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  1. Hi Tyler, Well..... we've finalised the code and schematic but hit delays with enclosure design and PCB printing. We're both kind of learning as we go with this kind of stuff, and trying to get it done while being busy with the day job and having kids etc. is proving difficult. We've both been pretty busy over the last few months with the run up to Christmas but I'm hoping to look back over this in the new year when things are a bit quieter. Thanks, Matt.
  2. Hello Axel, Thanks! Yes, we're still working on this box and hope to get it finished at some point soon. Mat and I are both recordists and have been tied up doing the "day job" for the past few months, it's the busy season for work in the UK at the moment. We'll definitely keep any developments updated here (and elsewhere). Thanks, Matt.
  3. Hi Philip, The unit (still to be named) is still very much in development at the moment. We're using the Tascam sync protocol in an unconventional way which by it's nature is designed to sync settings and rtc between units. We've worked around this by giving our unit the ability to read and store "master" settings to be transmitted between units, but unless I can think of a workaround the bias, gain, LF cut settings etc will be written as part of an IR "sync". I've not been working on it for a few weeks (the day job has taken over), but I have a feeling that filenames aren't part of the sync
  4. I've done the same, and as Ryan said, I installed an isolating DC to DC converter in my homemade BDS. Check out the XP Power JCA1012S12. You could just fit it into a small box and wire in series with the batt eliminator.
  5. I had a very strange issue with a new 664 whereby the noise floor would raise significantly when the HPF circuit was switched in. I could also hear (in low frequency "bumps") data being written to the cards, again only when the HPF was enabled. I thankfully had the unit replaced as it was pretty much brand new but wondered if it was a similar problem that the OP was having.
  6. Does the noise floor change whether you click the HPF in/out on the open channel? I had a very odd noise floor problem on a new 664 which switched in with the HPF.
  7. Always interested to see your projects Tom. I built my own V-lock mounting solution out of an old battery but it looks pretty "ghetto" compared to your work.... Where did you get hold of the "male" mounting plate (to which your enclosure is attached)? I looked for something similar but couldn't find one, hence using an old battery.
  8. I tried setting up a RPi in AP mode and found it to be a bit of a nightmare. I was using RaspBMC which isn't a typical Linux distro and I'm not too experienced with Linux anyway so you might have better luck. Other that that I'm not sure that the RPi is there for critical production use, having the OS running from an SD card and powering via a flimsy micro USB are definite weak points. I've toyed with the idea of trying to set up an IEM system with a RPi as the source, streaming to iOS devices but would be wary of using it on anything other than that.
  9. Hi, the unit takes 5v power via a micro (or maybe mini?) USB connector. It comes with a mains transformer but if you're running from 12v you could get hold of something like this: http://bluecowcables.com/product.php?id_product=128 or even build something yourself using a regulator like this: http://www.dimensionengineering.com/products/de-sw050
  10. I have the TP Link nano router - http://uk.tp-link.com/products/details/?model=TL-WR702N It's tiny, cheap and runs off a 5v usb supply. I have it set up in my car as an access point for a Raspberry Pi media centre. Range is pretty decent, I can access it from upstairs in my house when it's parked outside. The firmware is pretty buggy though although it is updated on the tplink website regularly.
  11. I've heard really great things about Equator Audio D5s. I'm planning on buying the larger version (D8) for my post prod setup.
  12. Didn't think they were that expensive. I found the smaller one for £60 for sale in the UK (around $90) but yes it's considerably more than the eBay batts so see your point.
  13. I've had some experience with the Chinese lithium batteries on eBay. I was considering using one for this purpose but the one I've got seems pretty iffy when it comes to charging and I'm not to sure about its capacity either. There seems to be a few of these types of units on the market at the moment, geared mostly towards smartphone users. I've found some Energizer ones will give out 12v on a DC socket as well as 5v on a USB socket. The small one has an 8000mAh capacity and the larger one 18000mAh. The large one will supply 16-20v on a third socket too. http://www.energizerpowerpacks.
  14. Here's something else I was working on with a similar idea of exposing the Cos11 head, made with Sugru and moleskin. Bit rough and a bit bulky though. Similar I guess to the new LMC mount, but without the furry fabric.
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