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  1. My deepest condolences Jeff, sending my thoughts to you and your family
  2. I'm all about WH, you guys might find this an interesting read... https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/333bn0/iama_waffle_house_grill_operator_ama/
  3. been wondering if theyre going to make a super softie for the mkh50, want.
  4. +1, been using SGS since day one. I have both versions, no problems. Def recommended, genes awesome.
  5. I have been using my Wisys here in the US, in my experience I haven't been getting good range with them. My good ol' Lectro 211s do better in distance, other than that they sound great with DPAs and the wideband has saved me.
  6. Just bought these for my 1510, can't wait to try them out.
  7. I couldn't find the whole scene but this is the beginning of it, love Swingers.
  8. Have you tried voicing your concerns in the Zaxcom forum? Theres a thread talking about this exact issue. Also have you tried using default HP setting, when in playback it defaults to that HP setting, you have to name it certain name, it escapes me at the moment. I agree with you though, playing back ISOs are a pain.
  9. this was great, i love billy crystal. congrats to your dad!
  10. They work with all sanken accessories, i personally use them with the RM-11
  11. http://www.sound-guys.com/qrsystem.html own it, love it.
  12. I use this http://www.sound-guys.com/qrsystem.html You can buy them from Audio Department in Burbank. Cheaper than the expensive Ambient and has served me well for awhile now. Highly Recommend.
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