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  1. Thanks for that info Pete. Since microdots are working for ZMT-X and ZMT-Flex, can they not also be incorporated into future ZMT(5) models?
  2. I just saw the ZMT4-X announcement with dual microdot connectors. Think this is to make room for dual connectors, or is anyone expecting Zax to go with microdot on other transmitters going forward? I believe I would prefer a microdot to those lovely but difficult to solder 00 Lemos. Can my ZMT4 TXs be retrofitted? Sean
  3. That's what Glenn specified to do in this forum. I agree, sounds weird. But I think he said the boot order can possibly cause a hangup if there is a difference in the power supplies.
  4. Hello, I just picked up a used Mix-8 and am having trouble configuring my Nomad 12T (v7.81) to respond to it. I power up Nomad first, then Mix-8. USB cable into the Serial port. Mix-8 LEDs light up and respond to faders. All of my Nomad’s internal faders are unassigned. External Faders 1-4 are set to analog 1-4. In Mode menu, I see no Mix-8 or Mix-12 related options. Can anybody offer help? Or did I maybe just buy one that isn’t working? Thank you for any help, Sean
  5. Yes, I did send an email to Zaxcom through their web form. I'm not super encouraged about support for gear that has disappeared off the bottom of their obsolete list, but hopefully someone can dig up a receiver manual for me there. The set is in great condition, works nicely between itself at least, and seems a nice way to add a couple more wireless mics should I ever need to fatten my bag.
  6. Interesting. My QRX100s are all in block 20, my Goldlines are in 22. I have a QRX200 wide-band that covers it, but I can't get a signal to connect in Mono or Stereo mode. I have the TX set to Mono and Ch 630. QRX200 is on FMT Mono. Does anyone have a manual for the Digital ENG Receiver? The only Goldline manual that I'm finding here (from above links to Zaxcom site) are for the Transmitter.
  7. Yes, These are the Goldline series! Thank you all for the info. Now to spend some quality time with the manuals. I'll report back what I learn about cross-compatibility with the QRX.
  8. I picked up a couple of Zaxcom Wireless transmitters - the bodies are black aluminum, not much bigger than a TX900. Screens are made up of red LEDs. They each have two 4-pin lemo connectors. Can anyone help me find a manual or more info on these guys? I also got an accompanying receiver, same block (22) and same vintage. It all works great together. Is it possible to receive from these TX to my modern QRX? Thanks for any insights! Sean
  9. I can't seem to find anything on this: Zaxcom's support page for the TRXLA2 does not have any firmware posted. How do I get this to update my TRX, or do I have to send it in for updating and recalibrating? Thanks! Sean
  10. crimper handle unit: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000VH1OVG?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s01 crimper die (size .100 is used for lemo 3) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000JJGR1S?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00 You can definitely find cheaper now that we know the size. But this Greenlee 8000 is a good standard, can be used for your BNCs, and isn't very expensive here.
  11. Any lead on a place to buy just the replacement inserts? I started out with the push-pull, but doing a show with correctional officers and getting the TX in/out of their stab vests a few times per day quickly takes a toll on the connection. Especially when talent starts pulling them out themselves to have a private conference. An hour or two repairing tiny cables is much harder after 12+ hrs on set. Now i've invested in the crimp tool ($87 on Amazon) and so far so good with the screw-type. But I have a couple of connectors whose inserts are too messed up after multiple repairs. Trew LA sells extra crimp barrels for $2 each. Any lead on a place to buy just the replacement inserts would be much appreciated!
  12. Nice to know I'm not the only one. WH has saved my soul on many an extended project or road trip.
  13. Right, I've thought a lot about whether to go this route. The big issue is too much bulk and weight with a sloppy banded-together pair of devices on the end of my mic. Occasionally it's not on a boom but actually mounted on-camera (~shudder~) while the lav gets up close (OMB documentary work). So strapping both the power supply and SMV to the back of a mic would be a significant drag, relative to occasionally using the HM as a Lav tx.
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