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  1. nysounds

    Ursa Strap

    Last I heard, they can't sell the straps in the US. Only the dots.
  2. nysounds

    Aaton Cantar X3 user feedback?

    Thanks for this. I have a Cantar on order and just needed to get a sense of the overall weight of the unit
  3. nysounds

    Aaton Cantar X3 user feedback?

    Anybody know what the weight of the X3 is? Can't seem to find that info listed anywhere.
  4. I actually went and backed the campaign for those plugs that Robert posted the link to on Kickstarter. I'm supposed to receive them sometime in September so I'll report back after testing them. I was very curious about the claims and thought I'd dive in and give them a shot
  5. nysounds

    Zaxcom High Density Wireless

    When will these be available for purchase?
  6. nysounds

    Soundbag Dashboards

    looking forward to seeing what you come up with for Zax QRX 200's. I would love to see a version that fit the 633 with 2 QRX 200's and the small Audio Root distro box. Spot for a Cam link would be cool too.
  7. nysounds

    Boom Operator video on YouTube

    was it this one?
  8. nysounds

    DPA 4063's going bad

    Yes, agreed- They just replaced the preamp on my 4017B that was still under warranty. Fast turnaround.
  9. nysounds

    DPA 4063's going bad

    I've had two DPA 4063's fail on me on the same talent the last two times out on my current show. I've never had an issue with these mics before and this guy doesn't sweat. My only thought is that because he insists on having the transmitter in his back pocket instead of mounted on his belt he is sitting on the connection and tweaking it. I can't be sure until I get them both checked out but on visual inspection all seems good and nothing looks broken in the connector (3 pin lemo for Zaxcom). Anybody else experience this with these mics? It's not interference. It definitely is a problem with the mic. Both times I swapped out for a different mic and was good for the rest of the day.
  10. nysounds


    Heading over there tomorrow to put my application in
  11. nysounds

    deva4 or nomad..?

    I think Johnpaul's Fusion would work out great for you if you need the higher track count.
  12. nysounds

    deva4 or nomad..?

    I use the 633, Deva V and a SD 702 for field recording. What I use depends on what I'm doing. The 633 sounds amazing with my Schoeps M/S setup with a DPA 4060 thrown in and the size and weight are great for carrying around. The Deva is heavy but when doing car stuff and surround it can't be beat IMO. Most of the time, if I'm using the Deva, it's on a table or in the cart but I have put in a bag to field surround work.
  13. nysounds

    K-Tek Harness?

    I got to try out the prototype a couple of months ago when David was at Gotham. I definitely think it will be worth the wait.
  14. nysounds

    Old Deva V and repair?

    When I bought my Deva V a few years ago used, it was pretty much a legacy product then, but I didn't hesitate to jump at it. It's an amazing recorder that will remain relevant for years to come. Mine is actually due for a mothership visit soon.
  15. nysounds

    Zaxcom camera link Blocks

    I run my camera link and hops on block 24 and all my talent gear on 20 and 26. It's been working great for me