.
  12. Hey Thanks CrewC! Means a lot coming from you with your experienced ears. I wrote the tune, sang, played guitar, and worked with my good friend and producer Mckay who played drums and everything else. http://www.mckaygarner.com I initially did the vocals at home, then we decided it wasn't the right performance so we went to his place which is a well treated mixing room with a tube mic. Drums and guitar recorded at Jingle town in Oakland. We go into mastering in a week for the record. Took a lot of time off to record most of this at home. My bank account and wife needs me to go back to work tho
  13. as well as Bela Fleck is on the hip name https://youtu.be/qRK7-SIAbtQ I don't think any of you guys are going to steal my tune so here it is. I know your all so curious.
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