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  1. Pertaining to corporate and doc work(haven't done film in a while): AS most of my clients don't know what cedar is, nor do they have post that are aware of the new software, I'm trying to figure out a standard of how to use the new technology. Currently I've set up a bus with processing called "processed audio", or I've added the plugin to the master buss two both channels. Any thoughts on what a "standard" could be? I understand if post made this request, but at the moment I've not yet had one. Is there any reason other than client knowledge why we should be still recording a stereo master track? Say a two person on cam interview, With the 8 series we can make two mixes one lavs, the other booms, each with their individual compression, automix, and cedar. I'm not trying to put post people out of work, but many gigs I work on I know the client is editing in house.
  2. Wondering if anyone knows how to disassemble an HM. I've got a short in the connector. Shorts when moved. Trying to fix today for quick turn around. I'm hoping this is a simple broken wire or connection as the manual states "do not have the local repair shop attempt anything other than the simplest repair. If the repair is more complicated than a broken wire or loose connection, send the unit to the factory for repair and service."
  3. Thanks but I wanted to make it myself. I'm looking for wiring confidence confirmation as I don't have a way to test the cable except on set. In theory I think there shouldn't be any phase cancelation issue 😑. Sending same signal to two channels usually just gives a volume bump, but has phased each-other out in circumstances that escape me at the moment. I used to do installations with Bose "mono" L1 systems and sometimes a y cable would cancel out the center in a mix.
  4. Hi I found the wiring for red 5pin xlr. I'm Wondering if I can wire the LR receiver Ta3 mono to a 5pin xlr out to both Red channels as client likes to playback most takes. Having both speakers playing on monitor would be more "professional" though I understand it would not give me that much more volume. I'm unclear of phases issues with this kind of wiring. Thanks
  5. sounds like you need to send it in.
  6. Looking to update my usual R11 or vampire clips for my cos11 and I see a lot of new tools out there. I don't see any youtube reviews and would be grateful on any write ups. Thanks Shirt holder Tie Holder Hideamic Blfex silicone Lav concealer Button Down
  7. seth

    Orca OrCart

    Hi Folks just bumping this. Wondering how the cart is treating users after a few months.
  8. Hey Michael Thanks We just wrapped. Filmed a home birth. Found someone local and glad we did. Got the call at 2am baby came out at 3:40. Luckily Mark came in and did a great job.
  9. Thanks Sb but it's similar to other content I've seen. Not very deep. Going to have time for test in a few days.
  10. Unfortunately that article is over my head 😬. I'm not sure the date either as there is new software to handle a format recordings.
  11. From wikapedia "It is possible to recreate the three-dimensional soundfield, however the soundfield microphone particularly shows its versatility in a stereo or mono application. For example, a forward-facing cardioid is produced by2W+X. By combining the signals in various proportions, it is possible to derive any number of first-order microphones, pointing in any direction, before and after recording. For instance, provided the W, X, Y and Z signals are recorded separately, it is possible to pinpoint the microphone to a certain response from the audience even after recording. Examples of software that perform these calculations are Visual Virtual Microphone, SoundField's Surround Zoneand Ambisonic Studio's B2X decoders plug-ins. In other words, the B-format recording can be decoded to model any number of microphones pointing in arbitrary directions: each microphone's pattern can be selected to be omnidirectional, cardioid, hypercardioid, figure-of-eight, or anything in between. This can be done live or in post-production (after the recording is made)." Considering one of the most popular mics (cs3e) has 3 capsules this seams like a viable option. Though tetra mic site talks about this decoding technique, Sennhiser dose not mention it on their site.
  12. Still looking. I've got a few people a few hours away but would prefer someone local if anyone has a referral.
  13. So I did a project for youtube with this mic as a sub-sub-sub... contractor. I really enjoyed working with it so just bought one. I've not done much MS recording and wonder if this would replace ms recording in the future or at least be another option if post can handle. I really like listening with these type of mics as I've also used the tetra mic.
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